“3 of my mother’s 8 children are mine, but my father ignores it”, reveals a Ghanaian

A 45-year-old Ghanaian has revealed that he has been sleeping with his biological mother since he was 22 and is the father of three of her 8 children.

The man revealed this in a letter to Naa, believed to be a relationship counselor, asking for help on how to handle the situation without destroying her family.

According to him, he recently suggested to stop this sacrilege, but his mother is now showing jealousy and giving his wife a hard time.

He wants to reveal the secret to his father, who completely ignores him, but he is also afraid that it could bring his wife [narrateur] to divorce because he can’t live without her.

The letter in which he asks for help on how to deal with his problem has been circulating on social networks.

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He wrote: ” Naa please hide my identity.

I am a 45 year old married man with three children. Naa I’ve been living with this secret for too long and it’s burning me inside. Hmmm… Naa… I’ve been sleeping with my biological mother for years now. It started when I was 22. I was coming from a party at night and it started that night until a few days ago when I told mom we had to stop what we were doing. My mother has 8 children in total and 3 of them belong to me, which means that I fathered them and my father has no idea. Now the thing is that my mother is jealous of my wife and she causes unnecessary fuss between my wife and me. Naa, I want to tell the truth to my father and all the family, but I’m afraid of losing my wife. I love her so much and my life would be meaningless without her”wrote the confused man, and asked: “ What should I do?

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