4 Prophecy That Almost Got Fr-Mbaka Into Troubles But God Vindicated Him



The gift of prophecy is not a common one. Therefore, it is not everyone is gifted with such highly and dynamics gift. It is one of the gift of the holy spirit which not everybody understands. In recent days, one of the famous and highly anointed Catholic priest, Very Reverend Father Cammellus Ebenizah Ejike Mbaka has in many occasion released some prophecies which appeared controversial and impossible but God in his mysterious way proved himself and the man of God was vindicated.

The catholic priest had few years back released some of these prophetic messages and all eventually came to pass. Among them, the most popular one are;

1. The prophecy about the death of the former Nigeria president, Gen. Sani Abacha: The Catholic priest had in the year 1998 just two years after his ordination as a Catholic priest released a prophecy about the death of the former president, he declared that they would be a death of a sitting president back then on the 8th day of June 1998. In his message during one of his Sunday’s homily from the pulpit stated that there was a spirit of dead hovering arround the Aso Rock and the sitting president would die on the exact day mentioned if many thing that had already went wrong were not corrected as quick as possible. This cause alot of controversy both inside the church and in the society. The government was so much angry with him. The message attracted the attention of the church elders which resulted to the immediate summon of the priest for caution but eventually, he was vindicated as things happened exactly the way he predicted.

2. Collapsing of Akwata Bridge near Ogbete main market in Enugu State: The Catholic priest had called on the attention of the Enugu State government back then about the collapsing of the bridge as he stated that he had a vision about how the bridge would fall and kill many people, but many people were very mad at him especially the engineers and the contractor even the government. There were catastrophy and alot of ill statement about the priest over his statement but he strongly maintained his stand and even went to the extent of giving the exact date such would happen, eventually his prophecy came to pass.

3. Emergence of President Buhari as the Nigeria president for the first tenure: This appeared to be the most controversial prophecy the Catholic priest had released as many people including his fellow priest doubted him. Many had asked, how could that be? While very few who could not doubt the power of prophecy stood behind the prophetic priest. He said God had told him that Buhari would became the president. At the end he was as well vindicated.

4. Hope Uzodinma becoming the Governor of Imo State: On the 31st night 2019, the Catholic clergy released a prophecy about the current Imo State government who was captured on fourth position after 2019 gubernatorial election in the state taking over from the incubate governor, Emeka Ihedioha back then through supreme court order. Many people dpubted him and alot of people criticized him even when it is clearly state in the scripture, “touch not my anointing and do my prophet no harm. He was abused, even some people urged the elders of the Catholic church to withdraw his priesthood but eventually, God proved he is still God.

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