4 Quick Tips to Increase Intimacy in a Lesbian Relationship


Intimacy in a relationship is the best way to enhance a deeper love of your partner. Lesbian couples generally have no difficulty with intimacy, but if you are looking to increase your intimacy the following tips can help you achieve new levels of love and closeness.

First of all, women are highly responsive to touch and verbal communication. When paired together speaking softly and touching can create sparks for both women involved. Gently rub your partner and offering a sensual massage before bed. Sexuality does not need to be part of this, but touching and letting her know you love her deeply is enough intimacy to satiate the need to feel loved. Massages and sweet talk is one of the best ways to get your significant other interested and aroused. Intimacy does not have to involve sexual activity though, and can be just cuddling and spending quality time together.

If you both work often and do not have enough time to spend together, then consider a vacation. As soon as you can arrange for a vacation, take one. Spending time together is so very important. After weeks of not being alone or intimate, both people will start to feel neglected and unloved. Vacations are the greatest intimacy builder, especially if spas or special services are involved at a resort. This will allow both women to experience each other alone away from the stress of the “real world.”

Making breakfast in bed for your significant other is a great way to increase intimacy. Little things like this are an excellent way to surprise your lover and make her happy. Doing it lets her know that you care and are happy to be with her. Even if you don’t make breakfast in bed, having dinner in bed while watching a movie is a good alternative to have a romantic evening together. Making meals together at any time is a romantic experience, especially if you set up a nice area in the kitchen and eat a good meal together.

Going on dates together is also an excellent way to build intimacy in your relationship. Going to a nice dinner or going to show is a romantic and intimate way to spend time together. If you go to a live performing arts show, be sure to get private seats if possible. Doing things like this together can strengthen your relationship even more.

Building intimacy in a relationship takes time and consideration. Sometimes couples forget that they have emotional obligations to fulfill for their significant other, which leads to hurt feelings. Intimacy is one of the best ways to spend romantic time together and enjoy each others company.

Source by Vijeta Bhatia

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