4 tips to translate your skills to another job

Are you about to make a real career switch? Or are you still in doubt because you don’t have the right skills? It is not as difficult as you think.

Focus on your talents

As a software developer, you are unlikely to become a neurosurgeon or a pilot suddenly. But even if the career switch you want to make seems gigantic, you always have some qualities that everyone needs.

Five years of work experience? A good speaker for a large audience? Check! Those are the points you need to focus on. If you can present yourself as the perfect candidate, the other qualities that you may have less or not at all disappear entirely into the background.

Throw your successes into battle

Employers from all over the world have one thing in common: they want to see results. Tip two is, therefore, not illogical at all. It is essential to emphasize your successes from your previous jobs. And try to be as concrete as possible. Have you grown a customer base? Support it with several numbers.

Have you had to organize a large network event? Then tell how many people you have lured and which relationships have arisen from this. A little self-effort really doesn’t hurt. Please note that you do not appear arrogant, because that has the opposite effect.

Find some interfaces

Your new job, maybe something completely different, but that does not mean that you cannot find any interface. It is important to bridge the gap between your experience and your new challenge.

Have you done fundraising in the past, and do you want to go on sale? Then tell them that you have achieved the intended goal by building relationships and applying for subsidies.

You immediately show that you like achieving goals, that you value relationships, and that you don’t mind asking help from others. Check, check, check!

The qualities that every job demands

If you think that qualities like ‘born communicator’ and ‘real team player’ are not really necessary, you are wrong. An inexperienced communicator really won’t get a job from customer service, right? So don’t forget that your so-called soft skills are very important.

Nice thing: you can translate that correctly into a completely different job. Things like time management and problem-solving or critical thinking are qualities you need in almost any job.

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