4 truths about detox diets

Have toxins accumulated in your body? Do you feel the need to cleanse your body? “Detox” diets promise to cleanse our organs. But by the way, what exactly are these diets used to detoxify?

The reality is that detox diets are more of a marketing myth than a healthy diet. That’s why below I will analyze 4 truths about detox diets.

Our body cleanses itself

Our body is autonomous, it is able to get rid of toxic compounds on its own. For example, our liver produces enzymes that help neutralize toxins such as ammonia, while the kidneys filter about 180 liters of blood daily. Despite the controversial claims of the “detoxification” industry, the body does not need “cleansing”.

Lack of scientific data

Regardless of the means used (fasting, supplements or laxatives) or the duration of the diet (short or long term), there is no study with a rigorous methodology on this subject. Current studies have significant limitations, including small sample size, measurements, and lack of a control group. Proponents even fail to identify the toxins that their diet is supposed to eliminate.

Temporary weight loss

Even if the number on the scales is low, it is not good news. This is because the low energy value of detoxification can result in very rapid weight loss, but once you return to a normal diet, the body will replenish its reserves to protect itself from a possible future starvation.

Health hazards

“Detox” diets often require severe energy restriction or deficiency in certain nutrients, often leading to protein and vitamin deficiencies, electrolyte imbalances, acidosis and even death, as has happened in the past.

At present, no scientific evidence supports the fact that you should follow a detox diet, regardless of the time of year.

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