5 characteristics of a convincing motivation letter

Yes, your CV largely determines whether you will be invited for an interview. But do you know what makes the difference? Your letter of motivation.

If you manage to pin down your strengths in an enthusiastic way, your experience matters a lot less.

A few tips.

1. He falls with the door in the house

During a job interview, recruiters often form an opinion about the candidate within the first 30 seconds. The same applies when reading a motivation letter. It is therefore important that you immediately get to the point and make an excellent first impression. That starts with the address. Do not write ‘Dear’, but look up the name of the person responsible for HR and address your letter personally to him or her.

Tip: Nothing as useful as a concrete example: view

2. What it says is concrete

There are different ways to continue your letter. For example, you can tell how you found the vacancy and why it appeals to you. Or you can say something about your current position. Whatever you choose, make sure you give concrete examples that illustrate your enthusiasm and your strengths. So don’t just say “I am the person in charge of the warehouse”, but add, for example, that as the person in charge of the warehouse you have sensitively optimized the layout of your storage location.

3. Don’t overdo it

The purpose of a motivation letter is to convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the job. So you can safely praise yourself a bit. But be careful not to exaggerate or deviate from the truth. Do not claim that you have trained new colleagues if you have only supervised a trainee for two weeks. With a reference check, you fall easily through the basket.

4. It is short, shorter, shortest

Only include relevant experience in your motivation letter and limit yourself to assets that are useful for the job. Otherwise, your letter is likely to be too long. An A4 is the absolute maximum. If you manage to get your message across in a shorter and more powerful way, then you are guaranteed an edge.

5 characteristics of a convincing motivation letter

5. And to the extent possible: neatly designed

The content of your motivation letter is paramount, but the eye also wants something. Therefore, work with short paragraphs and provide sufficient white space, so that the text remains easy to scan. Choose business and legible fonts, such as Calibri or Verdana. Finally, save your letter as a PDF and print it, if necessary, to check whether the arrangement is correct. Don’t forget to give the file a clear name when you send it so that the recruiter can easily find it later.

Good luck!

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