5 reasons why you have to change jobs regularly

Working at the same company all your life is out of date. Yet it can be quite eerie to leave your familiar working environment on your own initiative.

I will provide you five good reasons to take the plunge.

A new job often means a pay rise

A new job means a new opportunity to negotiate your wages. A study shows that employees who leave their company after less than five years earn on average 11% more with their new employer. Let’s be honest: even if you put on your bad shoes and ask your current boss for storage, the chance that you can decorate such a nice wage increase is pretty small.

You can climb higher

A higher wage in a new company is sometimes related to a more responsible position. Do you have the ambition to grow, but are there not immediately opportunities in your company? Then it is certainly wise to take a look around the job market. Maybe other companies in your domain do have open positions for managerial profiles. The knowledge and experience that you have built up with your current employer are to your advantage.

You learn a lot

Every company has its own way of working. So even if you stay within the same sector, by changing jobs you will end up in a brand new environment. You become acquainted with other computer programs, new projects, and fresh ideas. In this way, you broaden your knowledge and sharpen your new competencies.

You discover where you belong

Moreover, by tasting different companies, all kinds of sectors and various ways of collaborating, you discover what suits you best. You may have worked for a multinational for years, but now you find yourself feeling much more at home in an SME. In this way, you experience experimentally which tasks and what kind of company culture makes you happiest.

Your network is growing

Moreover, if you step outside the comfort zone of your current job, your world will become a little bigger. You will go to places you have never been to before and you will get to know people you have never met.

Your new team makes your network instantly bigger, which will undoubtedly give your career a boost in the long term. And who knows, maybe your brand new colleagues will grow into new friends?

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