5 things that the scales do not count

The scales show our weight, which is defined by the force of gravity exerted by the planet Earth. That’s all.

However, we often let the sc ales have more power than they really have. In fact, many people feel that everything is going perfectly, until the moment they get on the scales. Then thousands of negative emotions take over their thoughts.

That’s why today I want to remind you five things that the scales do not count and will never count.


Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. On the contrary, it is our lifestyle habits that affect our health. For example the scales are not useful for measuring the quality of sleep, stress level, physical activity or even smoking.


The totality of mental functions mobilized for the analysis, synthesis, comprehension, conceptualization, knowledge and execution of actions in humans is impossible to measure with a scale. Intelligence is not related to body weight.


The concept of beauty is diverse. A scale does not measure authenticity, passion and liveliness.


The feeling of kindness is one of the components of self-compassion. Despite the difficulties or sad episodes of life, we want to be good people. Not being too critical of ourselves makes us more willing to do what is good for us and our health. The scales do not measure goodness.


I am fascinated by strange people but in a good way, those who have appetite for knowledge, asking questions and reading to learn. Curiosity appears from the first months of our lives. The scales are completely incapable of measuring the illuminated eyes of a strange person.

It is important to give the right strength to the scales. Figures do not indicate your value and they never will.

The scales do not count and will never measure health, intelligence, beauty, kindness and curiosity. The scales show only the force of gravity.

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