5 turnoffs during a job interview

When applying for a job, you naturally want to make the best possible impression on the recruiter. But nobody likes talking to the mouth. So there is definitely a limit that you shouldn’t exceed – if you don’t want to come across as a heel-licker. You can easily avoid the following pitfalls.

Sprinkle with compliments

In principle, a compliment is an excellent way to break the ice when you first meet someone. However, compliments quickly appear forced during a job application. The recruiter does not want to know what you think of his or her outfit, and he wants to see if you are the right candidate for the job. A statement such as: “Good morning, good-looking suit”, will therefore mainly cause a frown. If you want to say something positive, then comment on the architecture or the interior of the building. If that is special, at least.

Pretend that you live alone for work

Does the recruiter ask you to say something about yourself? First of all, summarize your career, but don’t forget to add something about your private life. You do not have to be a workaholic to be recruited. Companies are looking for motivated candidates who are happy to do their job and have a good personality. Your hobbies reveal a lot about your character and your soft skills. Don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic about it. Include hobbies on your resume? The opinions are divided. 

Being at ease too much

Does it appear that you and the recruiter have a common hobby? Or did you grow up in the same region? Beautiful, then there is immediately a click. However, make sure that you do not become too familiar. A job interview remains a professional meeting. Doing crazy stories and making jokes is best done after you have been hired. Otherwise, you risk damaging the good impression you initially made.

The company where you are applying heaven in prices

Another common question about job applications is: “What do you think our company can do better?”. Whatever you answer, don’t say, “Nothing.” You can certainly be positive about the company; after all, you want to get started. But you are only a real asset if you can also be critical and make improvements. You can also ask these difficult questions during your job interview

Distort the truth

Have you been fired at your previous employer after a fight with your boss? Do you have a big hole in your CV? Do you have absolutely no ambitions to climb on? It is sometimes tempting to distort the truth when you get a question about a sensitive subject because you want to give a socially desirable answer. Only you can get into serious trouble if you fall through the basket. Therefore, think in advance about a way to answer difficult questions fairly. That way you don’t shoot your foot.

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