5 ways to impress your boss

Do we not all want to show what we can do to our colleagues and preferably to the boss? But how do you do that without being noticed and without coming across as a boaster?

With this 5 ways you can impress your boss

Suggest ideas

Do you have a great idea or a good plan in mind? Don’t keep it to yourself but take it to your boss or supervisor. Do ask yourself if your idea offers enough added value for the company, otherwise, you might come across as self-satisfied. Make sure that before you make your plan known, you can properly substantiate it with sound arguments. Because a well thought out plan is always a better plan. Keep your ideas in a notebook. So you can easily fall back on it when you can talk to your boss.

Show interest

When you see the opportunity, try having a chat with your boss. For example during a drink after work or just during or after the hours. Don’t just keep it informal but also talk about the company. Ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask. Check how he/she sees you as an employee. Are you an added value for the company? Are there still opportunities for growth for you? This way your boss will notice that you present yourself as a passionate employee.

5 ways to impress your boss
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Request a course

If you propose to follow extra training, you indicate that you want to grow even more in your job. It also implicitly indicates that you are committed to your job and that you are therefore still motivated. And which (good) boss doesn’t like motivated employees?

Share your successes

Do you also act rather modestly and do you not dare to share your successes or achievements with colleagues or with your manager? However, that should be perfect, as long as you subtly put it on board so that it does not come across as snappy or arrogant.
A tip: wait for the right moment or create the right context to share your success.

Ask for feedback

Schedule a conversation with your supervisor to request feedback about your performance. That is possible during the planned performance interview, but you can also request an interim interview on your own initiative. In this way you show that you care about your results, your work attitude and how you are in the team. Do ask for specific feedback so that your supervisor can offer you clear and concrete answers.

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