50 relevant questions you can ask during your job interview

Already nervous for your next job interview? A tip: asking yourself questions during a job interview always makes a good impression.

In order not to be filled with teeth, I have compiled a list of 50 possible questions. Use it to your advantage! Click Here, you will also find tips on how to ask good interview questions.

  1. Why is the vacancy open?
  2. How have my predecessors fared?
  3. Can we put the job description on paper?
  4. At which location will I work?
  5. How long have you been looking for someone for this job?
  6. Do I have to take into account certain restrictions regarding wages or bonuses?
  7. How strictly does the company monitor the balance between work and private life?
  8. What is the philosophy of this company/organization?
  9. I learned a lot from this conversation and am very interested in the job. How does the rest of the application process work?
  10. On what term do you see this position filled?
  11. How did I get away from it, compared to the other candidates?
  12. What is the most important contribution that this company expects from its employees?
  13. What are currently the biggest problems or bottlenecks for this department or this job?
  14. If I am recruited and achieve good results, how should I assess my further career opportunities?
  15. Do I have career opportunities?
  16. Can you tell me more about the people I will work with the most?
  17. What efforts does the company make for equal opportunities and diversity?
  18. How are managers usually addressed here?
  19. When I am recruited, what will be my first assignment?
  20. Does the company have a mission statement? Can I view it? In what way is reporting to managers? Which means of communication are best used for this?
  21. Which objectives must certainly be achieved in the coming 6 months?
  22. Can you paint a picture of a typical working day? How high is the workload on the floor and what requirements are attached to the job?
  23. Corporate culture is very important, but it is usually difficult to define until someone violates or dishonors it. Do you have concrete examples of such a violation?
  24. I think it is great that teamwork is so highly valued here. But evaluating team performance can be quite difficult. How is evaluation evaluated here? Do you have a 360-degree feedback program for example?
  25. How has the company recently recognized and rewarded remarkable achievements?
  26. How often and how are the results announced internally?
  27. Will this company quickly purchase new technology, or will it first look the cat out of the tree and let it be tested by the competition, before finally purchasing it in a second, more elaborate version?
  28. How easily will I be able to reach the CEO (name his/her name)?
  29. Are there certain basic rules to reach or address the CEO?
  30. Has my predecessor been fired? Were there problems with him or her that could have been avoided?
  31. Was my predecessor promoted? That is what I like to hear! Can I talk to him or her?
  32. Can I get an organization chart from the organization?
  33. What are the biggest technical challenges for this department and for the entire company?
  34. Quite a few people have left the past two years. Why were these redundancies necessary?
  35. How long has this function been in the organization? Has its focus recently changed?
  36. Do I have to take into account a lot of overtime or weekend work for this job?
  37. What will the biggest challenges of this job be?
  38. Are my duties limited to the job description or will I also have to carry out assignments that are not included in it?
  39. Do you have any questions about my previous experiences, my education or skills?
  40. When employees leave the company, what is usually the reason and where do they end up in most cases?
  41. When will I know if I can go to the next round?
  42. From whom in this department can I learn the most? Can I meet that person?
  43. Is a specific program foreseen to take my career to a higher level quickly?
  44. How much autonomy and decision power will I have in this position?
  45. How will my performance be evaluated? Which criteria do you use? What percentage of my salary is based on my performance?
  46. Can employees also assess their supervisor? How does that happen?
  47. What is the best thing about this job? And what is the least fun?
  48. What will make my workplace a pleasant and stimulating place?
  49. What input do employees get in the decisions made by the department heads? Do employees get input in recruiting and assessing colleagues?
  50. Could I see the team at work? Can I participate in a team meeting?

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