7 popular jobs in production and technology

You have a range of job opportunities in the production sector. There are both executive jobs for technicians and operators, and more managerial positions to steer everything in the right direction.

These are the production jobs with the most clicks.


A company cannot do without technicians, everything – sometimes literally – wants to run smoothly. Many technically trained aces on a job as a technician or mechanic for the maintenance and repair of buses and trams. Knowledge of assembly and drive technologies are an additional asset. Just like a mouth can talk about hydraulics and pneumatics.

Many technicians also show an interest in water treatment. Taking samples, checking measurements and adjusting parameters are then part of your duties. ‘Data cabling’ is also popular: the laying of network or fiber optic cables. Finally, many technicians appear to be multi-talented because this type of vacancy is also viewed frequently.


A process operator is a person behind the machine. He/she checks the steps in the production process and intervenes where necessary. The entire team of operators is responsible for a finished end product. You can end up in very different production environments: from the chip factory to the car assembly.

As a quality operator, you are mainly concerned with – as the name says it yourself – quality controls and supporting the quality system. For example, you perform checks in the field of hygiene, cleaning, disinfection, and personnel.

Team and project leader

As a team leader in production, you take charge of a team of operators. Together with your team and other departments, you ensure that production runs optimally. There are a lot of things that you have to follow: quality, planning, safety and information transfer within the different teams. It is important that you provide your employees with sufficient guidance and motivation so that the atmosphere and mind are comfortable.

Engineer: process engineer and field service engineer

A process engineer is involved in designing, analyzing, mapping and improving processes and installations within the production. All the links in the production chain and all decisions that are taken thereby fall under his responsibility.

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In addition, the field service engineer or technician is also a sought-after position. They will repair technical installations or computer networks on location (‘in the field’) or provide maintenance.

Technical draftsman

Vacancies for technical drafters also receive many clicks. You will find technical draughtsmen mainly in construction but also in other sectors, such as in production for drawing prototypes or prefabrication. You draw a design based on the information you receive or collect. You usually do that with programs like AutoCAD or Medusa. IT skills and smooth working with drawing programs are therefore a must for this job.

Production manager

The job of the production manager is an extension of the job of a team or project leader. Organizing production is your responsibility here. You also have the final responsibility for a qualitatively finished product within the planned production time. You will constantly look for improvement. Leading, analyzing and optimizing are at the top of your dictionary.

Work planner

Good preparation is already half the work? This is also a welcome vacancy. The tasks of the work planner include drawing up tenders, making work instructions for production staff, drawing up material lists, purchasing material and calculating the cost price. A work planner keeps an overview of the entire production process, from A to Z. So a grateful colleague!

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