7 snare questions during a job interview

It is obvious that you are well prepared for a job interview. Find out as much as possible about the company where you are applying and make sure you can talk about your work history smoothly. Expect some difficult questions as well, that pulse for information that is not necessarily found in your CV.

The seven questions below are extremely popular with recruiters. Don’t get upset and impress with your answers.

1. Tell something about yourself

This is often the first question during a job interview. At first glance, it seems like a simple question, but there is a risk that you will expand too much or that you will not share relevant or too personal information. Tell us briefly about your studies, professional experiences and the successes that you achieved.

Is it a looser company, where the personality of employees is of great importance, then you can talk about more personal things such as hobbies and travel experiences. But do not emphasize that. How you tell about yourself is also important. Be enthusiastic and ignore false modesty.

Tip: You can learn how to apply.

2. What is your biggest weakness?

This is also a question that is dealt with almost in every job interview. Ask the question about your self-knowledge. Avoid clichés. Perfectionism and wanting to work too hard have been heard by recruiters too often. Choose a weakness that is less or not at all relevant to the job. If you are applying for a job as an accountant, then you can say that you do not like to speak for large groups. That is a skill that may not be at the top of your duties. Also, show your willingness to work on your weaknesses.

3. Have you ever been fired and why?

We generally do not like to talk about our failures, certainly not if we want to impress our conversation partner. Yet here is the golden advice to be honest, even if a previous dismissal was the result of a mistake you made. Do not be bitter about this experience, but explain how you have recovered and learned from the dismissal. Nobody is infallible. It is about how you approached the situation.

4. Can you explain that gap in your resume?

Many people have a career break for a variety of reasons: family causes, a trip around the world, (additional) training, a dismissal that did not immediately start a new job… Whatever the reason, it is clear that career for you is indeed important. Explain what you did during that period (s) and also indicate what you learned from those experiences.

5. What did you dislike about your previous job?

Especially if you are applying for a similar position, this can be a difficult question. It is important that you are not too negative, neither about your duties nor about your old colleagues or boss. Be honest too. No job is perfect and nobody will believe you if you say you enjoyed everything. Start with a positive note and tell what you enjoyed. For the tasks that you liked less, you can state how you tried to make them more pleasant or efficient.

6. What can you worry about?

Recruiters like to look at the ‘small edges’ of an applicant because that often includes the personality of someone. Stick to safe answers such as ‘bad drivers’ or ‘having to wait too long at the counter’. Tell about your annoyances with a smile. This way you show that you can put yourself in perspective. After all, nobody is waiting for a tantrum as a colleague.

7. Do you have any questions?

For many applicants, a job interview is a stressful event. They are therefore happy when it is completed. It is nevertheless a good idea to ask additional questions. This is how you show your interest and motivation.

For example, ask how long employees continue to work for the company on average. That can already tell you something about the working atmosphere. Or ask what goals you should achieve after a year. Every question that reflects your drive is a good question.

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