7 tips for those who go for interview for the first time

Ready to study and time to apply? Exciting! With a good job interview, you increase your chances in the job market. Always consider seven very specific tips.

1. Sound ambitious, but don’t overdo it

New graduates today often want to grow very quickly and get an important position. Many companies are looking for young ambitious candidates, but do not exaggerate. Companies then think that you will be gone again after six months.

2. Keep Facebook and Instagram private

Don’t underestimate social media. Many companies check the accounts of their candidates. Set your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your photos of wild parties. Maybe companies will not immediately debit you based on that kind of photos. But they do take it into account when making the final decision.

3. Always have a conversation

Even if you are less interested in a certain job, it is best to accept the invitation for an interview. Many candidates start in a different position than the one they applied for. And sometimes a job description doesn’t seem interesting, but you discover in a conversation that the job itself is fascinating.

4. Consider your preparation

This seems logical, but all too often, recently graduated candidates do not. It is, therefore, one of the most important reasons why a job application fails. For example, check whether you can park easily so that you are on time. Also, make sure you know what the company does exactly and what you can do.

5. Always accept a glass of water

This is how you show that you are at ease. If I go to customers myself, I always accept a glass of water or a coffee. That way I also show that I take the time for a conversation.

6. Show that you know which direction you want to go

If you are asked whether you are still in the running elsewhere, just talk about similar positions and sectors. That gives the impression that you know in which direction you want to go. If you discuss job applications for a wide range of jobs, you will deter companies. They don’t want to run the chance that after a week you notice that you would rather have a different kind of job.

7. Don’t forget the job content

Sometimes in conversation candidates mainly show an interest in the company and less in the job content. Affinity with the company is, of course, a strong asset, but interest in the job is also. Companies in the cosmetics sector often hear: “I am a fan of your products, I want to work for you.” But a company also wants to hear: “What a job description, I want this job.”

TIP: Are you going for an interview soon or do you have an evaluation interview with your boss?

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