7 tips for your application in healthcare

Although there are loads of vacancies in healthcare, you will still have to apply to find a job. And of course, that includes a solid CV and a good motivation letter. But how can you best prepare a CV and motivation letter specifically for a job as a healthcare professional or nurse?

Are you struggling with your application as a nurse? In healthcare, you must have medical knowledge, but you must also be social and able to withstand stress. You must state all these plus points on your CV. It must also be clear from your motivation. Always read the job description carefully and ensure that keywords from that description can be found in your CV and letter.

1. The more diplomas, the better

List all your training courses, as well as all the certificates that you have obtained through courses and additional training. With this, you demonstrate your knowledge in a very concrete way and also show that you are eager to learn. A healthcare professional must be well-informed about the latest developments in the sector.

2. Be detailed

You can also state your relevant work experience in detail. In addition to healthcare, have you also gained experience in another sector? Or do you come from a different sector and did you follow additional training to get started in healthcare? State clearly how your ‘other’ experience fits in with the range of tasks that you will receive as care or nurse.

7 tips for your application in healthcare
A Nurse

Being able to handle people well, being bilingual, being able to work quickly and efficiently, being precise and being able to keep a cool head when things go wrong: these are all skills that are worth emphasizing. Do you have a specific specialty? A CV for healthcare does not have to be as concise as in other sectors! Employers want to know what you can do, so be as complete as possible.

3. Emphasize your competences

In addition, your competencies are important. Show that you not only know and can do enough, but that you are also made of the right wood. In your application for a nurse, for example, you emphasize that you are caring, flexible and socially competent. Qualities such as a sense of responsibility, resistance to stress and perseverance are also worth mentioning. Furthermore, leadership qualities and being able to work in a team are appreciated.

4. Keep the layout simple

Make sure your resume and letter have a professional look, without frills. Choose a clean and well-arranged layout. This fits in with the orderly environment that is a healthcare institution or hospital. Have your application for a nurse or your motivation letter for a care professional show that you belong in the care sector.

5. Highlight your results

In your letter, discuss the keywords from the vacancy text. Give concrete examples, be complete and write beautiful sentences to emphasize your communication skills. Tell not only about your work experience but also what you have achieved in those jobs for results. Show that you are already familiar with the rules and application procedures that apply to healthcare.

6. Be confident

Close your motivation letter for the healthcare professional or another job in healthcare with a so-called ‘call to action’, without using wait and see language. So don’t write ‘I hope to hear from you soon’: way too passive. Better say: “I look forward to explaining my letter in a personal conversation.”

7. Have proofread by someone with knowledge of the facts

Have your CV and motivation for a healthcare professional or nurse read through the second pair of eyes, and not just to remove the latest language errors. Do you know someone who has been working in the sector for a while? He will know better than anyone what the recruiters attach importance to and can give you extra tips.

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