A Gift from the Goddess Book Two – Chapter 25

Everything moved quickly.

It was as if all the things keeping us apart were now gone, and all that was left was the unsatiated desire that had been left to grow unchecked every day.

And it… was a lot.

A lot of pent-up emotions and yearnings. A lot of needs were ignored.

But, finally, it was time.

Kieran had one hand pressed into my waist, his other holding my face as our lips moved in sync hungrily against each other. And all the while this was happening, I ran a hand down his chest, clutching at his shirt to bring his body closer. Pulling at him to envelop my entire body.

There was nothing gentle in the way we grabbed at one another. No, it was urgent. Desperate. Almost as if we’d both been starving and there was now only one thing able to satisfy it.

Just… pure instinctual lust. Nothing else.


The word left my lips involuntarily. It was met with a growl of approval from him; the deep sound doing all sorts of inexplicable things to me inside. Already, I could feel that I needed more than just this.

And he must have been of the same mind.

He pushed me against the wall, the movement prying a small gasp of excitement from my lips, and his hand started to travel along my thigh. It moved upwards, sending tingles along my skin, up until the fabric of my dress prevented him from going any further.

But he didn’t let that deter him.

With one, sharp movement I heard the sound of fabric tearing, allowing him new access to explore my lower body; now a hot trail of flames burning wherever he touched.

“I hope that wasn’t expensive,” he said, his warm breath tickling my neck.

But, truthfully, he didn’t sound very apologetic over ruining my designer dress. He seemed more amused than anything. Which was fine by me. Because instead of words, I decided to reply in other ways.

…I hooked a finger at the top of his shirt and proceeded to slide my hand quickly down his front, forcefully ripping away all the buttons to unveil his chest underneath.

It was important to even the score, of course.

“I hope that wasn’t expensive,” was all I cheekily replied.

But he swiftly stole the devilish smile from my lips as he spun me around, my body pinned to face the wall.

I could feel the heat radiating from his bare chest as he encircled me from behind… though that wasn’t the only thing pressing against me. No, with a shiver of delight, I was now able to feel his own excitement through his pants as he held me this close.

I’d be lying if I said this was my first time. I, of course, had been intimate before. But never in my life had I ever experienced anything close to what I was feeling now. This was… beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. And all he’d done so far was touch me.

So, if it was already this good now… then….

With one hand, he started to rub and squeeze at the skin of my sensitive inner thigh, his teeth grazing against my shoulder. The movement alone was enough for a small moan to escape my lips, hungry for more.

“Please,” I whimpered, almost begging.

And I squirmed backward against him impatiently, trying to incite him with the small amount of friction. Hoping that it would be enough for him to relieve me of this waiting.

…But then I felt it.

His hand moved up, finding its way to the hem of my underwear, teasing me with the mere possibilities. And, before I could completely lose my patience, he then slid under the fabric, granting me my wish.

…A motion that stole another moan from my lips as I felt his fingers move, relishing in the small reprieve granted by his touch.

“Kieran…,” I sighed in pleasure.

His free arm had wrapped around my torso, holding me in place. Though, more accurately, it was supporting my weight, now not entirely sure if I could even remember how to stand.

But it was as I spoke that he instantly became encouraged. His actions sped up, his fingers somehow knowing exactly what I needed without having to tell him.

An ability that made me start to think that perhaps it was possible for a God to exist, because how else could he be so good at doing this to me? Hell, I could see myself subscribing to that religion if these were the perks associated. Sign me up for the cult.

I could feel myself trembling within his grasp as his movements started to quicken. He now held me inches away from that final moment I knew was within reach. Getting closer… and closer… becoming more and more lost within the euphoria… just needing a little bit more…

…Just… the tiniest… bit… more….

“Ah, f#ck!” I cried out.

…And the waves of electricity immediately wrecked through my body, clouding my mind in a haze of bliss.

I held a hand up against the wall, futilely trying to stay upright as the tremors swept me, but thankfully he held me tight against him through my shaking.

It was several seconds before I could coherently think again, but I knew things had only just started. In fact, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Because as I turned back around to look at him, the expression of pure desire on his face told me that he was now starving… and I had made him wait long enough.

His dark eyes watched me lustfully, no longer resembling the hazel color I’d come to know so well. No, he was seemingly almost animal-like now as he studied me, waiting for his cue to strike… but I pulled him towards me before he could do so.

I quickly recaptured his lips once more, drinking in his taste, relishing the flames of his touch against my body. And as his fingers pressed into my flesh with renewed urgency, I took this as my chance.

Without wasting too much time, I trailed my hands down the front of his bare chest, only stopping once I came upon his belt… and with one swift movement, I removed the obstacle between us.

It fell to the ground with a satisfying ‘thud’.

Another growl sounded from deep within him at this, the vibration tangible as I stood so close. It was a noise that I would listen to on repeat if I could. But I didn’t let it distract me for long.

And as my fingers made quick work of unzipping… I soon released his length from his pants, taking a few seconds once done to appreciate his body.

Because he was perfect… his entire physique somehow sculpted. So much so that a part of me was a little in disbelief that he wanted me.

But his actions spoke for themselves.

At my touch, he immediately stilled, looking as if he was becoming lost in the sensation I provided him. A response that told me I was capable of creating the same effect on him; that he felt everything so extremely just as I had.

That he wanted me just the same.

His forehead came to a rest against mine as I slowly moved my hand on him, his body starting to softly rock forwards… and, to my utter delight, a groan soon left him. Hopefully, it was a sign that this felt even half as good as what he’d given me.

Only, I knew this wasn’t going to be sufficient for long.

…And it didn’t take long for that moment to arise.

After what couldn’t have been more than a minute or two, his eyes then snapped back to awareness, meeting my gaze once more. A look contained within that immediately told me he needed more than this.

That he needed much, much more.

And before I could do anything else, he picked me up with ease and held me with my back against the wall.

There was a moment after that. A moment in which we paused to look at each other, silently speaking without words. A connection between us as we realized what was about to happen.

He looked as if he was giving me one final chance to back out, asking the question that I knew there was no returning from. But of course, that was insanity. As if there was any chance I’d want to stop now. Not when I was this close.

And so, with a nod of confirmation from myself, he quickly obliged that very need.

…He pressed his length in… and a moan of pleasure sounded from me.

Clinging onto his shoulders was the only thing I could do as my mind went blank with ecstasy. I understood it now; this ‘mate system he’d spoken about.

How it was shared with only someone chosen for you. Because now that we were finally together in this way, it was impossible to think that there could ever be someone else able to make me feel like this again.

Even those sparks… tingles… sensations from being around him these last few weeks, all paled in comparison to this very moment. To this feeling of molding around him so completely in every way, both mind and body.

It was slow at first between us as I adjusted to his size, but that didn’t make it any less intense. He held my gaze as he moved, pushing in… and back out… inciting quick pants from my mouth as he moved… continuing to fill me with a burning heat at the place our bodies joined.

…And it wasn’t long before he began to speed that rhythm up, steadily increasing in force.

That urgency from early hadn’t dissipated. It had merely been on hold as the rational side of our minds had surfaced. But there was no need for that anymore.

And things swiftly sped back up.

With a grunt, his thrusts then became hastier, pushing in further with every stroke. Forcing my moans to soon turn into cries as I wrapped my arms around his neck, needing to hold him closer.

Beside me, I could see the picture frames on the wall begin to shake, his roughness threatening to make them fall. But at this rate, I was sure that I would probably shatter sooner than they would. Not that I was complaining.

“Kieran…,” I whimpered, already losing control.

But he didn’t show any sign of slowing.

His mouth moved to my shoulder, his teeth gently grazing my flesh there, and it sent a surprising surge of exaltation from the movement. A shiver swept through me.

“…Yes…,” I moaned, wanting more of that.

I immediately weaved my fingers through his hair, holding his head closer. Hoping that he would understand. And he indulged my need perfectly.

He continued to nip and lick at my skin there, slowly working his way closer to my neck. His pace never slowed as he did this, continuing to thrust into me mercilessly.

“… Yesss…,” I cried again.

I hadn’t known I was so sensitive to this spot, but it was pushing me closer to my limit the more he did it. As if the nearer he got, the more excitement inside me it built.

I could feel my release so close now… So within reach.

It was just around the corner.

“… Yesss, Kieran, please….”

…And he came to a spot on my neck that instantly felt right. That with just a little more pressure, I could get there.

And I wasn’t the only one feeling this way either.

I could tell he was close to his limit too, my voice probably only making things more frenzied. His grip on my thighs had tensed, his heavy breathing turning into groans… And I knew, any second now….

But I needed this last thing. This last piece to make me get there.

And I gripped his head tighter, ordering it accordingly.

“Bite me,” I cried out.

And as a guttural growl ripped through his chest in reply, his mouth responded to my words.

I felt as his teeth instantly pressed in, clearly just as eager. Only, before he could truly bite in the way I had craved, he eased off from going through with it.

But it was still enough.

With one final thrust, I experienced my entire body convulse in pleasure. Rippling tremors erupted, unlike anything I had thought possible, sending me into a state of euphoria.

“Fuck,” Kieran grunted.

And his own release was only moments behind mine, sharing in the bliss that was still overwhelming me. Our bodies experience the highest level of gratification together.

…And it was at that moment I knew. I knew there was no returning from here.

That the way he had been so instantly familiar, so recognizable from the minute we’d met. It made sense now.

He was… my mate. We were always meant to find each other. This was exactly where I was supposed to be.

He continued to hold me close for some time as we caught our breath, but it was as he next spoke that I knew my fate was truly sealed.

“Mine,” he said with finality, affectionately touching his nose to my cheek.

Yes… yours, Kieran.

I was yours.

I always would be.

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