A Gift from the Goddess Book Two – Chapter 26

I awoke to the feeling of Kieran’s finger lightly tracing a pattern on my back.

It was delicate, and yet I could feel the sparks follow wherever he touched, leaving a trail of warmth behind as he moved. It felt so nice that I could have easily fallen back to sleep again right then and there.

“Good morning,” he said quietly behind me. My change in breathing must have given me away.

But it was certainly a good morning, indeed. A very, very good morning. My body ached in all the right ways, the night’s exercise being a workout that scratched every itch imaginable. I was exhausted… yet so energised at the same time.

“…’Morning,” I mumbled. I took a deep breath in and stretched my body out, feeling the full extent of my aches. However, unbeknownst to me, this was apparently an unspoken cue… because Kieran immediately moved in closer to encircle my body, holding me as we laid on our sides.

And I turned my head to look up at him, meeting those hazel eyes. At some point last night, we had made it into the bed… though most of our clothes had unfortunately not survived the battle.

A noble sacrifice, if I ever saw one. But it meant we were now completely bare as our skin touched, the heat of his body fully surrounding me.

…Knowledge that was enough to elicit a small stir of excitement inside me. “Don’t tempt me,” he said jokingly, leaning down to !iss my cheek. He must have realised what I was thinking without me having to say it.

But… maybe I wanted to tempt him. Maybe that was exactly what I wanted to do.

…And I captured his lips before he had the chance to pull away, k!ssing him slowly… enjoying the feeling of his mouth against mine.. sparks fluttering through me..

Last night’s urgency had been a necessity, a desperation that was inevitable, but it had also meant I couldn’t really take my time. Like a fine wine being consumed as a shot, rather than appreciated in sips. And he was the finest of wines I’d ever met.

His arm then moved around me more, a hand sliding up to my br**st and, ever so gently, he started to tease the skin there. Sending my mind into a haze and forcing a small gasp from my l!ps.

He’d told me not to tempt him and yet he’d conceded so easily. Giving in without any fight whatsoever. Already, I could sense his own obvious excitement, feeling as it began to press against my thighs, begging for entrance. Which was a request I was powerless to deny him.

…And I promptly allowed for him to slide his length through, grinding along my sensitive lower flesh from the outside.

His thrusts were gentle, creating just enough friction between my thighs that hit the perfect spot. But there was no need to rush, no desire to move quickly. Just the two of us enjoying the proximity of the other. Lost in the moment of being together as we slowly k!ssed.

Only, soon enough, the rhythm building between us demanded more.

I pulled away from him a bit, just enough to plant a peck on his cheek, and silently told him with my eyes that it was time. …And with his hand working its way down my body, I felt as he then readjusted… and proceeded to push his length inside me.

I was still sore from the night before, but his movement was tender, slowly moving in to give me ample time to adjust. Yet the sensation still made me softly pant regardless, needing a few seconds before the pleasure could replace the pain.

He watched me carefully as he entered, his eyes sensing for any discomfort. But he didn’t need to worry for long. No, it only took a moment before a quiet moan left me, my mind relishing the feeling of his body joining with mine. A state that felt right, as if this was how we belonged

“Kieran…,” I sighed.

His pace started to increase at the sound of my enjoyment, building that pressure as I felt every thrust. It was forceful, yet still gentle, a clear contrast to the events of last night, though this didn’t detract from the experience in the slightest. No, as I vividly felt his body move within me, I felt just as lost in his embrace.

… Just as consumed by everything he offered me.

His teeth nibbled at my ear as he held me firmly against his chest, and I knew then that I was reaching that point soon. The point of bliss. But… there was something that would make this perfect, recalling the earlier discovery I’d made.

And, with a quick movement, I brushed my hair away from my neck… and presented myself to him. Hoping he would get the hint. However… this didn’t go as planned.

Rather than do what I expected, he immediately paused instead. The opposite of what I’d wished for… and I looked up curiously to meet his eyes. Eyes that were now dark orbs staring back, the animal-like gaze returning.

“Kieran?” I asked quietly.

It was weird for him to stop so abruptly that I wondered if I’d done something wrong. But at the sound of my voice, it was as if he came back to his senses.

His lips twitched into a half-smile and he chuckled lightly to himself, planting a kiss on the very spot I’d craved his teeth. “I swear…,” he said under his breath, shaking his head. “You have no idea what you’re actually asking for.” It sounded almost as if he were trying to tell himself that very thing too.

And though I wanted to ask what he meant, he quickly stole the words from my mouth with another thrust… and I decided the question could probably wait.

His pace and force increased significantly from before as we resumed, a new energy sparking that I hadn’t expected. It seemed he had other ideas for how we would proceed, ones that held new urgency.

With one, quick motion, he then pushed me onto my front, his thrusts barely stopping in the adjustment. I could feel the weight of his body on top of me now, his chest against my back…

his legs enclosing mine…. It stirred a whole new type of excitement within me as I laid helpless under him, gripping onto the sheets firmly as I moaned out in pleasure.

I was close. I was so damn close. And he was too.

His breath turned into grunts in unison with my moans, his pace becoming more aggressive, and, just when I thought things couldn’t possibly feel any better… his hand then found its way between my thighs… his fingers rubbing at the perfect place….

…And I instantly came undone around him.

A strangled cry of bliss left me, my body shaking violently. I could feel the waves of electricity shooting through my entire body, sending me into a haze of gratification; an unparalleled experience.

And he hit his own moment of release just seconds after mine. I could hear as his groan filled my ears, his hands grabbing onto me roughly wherever he could.

…And it was perfect.

We ended up lying in each other’s arms for a long time after that, silently enjoying the proximity of the other. I had never been allowed to be so close to someone like this before and so I didn’t want to waste a minute of it. Not even a second.

It was almost strange to picture what my father would think right now, seeing me this way. He would probably call me weak or become possessive over my attention. Either option would lead down a path of pain for me. A path I would rather avoid.

As I laid with my thoughts, Kieran had resumed his tracing of patterns on my back. So intently fixated on it. Almost as if it were an important task to draw the little imaginary lines with his finger, leaving the sparks where he touched.

But the focus held some discomfort for me too. And though I couldn’t exactly place the feeling, I assumed it was to do with what I knew he could see.

“I like your tattoo,” he finally said.

And I squirmed a little in response.

It was of a small raven I’d had done when I was younger. A reminder to myself of who I was… and who I would always be. A way to never forget my place.

…My place as my father’s raven. I was slowly beginning to loath the name now. It was something I’d felt since arriving; the uneasiness whenever someone addressed me. A reminder of my invisible cage.


I flinched.

Almost as if on cue, Kieran had called to me. I realised my silence had probably been odd, however the timing couldn’t have been worse.

Hearing him call me that now felt… wrong.

That name was for my assignments, for when I was working… it was a branding on my soul from my father. All of which were things I didn’t want to connect with Kieran. No, I refused to associate those things with him anymore.

…Besides, he made it feel as though I didn’t need to be Raven here. That… I had a choice.

“Are you okay?”

He leaned over my shoulder to meet my eyes and I bit my lip, conflicted.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

How was I meant to say this?

“I, ah…,” I started, hesitating. “I don’t…. I don’t want you to call me Raven anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… I can tolerate others saying it… but not you. I don’t want to hear the reminder from you.”

He understandably seemed confused by the request, but he could tell it was important to me. Enough to thankfully not ask the painful questions I was hoping to avoid. But he paused nonetheless, appearing unsure. “Okay… well… what would you like me to call you then?”

Oh. Right …I hadn’t thought that far ahead. It was the only name I’d known for so long that it was hard to think of something else, something that would feel like… me.

I suppose there was always “How about… Rae?” he offered, interrupting my chain of thought. “I overheard your work colleague call you that on the phone.”

And at the sound of the nickname from his l!ps, a flutter of butterflies filled me.

It was a surprising reaction to even myself, thinking that I had despised being called that from Zac. Yet somehow when he said it, it felt right.

“…Say it again,” I said, turning over to look at him better.

He stared down at me affectionately before planting a k!ss on my cheek. “…Rae,” he repeated quietly. It sent a shiver through me, his warm breath tickling my ear.

“…I like the sound of that,” I said, a smile slowly spreading across my l!ps.

And he proceeded to repeat it to me several times, forcing an outburst of giggling from myself until I had to beg him to stop. Which he, of course, ignored. It took a pillow being thrown at him before he finally conceded.

But I wasn’t upset in the slightest. No, in fact, I couldn’t be happier. …Which was why I was disappointed when he then got out of bed. “As much as I would love to lay around with you all day,” he said, reaching for his p#nts.

The only garment of his that survived. “I, unfortunately, am expected at training. Not that I would need the additional workout after all of this. But alas, I have responsibilities.”

At the mention of… strenuous activity, I felt an urge to start up a different sort of workout between us again. But he quickly shut the idea down with a stern look and a ‘no’, all before I could even open my mouth. Well… couldn’t blame a girl for trying.

Though… I really wouldn’t mind doing some real exercise. It had been a while since I’d done training with Gavin and, whilst I didn’t care for the man himself, I did enjoy the feeling of pushing my body.

“Could I come with you?” I asked. “It would be good to maintain something from my routine whilst I’m here. A little normality in my life.”

But the question was met was far more hesitation than I expected. He looked… uncomfortable. “Ahhh… I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he said. “Besides, you’re still recovering from the suppressors.”

“That didn’t stop me from almost beating you in a fight last week,” I pointed out.

Apparently, that fact didn’t seem to help much with easing his worries. “I’ll be free again in a few hours,” he said. “We can do some private training then instead. Just the two of us.”

And though I was a little reluctant to agree, I nodded my head anyway. It was most likely another one of those social ‘pack’ things I didn’t understand yet.

“Hey… don’t look at me like that,” he said, walking back over to hold my face. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

A deal which was then sealed with a slow kiss, making me melt under his touch. It was an unfair move to pull, but I allowed it.

“This afternoon,” I said, repeating it to him.

And he nodded in confirmation.

“What did you want to do until then?” he asked. “I could… have someone bring you breakfast and… some clothes.” We both then turned to look at the pile of torn remains that was once my dress. One of only two nice dresses I’d brought with me, my suitcase having limited space. “Ah… I’ll have someone come by to help you buy a new one,” he said.

…I quickly agreed.

Within the half-hour after Kieran had left, I’d had a shower and changed into some clothes that an attendant had brought me from my room. I had initially thought that she would be the one to take me to the shops so I could buy a new dress.

But… I had been wrong.

I had been so very wrong.

Because the person who then appeared at the door, a smile and peppy attitude in tow…

…Was Allison.

“Ready to go shopping?” she asked. Goddammit.

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