A Gift from the Goddess Chapter 104

“What you seek… it may have greater repercussions than you realise,” Selene said.

The cold of the Abyss was stinging me, a reminder that I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Leave and hopefully not come back anytime soon.

“This is what I want,” I reaffirmed confidently.

Her lips tightened into a line, considering my request further. “Ariadne… What I do is not an exact science. There may be complications with what you seek, ones that even I have no control over. Just your revival alone could have issues without this added risk. Are you willing to accept that, despite what it may produce? That this may bring about a legacy that has waves far greater than you anticipate?”

But I simply nodded my head, certain in my decision.

I didn‘t care about the risk. If there was even a slight chance of this working, I had to take it. This would be my one and only opportunity I wanted to start my new life with minimal regrets.

“I’m sure,” I said. “If there are issues then I‘ll figure it out. Just like always.”

“… Very well, then,” she said.

And with that, she took a step forward, cupping my face in her hands to kiss my forehead, and sent an eruption of familiar tingles where our skin met. Instantly, I felt those same intense emotions rushing through me all at once. Something I‘d almost forgotten from the last time we stood here.

Once done, she moved away and looked at me with distaste. A stark reminder of how our relationship had drastically changed over these last few years.

“Be warned, child, that this is it,” she said sternly. “There will be no third revival. The next time we meet, you will accept what has happened and begin your life anew inside the Abyss as all souls must.”

The thought of that alone filled me with dread but I knew returning here would be inevitable. Death was a normal part of life. However, I wouldn‘t fight back next time. No, I‘d allow myself to give in and enjoy the happy memories of my life. Hopefully, by then, there would be several more to add to the collection.

Selene then began to fade before me, her eyes never faltering as they watched me carefully. Even up until the very last second, I could feel the resentment and bitterness she held. Luckily for her though, now she was whole again, she would live out her eternal life where I would exist for only a blink of her eye. Something of immense reassurance for her, I was sure.

Before I could contemplate on her demeanour any further, weightlessness then came over me, dizziness consuming my head.

And before I knew what was really happening, I felt the familiarity of my body once more.

And everything felt… hazy.

As if I were underwater I could start to feel my heartbeat… feel the warmth of my body.

But I wasn‘t quite… there yet.

It seemed different from the first time when I‘d awoken in bed at fourteen. Something felt… off. Was this because I hadn‘t travelled back?

And with another moment, I realised something important; instantly explaining the sensations I was experiencing.

Thea‘s death would have become a fixed point in time. I couldn‘t return to when she was still alive because I was using her dead body to revive. So, if this wasn‘t the past….

…It meant that this time, I was returning not to my prior self… but rather to my own corpse. What I was experiencing now was my body reanimating.

“…Wanted to s… goodb…,” a voice then said, piercing through the fog.

Someone was here. Next to me. Could they see me coming back?

Their words were too unclear to understand what they were saying, too muddled as it cut in and out.

“…‘m sorry… I didn‘t…,” it continued. “…I thought… It‘s been a while…”

It was slowly becoming more distinguishable but not quick enough for my own impatience. I wanted to hear what was being said right now, see whoever was talking with my own eyes.

I‘m right here,‘ I screamed inside. I‘m alive.‘

But if anyone noticed, I couldn‘t tell.

“…I love you,” they then said, a tone of finality in their voice.

And I realised they were leaving.

But I was here. They just needed to just wait a minute. Wait until I could find the strength to break through this veil. Just a little bit longer.

However, before I could worry any further, something else then came to my attention. A new intense feeling, one I never would have expected.


As if tiny, pleasurable firecrackers were being thrown all over my body, I could feel as sparks erupted from skin contact, all stemming from where a hand was now laid on top of mine. A warm hand that made me feel alight with its presence. A familiarity to it that I craved.

I recognised this reaction. In fact, I remembered it well from a time long ago.

It meant….

–And with that, I abruptly woke up with a long heave at the air.

«My lungs greedily took in their first breaths, desperate for the oxygen, and I quickly felt my body begin to

function once more; feeling as my heart started rapidly pumping blood inside.

I was back. I was really back.

Had I been asked to return just a year earlier, I would have firmly rejected it, telling myself I was crazy for wanting this. And yet now I‘d never wanted anything more. Something so impossible yet–.

“–What the f#ck?!”

I swiftly turned my head to the side, already knowing what I would see, but finding myself taken by surprise, nonetheless,

Because time suddenly… stopped.

Almost as if the entire world vanished around me and left behind only one thing.

Only one thing that mattered in that very moment.

Or, more accurately, one person.


With his green eyes meeting mine, his crisp scent of the forest enveloping me… an overwhelming assault of sensations hit me all at once. Of a new yet familiar experience beckoning me forward and drawing me I n to him. A gravitational pull that promised only good things should I submit to it.

…And something else deep inside me then awoke too.

Amidst my delirium, I also felt the company of something that had been sorely absent for too long. Once a staple within my life, it had gone missing amongst my trauma, regressing to the furthest part of my mind. Now thinking back, I wondered if that were partly due to Thea‘s occupancy inside. But I could feel it now emerging once more, threatening to control me, demanding to make its presence known.

…And, as a result, just one word was forced from my lips.

“Mine,” I heard myself growl.

My wolf had returned.

Aleric had naturally jumped away the moment I‘d come back, somehow managing to not have a heart attack at seeing his dead mate return. The sheer fear at the situation had caused his face to pale and almost make him fall to the ground. I could only imagine what went through his head.

But the moment our eyes met, he became frozen in place for a different reason.

Assumedly, he was experiencing exactly what I was; the mate bond forming within my new life… Only this time, we could both feel it. A first in our very long history together.

He took a hesitant step forward… then another, and then slowly reached a shaky hand down to touch my cheek, sending more sparks throughout my body. Enough to make me close my eyes for just a moment as the feeling submerged me; wanting only more of what his touch had to offer.

No memories could ever compare to this; to the real thing. Everything I‘d felt in the Abyss felt like a cold, lifeless imitation in comparison to what I was currently experiencing.

Slowly, I then looked back up to meet his gaze. Saw how he was just as consumed as I was, and I immediately lost myself in his eyes, forgetting all else.

This was why I was here. This is what mattered.

He brought his face down, inches from my own, and spoke the only words I wanted to hear.

The words that made all the pain and sacrifice worth it.

“Mine,” he repeated.

…And with that, his lips met mine, a fire instantly burning within. A hunger driving me on that I couldn‘t resist, nor did I even try to. I was completely helpless to the overwhelming need for my mate. A craving I‘d been deprived of for too long.

Thastily wound my fingers through his hair dark hair and pulled him closer towards me, needing more of his touch, needing more of him.

But before we could get much further, Aleric then pulled away, apparently having more self control than I.

He stared down at me with a frown, confusion crossing his features. Looking at me as if questioning whether I was really there.

“…Hey…,” I said brightly, a smile spreading on my face.

My heart ached with happiness from just being able to see him again, a giddiness kicking me inside.

“…Is that actually you?” he asked. “…Am I dreaming?”

I moved my hand to his cheek, relishing in the little sparks I felt there.

“Does it feel like you‘re dreaming?” I replied, tracing his skin lightly.

His eyes closed under my touch. “I hope not. I‘d rather not wake up from this. But I‘m also at a loss for how you managed to do this.”

“I have my ways,” I said with a laugh. “I just did what I‘m best at… blackmail and negotiation. It comes in handy sometimes.”

He slowly met my gaze again, a humour in his eyes that I adored.

“I should have realised you‘d be too stubborn to stay dead for long. Apparently, not even a Goddess can handle your antics.”

“What can I say? I just…,” I started, intending to make another joke, but then my smile instantly faltered instead. There wasn‘t anything funny about how badly I‘d wanted to come back. “I just… I really missed you, Aleric. I wasn‘t ready to say goodbye yet. Not before we‘d even been given a chance to try.”

He helped me up into a sitting position and quickly wrapped his arms around me, sending waves of his warmth through me. Making me feel so cosy and safe in his embrace.

…But it also acted as another reminder of my current situation.

One where I realised how I was seated on a cold, metal table with only a thin blanket to cover me. The place I would have remained until buried.

“How long have I been gone…?” I asked.

Inside the Abyss, there was no way for me to tell how long had passed. Because of this, I wasn‘t sure exactly what date I‘d been brought back to.

“Not too long,” he replied. “Maybe three days? Everyone is still recovering from the battle so not many people know what happened to you yet. Though your parents will be arriving in a few days for the… the funeral. I sent word to them once we returned with your body.”

My parents. It‘d been so long since I’d seen them. I was happy to hear they were safe and would be coming home finally after all this time. So many things had gone wrong after their staged death… things hoped to make amends for, to the best of my ability

“How are you feeling?” Aleric asked. “Is Thea‘s…?”

‘Is Thea‘s presence gone?‘ I knew he was trying to ask. The reason for my parents‘ forced departure was so their lives couldn‘t be used as hostages against me. Or worse… so I couldn‘t be used to hurt them under Thea‘s manipulation.

I searched deep inside myself, looking for that presence that used to lurk behind the surface. Once a constant voice of pressure, pushing me ever closer to the cliff edge, hoping to make me jump off.

Yet… it was gone.

Inside, I now only felt completely at peace. In fact, I felt better than I ever had. The only new addition in my head was my wolf, one I wasn‘t concerned by. Her presence was one of only reassurance. It meant that things were just as they should be. That things were healthy.

“I feel… amazing.” I said honestly. “I can‘t remember the last time I felt so free. My thoughts are finally mine again. It‘s…. hell, I can’t even begin to describe how incredible this feels. How badly I needed this.“

I had assumed that I‘d be dealing with Thea‘s induced trauma for years, suffering from the scars she left behind. And whilst I definitely felt the pain of the things she did, my head at least didn‘t feel the weight of the damage she‘d done internally.

I didn‘t feel the exhausted, fried sensation her constant occupancy left. Now having something to compare it to, it was a wonder I didn‘t notice the effects of her presence earlier.

Perhaps dying and being brought back had done more than I‘d hoped for, healing even the wounds that I hadn‘t expected to part with so soon. A bonus on top of what I‘d already bargained for.

… More than what I‘d bargained for.

“Oh, shit,” I said, realising I‘d been so caught up in the moment that I‘d forgotten the most important thing.

How had that slipped my mind? I was going to be late.


I started shuffling with the bedsheet and jumped off the table, taking a moment to steady my legs, before walking to where a change of clothes had been left. Though, more arcuately, I walked to where the clothes I was meant to be buried in had been left. The severity of just how morbid that actually was, wasn‘t lost on me.

“We‘ve got to hurry,” I said, throwing on the dress.


“That‘s uhh… It‘ll be easier if I just show you. Where‘s your car? I‘ll drive.”

I could only imagine what he was going to say when we got there. Truthfully, though I wouldn‘t have ever reconsidered, I‘d be lying if I said I didn‘t have at least some reservations about this decision I’d made. Especially after Selene‘s warning.

“You‘re joking, right? You‘ve only just come back.”

“I didn‘t forget how to drive when I was dead,” I pointed out, taking the keys from his hand. “Come on.”

He conceded, letting me have them, but we didn‘t get far before he paused again. “What is that for?” he asked, pointing to the blanket in my hands.

“We‘re going to need it,” I simply answered.

And that was the last thing he asked before we eventually arrived.

A destination I knew too well yet hadn‘t stepped foot in for such a long time.

“Why are we…,” Aleric started, but I was already rushing out the car door before he could finish his sentence. “Hang on, Aria. Wait up.”

“We already took too long,” I shouted back over my shoulder, now trying to run. Though perhaps a fast walk would be more accurate.


I was much slower than I would have liked but that didn‘t surprise me. My body had been stone-cold only half an hour ago so even this level of mobility was miraculous. My natural healing ability may have been quick, but it wasn‘t as if I were recovering from a simple affliction. Death wasn‘t a cold.

Aleric kept up easily, for obvious reasons, but it was as we came closer to our destination that he realised what was happening, saw what was ahead, and immediately stopped dead in his tracks. It may have been nighttime, but it was hard to miss the obvious.

“Aria… what did you do?”

“…What I needed to,” I said, though barely able to focus on anything other than what was in front of us.

I stood at a small distance as the mound of brown wolf fur then shifted back, leaving behind only the body of a small girl in its wake. There was no mistaking the situation now as her tiny figure became the only notable thing in the area.

Well, the only notable thing apart from her gravestone, that is.

I ran towards her, my heart racing, feeling almost as if I were going to forget how to breathe. I couldn‘t believe this had worked, that this was real. I‘d dreamed about this for so long.

…Finally, after more than two years, I was getting my best friend back.

“Myra,” I cried, quickly pulling the girl into my arms. “Myra, I‘m so sorry.”

I could feel her shaking against me, weakly trying to push me away, but I held on.

“I-I don‘t… …,” she whimpered in a panic.

“It‘s okay, I‘ve got you,” I said, tears beginning to fall. “I‘m here now. I‘m not going to let anyone hurt you ever again.”

“…A–Aria?” she asked, slowly beginning to recognise her surroundings. “Why are you… I… Oh, Goddess, oh … I–I think I died. I think I‘m meant to be dead, Aria. Why am I here?”

I held her tighter and began stroking her hair, attempting to soothe her. “Everything is fine. You‘re fine. Everything is going to be okay.”

“But that girl… she found me in the park… S–she…”

I felt her then tense up in my arms and knew what was going to happen next.

She quickly pulled away and turned to her side, trying to throw up, but not having anything in her stomach to do so. Instead, she only dry retched as her last moments came to haunt her.

…But it was then, as I tried to comfort her, that I saw her back. Saw the mark of my interference. Or, more precisely, saw the mark of a double crescent moon by her shoulder blade… one matching my own.

It meant only one thing. Something that had only ever happened once before in modern history.

…From today onwards, she would no longer just be ‘Myra‘. The simple rankless girl, working to help her parents run the orphanage.

No, from now on, she would be known as something far more important. Today, she was ‘Myra the Saintess‘.

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