A Treat To Party Unity


Micheal Okenwa Reacts:

“Ogene Igbo(Dr Harris Chuma-Odili) is wrongly accused cause I’ve read the same piece you guys are trying very hard to nail him with.

If after reading this piece I couldn’t see the following names in the write up👇👇

• Chinedu Obigwe
• Machi Pius Igwe
• Hon Innocent Somadina Obasi
• I Wouldn’t include Mazi cause he’s an APC member

Then I will authoritatively say this write up is a concocted subterfuge.

Nobody has the monopoly of Propaganda. For the past one month, we’ve been dishing out articles and contents projecting our principal while some Camps were ridiculing, demeaning and mudsling our principal’s image in the digital space rather than projecting their Aspirant.

According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite.

Don’t expect Uloka and Ruth to sit back and watch the likes of the names I wrote above denigrate and demarket their principal while they keep mute.

Are those guys I mentioned above the party hierarchy?

Are they allowed to have a field day insulting every other APGA candidate because they’re with the King Maker and as well supporting the candidate whom they alledged has been anointed through “Governor’s Body Language?”, a deliberate blackmail to push other Aspirants back.

Nna, you guys should address/caution the root cause of this problems which are; Obigwe, Machi, Somadina and stop using the guys you fingered in your crossfire.”

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