Alessandra Sublet, 45 years old and natural: “I have no problem with that! »

She is a woman who feels good in her sneakers, a presenter on all fronts and an investigator for “Mask Singer” at the top… Single for about a year, this mother of two assumes her 45 years.

When you know Alessandra Sublet, it’s hard to forget her laughter and her good humor. Never stingy with a joke, self-mockery or stupidity, she shines the sun wherever she goes (M6, France 5, France 2 then TF1). But she is also a natural woman, who at 45 assumes her choices, her body and her little imperfections without any problem.

Above all, do not talk to him about alterations! In interview for Entertainment TV, the mum of Charlie, 9, and Alphonse, 7, has revealed why it’s out of the question for photos of her to be reworked and why she won’t give in to the temptation of the scalpel. ” I will never be able to retouch anything on me. I live with my age, I have no problem with that. But it’s a struggle and I’m very happy to be a little resistant on this point“.

It’s super important first of all for yourself, to recognize yourself as you are and in what you do. If I tell the photographer to remove my wrinkles and my crow’s feet, what do I look like? I want the girl who buys the magazine to think that we look alike

“, she continues.

The original Lyonnaise who now lives in Cannes, however, makes an image job! But she refuses to tell herself that aging is difficult on television, preferring instead to think that these old rules can be abolished. Moreover, according to her, it’s up to us to change the way others look. This story of diktat is over!

A natural woman, therefore, who does not hesitate to assume herself even if it means suddenly changing her hair color. While she was brunette just a few weeks ago, she lightened her locks. A choice that she does not even want to comment on. ” I said to myself: ‘Here, and why not blonde?’ Once again, I don’t expect people to tell me whether they like it or not. In any case, you have to ignore the eyes of others. And be aware that we will never be unanimous“.

A great lesson for all the other presenters who sometimes say they hesitate to go through the cosmetic surgery box. However, many of them like Karine Lemarchand or Faustine Bollaert assume their naturalness. The latter had also posted on Instagram a photo on the beach, without makeup… and she was sublime!

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