Alpha Asher chapter 69

“I want to see Sean first.” I frowned, my eyes flickering to the mess in the fighting ring.

“Of course.” Tristan’s velvety voice caressed my skin, but did nothing to erase the disgust burning in my stomach.

The fighting ring was cleaned quickly, not a trace of blood lingered on the white floor. Some people in the small crowd grimaced or mumbled angrily over the loss of their money. It was unnerving how these people could watch such brutality.

My heart leaped in my stomach as two more men were pushed onto the stage. Sean’s face came into view, looking haggard yet defiant.

One of his eyes had been blackened and looked to be slowly healing. His lip was split, a thick line of blood running down the center. From the angry glint in his eye, Sean had not been broken by these Vampires.

“What’s your price?” I spoke without thinking, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. My heart thundered in my chest at the sight of Sean. His skin was pale from lack of sunlight, the hair on his head dirty and unruly. “What do you want for him?”

“What I want—is you.” Tristan breathed, his voice calm and his eyes steady on me. My eyes snapped over to Tristan, reading the sincerity in his eyes. Tristan wouldn’t budge, that much was clear.

“Name something else.” Alpha Asher snapped, anger seeping into his eyes.

“A life for a life. Lola for Sean.” Tristan murmured, his eyes burning into my own. He hadn’t spared an ounce of his attention, placing it all on me. “Is your brother worth your own life? How far would you truly go?”

Alpha Asher stiffened, his anger rolling in waves through the mind-link. I could feel Breyona and Mason tense as they heard our conversation through the mind-link. Tristan’s words replayed in my head, bouncing between the six of us.

‘Don’t you dare, Lola.’ Alpha Asher snarled through the mind-link, sensing my hesitation.

I wanted to deny I had even contemplated it, but I couldn’t. I hadn’t the time to properly mourn my Mom’s death, but I refused to mourn Sean’s. I refused to let him suffer because of what I am. Alpha Asher could sense how far I was truly willing to go.

‘Breyona, we could use that distraction now.’ Alpha Asher growled through the mind-link. I stifled the surprise that crossed onto my face, wondering what Alpha Asher had planned.

‘Alright, give me a minute.’ Breyona huffed, leaping into action. ‘Stall him or something.’

“Why do you want me?” I stared at Tristan, my gaze hard and unyielding. ‘Is it because of my father?”

If Tristan was surprised, it didn’t show. His lips simply turned up in a mischievous grin, his seafoam eyes dancing.

“I thought someone was listening in on us.” Tristan chuckled, before leaning in. “Messing with the shadows already? I hope you’re a fast learner.”

“I didn’t bring myself there.” I scoffed, shaking my head. “For whatever reason your King wanted me to be there.”

Tristan’s eyes conveyed nothing, not even the smallest trace of lingering emotion.

“Vampire’s choose their own mates. From the moment I met you, I knew you were mine. This was before I learned of your—heritage.” Tristan murmured, his voice a silky whisper. “You had felt it then as well. I looked into your mind, saw your desire for me.”

Tristan had successfully taken my mind off of the fight, gaining all of my attention. Guilt swarmed me as I had forgotten about my brother in those short moments.

Sean and the human had lunged at one another. Steady fists and heightened speed gave my brother the advantage against the average sized human.

“You were just some hot guy in a club.” I muttered, my eyes filling with anger.

“Your words lie, but your thoughts do not.” Tristan murmured, and I fought against his intense gaze. “I know what you feel for me. I feel the pull as well.”

Deny, deny, deny.

Tristan would never know the full extent of my longing for him, the irritating pull in my veins whenever I thought of his face. I would hide that from the world, accepting the discomfort and pain before I told anyone the truth. Alpha Asher chased those emotions away, dulled the part of me that longed for Tristan.

A silver dagger clattered onto the fighting ring. My wide eyes met Tristan’s; a sly smile had already formed on his face.

“Even the odds?” Tristan questioned, his voice light and caressing.

Sean and the human scrambled for the knife. I found myself leaning forward, anticipation and fear suffocating me. Just as Sean’s hand wrapped around the hilt of the dagger, an explosion sounded.

All at once everything went to hell. Fire alarms blared in unity; sprinklers spewed water onto everything below. Those watching stood in surprise, hair slick as the water rained down.

‘Get Sean and get out.’ Breyona hissed, her words clipped.

Alpha Asher pulled the two of us to our feet, lunging at Tristan without hesitation. Tristan had been much faster than I thought, on his feet as Alpha Asher made contact.

‘Get Sean!’ Alpha Asher snapped, knocking me from my daze. ‘Carter and Wade, get your asses in here.’

‘On our way.’ Carter’s voice was laced with excitement. ‘Wait till you see what Breyona did.’

If it weren’t for the fight ahead, I would’ve laughed at the comment.

I ran towards the back of the room, heading to the door that led back stage. The room had erupted into chaos, thick black smoke seeping in through the doors. The smell of burning wood filled the room, and I wondered what Breyona had decided to do.

As I threw open the backstage door, someone heavy knocked me to the floor.

Sean’s scent filled my nose, along with the tang of fresh blood. His eyes were wide but burned with determination.

The silver cuff still sat on his wrist, silencing his wolf and searing his skin. The silver knife was clutched in his hand, a death grip around its hilt.

The doors slammed open, swinging shut with a deafening slam. The smell of burning wood and plastic was stronger, as was the smoke lingering in the air. Carter and Wade barreled into the room; their eyes set on the Vampires who crouched menacingly.

Some of the crowd had left, filtering out of the club at the first sign of danger. Others stayed behind, their eyes shining with anger as they looked between Alpha Asher and I. Sean pulled the two of us from the floor his arms holding me in a death grip that lasted for just a moment.

Chaos ensued as two Vampire’s headed for Sean and I, only to be stopped by Carter and Wade. Tristan had gotten away from Alpha Asher, barking out an order. Alpha Asher was on his feet, a whirl wind of snarls and blows.

Tristan was skilled, almost matching Alpha Asher in his own blows. My heart thundered; my eyes torn between who to help.

Carter and Wade were beginning to shift, their nails lengthening as they cut down Vampires. The ones who fell were quickly replaced, soon overwhelming Carter and Wade. I knew they could handle their own, but their opponents had every ounce of their attention.

A Vampire lunged at Sean, who darted to the side with the silver blade slick in his hand.

“Leave Lola untouched.” Tristan murmured, his pale eyes once again burning into my own.

Alpha Asher was fending off three Vampires, ones who had quickly arrived after Tristan’s order. A Vampire lunged at me, a holder man with greying hair and dark eyes. Instead of tearing into my skin, his large hands wrapped around my own.

Anger and strength surged through me, expelling through every blow I made. My knee slammed into his gut, knocking him back and ripping his hands from my body.

Tristan had left the room while I was distracted, a dozen Vampire’s to take his place. All at once I took in the severity of the situation, my heart a thudding rapidly in my chest. Alpha Asher was overwhelmed, sweat gleaming on his forehead, and a look of fury in his eyes.

Four Vampire’s surrounded him, four surrounded Carter and Wade. Sean was fighting two at a time, his eyes bright and alert. Another two were making their way over to me, the same cold glint in their eyes.

A cold sweat broke out over my skin, more thick smoke poured into the back of the warehouse and the water continued raining down. The harsh air burned the back of my lungs, the scent nearly overwhelming.

‘You’re running out of time’ Breyona’s voice hissed in my mind, a faint afterthought as I looked around the room.

Fear scattered along my skin; my eyes locked on Alpha Asher. The Vampires had brought him to his knees. Their dead littered the ground at Alpha Asher’s feet, countless Vampire’s had died at his hands. Everything seemed to slow, that familiar icy caress sliding over my skin.

‘Lola, don’t–’ Maya’s voice was cut short as I called out to the shadows.

Ice lapped across my skin, Maya’s words fading from my mind. I had promised myself I wouldn’t use the shadows again, but there was no way we were winning this fight. They had known we were coming, had prepared for it all along. They had the numbers, overwhelming us easily.

If I didn’t act fast Alpha Asher would lose his life, followed by Carter and Wade. Desperation rushed through me. For once, I didn’t have to wonder how far I would go.

‘Save him.’ I hissed, feeling the icy tendrils lap at my skin. ‘Save Alpha Asher and get rid of these Vampires.’

‘The price is steep–’ The disembodied voice slithered into my mind, ‘A life for a life.’

Its voice circled my mind, stirring my thoughts violently. I knew what it was asking, what it wanted from me. What scared me the most was how easy the decision was.

My life for Alpha Asher’s, a worthy trade. Every intimate moment between Alpha Asher and I flashed through my mind, igniting a comfortable flutter in my stomach.

My feelings for Alpha Asher had changed since I had met him, a fact I had been trying to ignore. As I realized the lengths I would go to for Alpha Asher, it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

‘I don’t care.’ I breathed, ‘I accept.’

A cunning icy breeze caressed my mind, as though they were thanking me. One by one each of the Vampire’s stiffened, their glassy eyes rolling in the backs of their heads. Each fell to the ground, a loud thud against the wooden floor.

Somehow, I knew they were still alive, simply incapacitated for the time being. I could see the shadows flit from Vampire to Vampire, each collapsing to the floor in its wake.

I locked eyes with Alpha Asher, for once his emotions were written plain on his face. I could taste his fury and feel his concern. He could see the gathering darkness behind me, and could only assume what I had given it in return.

My own eyes widened as the icy voice slithered into my mind, its words sending me to my knees.

‘You would give your life, Princess?’ They hissed, slithering around in my head. ‘You do not get to choose.’

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