Alpha Blondy: “I never called Gbagbo mentally ill”, and yet…

The global reggae star shocked supporters of Laurent Gbagbo in 2013 and all those who know him for his relative poise. During a concert, Alpha Blondy had said that Laurent Gbagbo should not be overwhelmed, whom he presented as a mental patient who spouted unintelligible things during his first appearance before the ICC. Today, Alpha Blondy returns to his point by qualifying his words.

Alpha Blondy who claims to have never said that Laurent Gbagbo is “mentally ill”. This is Jagger’s new release that has been causing a stir on social media for a few hours. Supporters and critics of the artist clash over the sincerity of his remarks, 9 years later flown in the wings of Laurent Gbagbo imprisoned at the International Criminal Court. On April 1, 2013, Alpha Blondy said: “I ask psychiatrists to follow Gbagbo. We are not going to condemn a mentally ill person yet”. But today, he says something else.

“I was accused of calling President Laurent Gbagbo “mentally ill”. I will never be able to allow myself to treat President Laurent Gbagbo as mentally ill. A person who invited me to his table, never. No, I cannot rejoice in the suffering of President Laurent Gbagbo. Yes, I never called President Laurent Gbagbo mentally ill,”

defends Alpha Blondy, quoted by several sources on social networks including Media Prime Mag.

But what did Alpha Blondy mean, since the video of his remarks which shocked Gbagbo’s supporters exists and was even brought out to contradict him? “I just wanted to say that everything he went through could traumatize him. Golf hotel, prison in the North, The Hague. there is enough to be traumatized. I was too well educated to make fun of a distressed man. You don’t shoot a man down“, explains the most famous reggae-man of Ivory Coast.

But this reversal of the situation is too big to be ignored and Alpha Blondy knows it. The artist therefore makes amends, if ever his words were perceived as he did not hear. “I speak on subjects that I may not have mastered. So if I had to hurt some sensitivities, I apologize. I only know music. I never wanted President Laurent Gbagbo to be condemned and even judged. Through my remarks, it is a perch that I held out to these lawyers.“, pleads Alpha Blondy.

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