Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 67

“Go help your brother wrangle them kids,” Aria tells him. Nudging him with her foot.

“Mum!,” Tyson groans.

“No, go get some sun on that head, you shouldn’t have stole your sisters bottle last night”

” I didn’t it was Ace”

“Didn’t stop you from drinking it, did it?” She says, and he rolls on his side. His hair was starting to grow back but very slowly.

“Fine, oh and Ace spewed all through the bathroom,” he says.

“Well, when you’re done out here you can both go clean it,” she says.

“I didn’t do it,” he says. She raises an eyebrow at him and Tyson huffs before nodding his head and sulking.

Aria then sits at the table and I follow her, Ryker looking over at us and he smiles before turning back to the kids.

Lana comes out also sitting with us.

“How are you handling the entire thing with Lucy,” Aria asks.

Other than Ryker she was the first person who asked about her outright.

“It is what it is,” I tell her and she nods.

“He won’t stop till kills all of them, you will get justice and so will the others,” Aria tells me and I nod.

“How many others did they find?” I ask her.

“Other than yourself, 41 though you appear to be the oldest out of them”

“Yeah they said I was the first experiment”

“Yes, we did find out some other information though”

“What’s that?” I ask.

“That rogue, Tim, he was their scout. He was also the one that kidnapped your mother to bring to the facility, he was the one that kidnapped them all,” Aria says.

“But how he isn’t much older than me?”

“He is a lot older, even though his werewolf, they have been giving him steroids and mutated Lycan blood. We discovered that he is not only old, but as old as Kade, your Alpha,” she says the last word with disgust.

“You didn’t tell me that” Lana says looking at her mother.

“No, I only just found out this morning. Drake has been questioning the humans they caught. Found out Kade had a brother”

“So Tim is Kade’s brother?”

“Half brother. Explains why he would help him,” Aria says.

“How is that even possible? Will we ever see an end to this Kade shit?” Arial asks, walking out.

“I don’t know. I thought it all ended when Kade was killed, obviously not. But it has had me questioning what exactly my father went through when he was one of Kade’s original test subjects”

“Test subjects?” I ask.

“Yes, my father was a pure Lycan hybrid like me only purer. Kade captured my father centuries ago when he realized what he was, and experimented on his blood. We thought it was just a coincidence that Kade discovered him, until we realized it was some old vendetta. Kade thought my father killed his daughter so, he hunted him down and caught him. Then started taking his blood and experimenting on it. Made himself into one of us with the exception of not having a wolf”

“Yeah Kade was more like us, no wolf but could partly shift”

“But Tim has a wolf,” I tell them and Aria nods.

“Yes, but from what we have gathered, one of Tim’s parents had to have been a werewolf making them only half-siblings,” Aria says.

“How is it possible that Kade had a mate though? When he was made, not born?” Lana asks.

“Goddess knows, vampire mates are different. All supernaturals have mates, or at least chosen mates,” Aria says.

“Like Estella?”

“Estella would have known he was her mate. Damian’s mother didn’t exactly have the best of husbands. I can see why she left one monster to be with another, at least Kade was her mate. So I can kind of understand her choices,” Aria explains.

“What happened to her”

“Damian killed her. She was a terrible woman and mother to Damian, she got what she deserved,” Arial chimes in.

“You knew her?” I ask but Arial and Lana shake their heads.

“No just heard of her, we were only 5 or 6 when they attacked my aunts pack”

“So you were there?” I ask.

“Yes. That’s also when Ryker shifted for the first time, when he was 10. He killed the man who attacked Lily, they have always been close”

“You all seem close,” I tell them.

“We protect family. Ryker would give his last breath for family, and that means you too now,” Aria tells me.

“My son has always put pack and family before himself. I know he has done some questionable things Reika, but he did them with family in mind. Doesn’t make them right, but after Danika he thought you were thee same as her”

“Danika was his first mate?”

Aria nods. “Yes. He loved her, we thought at first he didn’t want a mate and killed her. Wasn’t till later that we found she was working for the hunters organization and Kade’s minions. I spoke to Avery last month about it. If he didn’t kill her, she would have wiped out half the packs. Nothing Ryker would have done, would have made her change her mind”

“So Ryker killed her himself?” Lana nods looking out at him.

“Couldn’t imagine having to do that. I don’t think I would have been able to” Lana says.

“Yeah, he really does deserve his title. Saved my as*s heaps when I was a teenager, now saving it still. We were just unaware, and he let us think less of him, believing he truly was a monster,” Arial says.

“Title?” I ask them.

“Yes, he is the Lycan king. I passed my title down to him, not willingly at first, but rightfully, it is his title”

“So, you aren’t the Lycan queen anymore?”

“No, not anymore. That title goes to you. Once you’re mated and he has remarked you, once his DNA becomes yours. You will be Queen of Alpha’s”

“Thank god he got those genes and not me. Stuff being Queen and looking over all them packs,” Arial says.

“Wait, I will be Lycan Queen,” Aria laughs before nodding.

“Every king has a Queen, and you will be his” she laughs.

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