Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 68

Ryker POV

We had a good day today. We spent most of the day playing with the kids, and it was good for everyone to have a stress free day. Zane, Wendy, Amber and Jacob came over for lunch, and it was good seeing Reika act her age instead of remaining quiet and standoffish. She got on well with everyone, though I could tell she was a little uneasy about something.

Everyone seemed to love her and made sure to include her in everything, as they should. She was their Luna. When the day was finally ending I was glad. I was tired, and I could tell Reika was becoming restless with the constant attention she was receiving. She never complained but for the past hour I had noticed her gravitating towards me.

Like I could shield her from having to constantly interact with everyone. Brax and Amanda have been nonstop chatting in our heads, it was good, but I could see it was taking a toll on Reika. She wasn’t used to her head being filled with chatter, so when she claimed she was getting a headache, I shoved Brax out forcing him to the back, to give her a break from her wolf and mine.

“Sit back buddy,” I tell Titus as I clip him in his car seat. He instantly started trying to pull his arms out of the harness.

“Lana he won’t keep his arms in,” I tell her as she fiddles with Amelia’s car seat across from me.

“Pull the strap to tighten them,” she says pointing to the strap between his kicking legs. I pull it, tightening the straps and secure it. I k!ss his little head before shutting the door. My mother gives me a quick hug before giving Reika and the boys one, then hopping in her car.

Walking over to Reika, I pull her to me, draping my arm across her shoulders and k!ssing her cheek. We watch them leave and the boys run straight inside heading for their video games.

“You better have cleaned that bathroom,” I called after them.

“We did earlier,” Ace calls back.

“I’ll be checking,” I tell them before dragging Reika inside.

“Are you hungry?” I ask her but she shakes her head.

“No, I just want to go to bed. I feel funny, I think I ate too much,” she says. It was 6PM and definitely too early for bed but I followed her up the stairs anyway, deciding to shower. I checked the boys bathroom, noting that they had, indeed cleaned the mess they made. Reika wanders into the bedroom when I hear them cursing in their room.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, popping my head in their bedroom.

“Stupid DVD player isn’t working,” Tyson whines.

“Use your Xbox”

“No, I can’t, it is updating,” Tyson says.

“You can take the one out of my office if you want, just put it back when you’re done,” I tell him and Ace jumps off the bed rushing down the hall to my office.

I go into the bedroom and then the bathroom to find Reika sitting in the bottom of the shower, resting her head on her knees. I strip my clothes off before shutting the bathroom door. Getting in the shower I jump when I feel how icy cold the water is.

“I feel funny,” she mumbles.

“The water is freezing,” I tell her and she shrugs, not seeming to mind. I change the temperature.

“I gave up trying to fix the taps,” she says, as I adjust the temperature. Her scent was stronger and I reached down pulling her up and against me, her skin was warmer too. I grab a cloth and start washing her and she leans heavily against me.

“I feel dizzy” she mutters before suddenly going limp, her body slipping between my arms as she collapses.

“Reika?” I panic, grabbing her but she was all floppy. Brax presses forward worriedly.

“What’s wrong with her?” He asks. I picked her up, cutting the water off and draping a towel over her. She was burning up, her skin becoming flushed.

She comes back to, a few seconds later.

“You okay?” I ask her, as I place her on her feet beside the bed. I dry her and she drops on the bed before climbing on it.

“Yeah, just hot,” she says, flopping on the bed na*ked.

“It’s not hot” Brax says when suddenly Tyson’s voice flits through my head.


“What? I am dealing with Reika” I snapped at him.

“Ryker, get in here now! You need to see this,” Tyson says and I roll my eyes before tucking the blanket around her. I grab some shorts, slipping them on, not even having time to dry myself.

“Be in soon,” I tell him before placing my hand on Reika’s head.

“I will get you a bottle of water,” I tell her she nods before kicking the blanket off.

Walking out, I shut the door and walk to Ace and Tyson’s room. “What? Reika is sick, so this better be good,” I tell them when Ace points to the screen of the TV.

“Why are you watching this?” I snap at them seeing the video of Lucy playing.

“It was in the DVD Player, and we were curious. But watch,” They say.

“I already seen it, turn it off before Reika sees it”

“Ryker f*cking watch it!” Tyson snaps, and I was surprised to feel a bit of his aura slip out of him. Weaker then mine, but definitely present. I turn facing the screen not wanting to watch it again. It was sickening. I could see her dead on the screen, her spine sticking out through her ch3st cavity. I go to snatch the cord out of the wall when Tyson grabs my arm stopping me.

“No! Wait,” he says pointing to the TV. I stare at it, annoyed they were making me watch it when suddenly her dead body moves.

“Did you see it?” Tyson says and I nod. Her fingers twitched. I snatched the remote from his hand, rewinding it making sure I didn’t imagine it.

But sure enough, Lucy’s fingers twitch. I look at the boys who had their eyes glued to the screen. I fast forward but nothing happens. I pressed play and she still laid dead on the floor after an hour skipped.

“Must have been a muscle twitch or nerve” I say pointing the remote at it, to turn it off when I stop. Lucy’s back arches, and she starts healing. Her spine going back into her ch3st, her broken bones mending right before our eyes. She suddenly takes a deep breath and I hold mine looking at the boys, who turn to look at me in shock too. Lucy suddenly sits up looking around perfectly fine.

The man Reika killed, Lucy’s father walks in. She stares at him oddly when I see her fangs protruding. He examines her face before pulling a recorder from his pocket and speaking into it.

“Patient Lucy, failed the shift, pronounced dead and no signs of wolf being present. Lycan side deceased, experiment failed. Vampire genes active, and the experiment no longer viable, just a standard hybrid mutation,” he says into the recorder. I watch as he marks her deceased on some paperwork.

Another man walks in and he looks up. Lucy also stares at him when the man hands her a blood bag. Lucy eyes going straight to it and she growls. He hands her the bag and she tears into it with her fangs. Her father brushes her hair back behind her ears.

“I had high hopes for you,” he says to her.

“What now?” The new man, with red hair and red beard wearing a lab coat asks..

“She is no good to us now. She is a normal hybrid, just put her with the other kids,” The man says. We watch Lucy for a bit when the man escorts her out, taking her somewhere, the film cutting off again.

“She is alive,” Tyson says.

“We don’t know that, and don’t tell Reika till we find that facility. I don’t want to get her hopes up. Destroy that disk,” I tell them and they both nod.

“Dad?” I mindlink him and he answers straight away.

“What son?”

“Any news on the children’s facility?”

“No, nothing yet. I will let you know once we find it”

“Double the search parties,” I tell him.

“Ryker, they are already doubled. Our men are dead on their feet”

“I don’t care! We need to find it now!”

“Why? What’s happened?” He says.

“I think she is alive. We have reason to believe he lied, she isn’t dead”

“Who isn’t?”

“Lucy dad! Now find that facility!” I tell him and he goes quiet.

“Are you sure?”

“Fairly sure,” I tell him.

“We will find it. I will get everyone out looking,” he says, and I cut the link.

Tyson was breaking the disc into tiny pieces and dumped it in the trash.

“Not a word till we know for sure,” I tell them and they agree but I could see they were excitedly hopeful.

Walking out, I go grab some bottled water for Reika from downstairs. My mind consumed with Lucy, “Brax, you can’t tell Amanda,” I tell him as I walk up the steps.

“I know and I won’t. It will kill her if we get their hopes up only for her to be dead” Brax says and I shove him out walking into the bedroom. Reika was panting, her skin flushed as she wriggled on the bed. Her scent was so strong it nearly knocked me over.

I climb on the bed and touch her arm, and she m*ans her eyes flying open as she looks at me. She makes a strange noise before climbing on me, her skin burning as she laid on me, goosebumps covering every inch of her na*ked body. She k!sses me, a strangled m*an leaving her l!ps and she purrs, her ch3st vibrating against mine.

Realization suddenly hits me. Reika is in heat!

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