Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 78

I growl and his grip loosens but he doesn’t let go.

“What’s going on?” I demand. Amanda comes forward and pressing against my skin.

“I can’t tell you,” Ryker answers.

“Fine then! I will ask Tim.” I tell him and Drake’s hands tighten on my arms.

“Let go or lose them.” I tell him, looking over my shoulder. He doesn’t and I growl at him about to turn when Ryker speaks.

“We think Lucy is alive,” he says, making my head whip back around to him.

“What?” I stammer out, he doesn’t say anything and I step down a step.

“I didn’t want to get your hopes up in case she isn’t alive,” Ryker says grabbing my arms and Drake lets me go.

“But, there is a chance,” I ask, feeling my eyes blur with unshed tears. Ryker nods and I look over his shoulder.

“Move!” I tell him,

“Reika just go upstairs, I will deal with it.”

“So he told you where the facility is?” Ryker sighs, shaking his head.

“You kill him we may never know. We can’t find any traces of it existing. Tim is our only lead,” he says.

“Move!” I warn him but he doesn’t.

“What are you going to do?” He asks and I look at him.

“There is no colder feeling than death,” I tell him before shoving past him.

“Reika!” Ryker growls lunging at me but I spin around letting Amanda forward. My hands hit his chest, sending him flying backwards. White fur growing up my arms and I feel my canines protruding. Ryker crashes backwards into Drake knocking them both to the ground.

I see Tim sitting in the chair, a c*cky grin on his face. “46! Lovely to see you again,” He taunts but I don’t acknowledge his words, instead kicking him in the chest knocking his chair backwards. He grunts at the impact, the air leaving his lungs. And I jumped on him.

“You need me,” He laughs.

“No. I just need you to speak,” I tell him.

“Goodluck with that. Your Alpha couldn’t get a word from me, what makes you think I will tell you anything? ” He laughs.

“Because I’m not afraid to kill you,” I told him before punching my fist through his chest. He chokes as I feel my hand go through his ribs and sternum. Feel his lungs graze my fingertips before I feel his heart beating in my hand as I wrap my fingers around it.

“Reika!” Ryker screams, rushing over and seeing my hand in his chest.

“You will kill him.”

“He either speaks or dies. I am done being kept in the dark.”

“You kill him, we won’t know where she is,” Ryker tries to reason.

“And he doesn’t speak, we won’t know either!” I snapped at him. Tim chokes, coughing and I put pressure on his heart. Ryker stands gripping his hair.

“You can heal anything but not a missing heart,” I tell him as he sputters, blood pouring from his l!ps. I could feel his lungs filling with blood as his heart beat frantically in my hand.

“The pound,” He chokes out, Ryker looks down at him.

“We checked the pound,” Ryker tells him. I squeeze, his beating heart slowing and he gasps, his face twisting in pain.

“Underneath it. There is a bunker.”

“Which one?” Tate says, stepping forward.

“Where she is from. We needed her daughter close. All of them close, to get them to comply,” He chokes out and Ryker nods to me, and I let go. Carefully pulling my hand from his chest and he coughs before Ryker bites his wrist, forcing his blood down his throat. His chest closes as he tries to catch his breath. I push off him standing.

“How did we miss that?” Ryker says looking at Tate and Drake. Tim coughs looking at me.

“The floor in Lucy’s cell, the bed covers it. Push it aside and it opens to stairs leading underground.” Tim tells him before he turns his head to the side and lets the blood drain from his mouth.

“If you are lying, I am giving you too Amanda. And you and I both know there will be nothing left of you when she is done,” I tell him before walking out of the cell.

“Reika, wait!” I hear Ryker yell after me as I climb the stairs.

“Reika, wait!” Ryker says running up the stairs before grabbing my arm, I spin around facing him and he takes a step back. “You knew she could be alive and kept it from me.”

“I didn’t want to get your hopes up. There is a chance she isn’t alive.”

“I don’t care! You had no right to keep that from me.” I tell him just as I see Tate and Drake start walking up the steps toward us. I move into the foyer to let them pass. Tate and Drake walking over to Jacob before looking at Ryker. “I will gather some men and we will head out there.”

“Ring Aamon and get him to meet us there,” Ryker says looking at Jacob who nods, pulling his phone from his pocket. I step past them going back upstairs to get changed into my own clothes. Ryker followed me into the room. I walk into the walk in, grabbing some tights and a shirt. I strip my clothes off, replacing Tysons’ with mine. Ryker grabs a shirt pulling it over his head just as I go to walk out.

“Reika, wait. Just stay here,” Ryker says, grabbing my arm.

“No. I am going to get my daughter.” I tell him before shaking his arm off and walking back out.

Tate was still in the foyer, Drake was gone though.

“I’m not taking you with me!” Ryker yells after me.

“Fine! I will go with Tate.” I tell him just as I reach him. Tate looks over my shoulder at Ryker coming down after me before Tyson and Ace come rushing down the stairs.

“No! You are staying with Reika.” Ryker growls at them but Tyson rolls his eyes at him.

“Our Alpha aura doesn’t work on her. She will leave and follow. Ryker, be reasonable. Let us come, then you will know where she is. Don’t and she will still leave anyway,” Ace tells him.

“So what’s it going to be?” I ask and he growls.

“Fine! Get in the fvcking car! Jacob, watch Tim, and don’t let him out this time.” Ryker says to Jacob who I hadn’t noticed was still in the room.

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