Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 79

Ryker POV

She was livid! I had never felt her anger like this, it was worse knowing it was directed at me. She wanted to hurt me, and I could feel her blood boiling the longer we were in the car. The closer she was to me, the more she seethed. Reaching over I grab her hand but she j*rks it from my grip.

“I was trying to protect you” I mind-link her.

“You had no right to keep it from me,” she says, and I sigh before looking in the rearview mirror Tyson and Ace both staring out the window.

I grab her hand and she j*rks away but I don’t let go, instead placing it on my thigh when she lets her claws out before sinking them into my leg. I let her go, j*rking the car to the side. The car skidded to a stop, the convoy behind me tearing off the road too. Dust flying everywhere and Tyson and Ace j*rking forward in their seats at the sudden stop.

Reika j*rked forward my arm just stopping her from hitting the dash because she took her seatbelt off.

“Get out.” I tell her and she glares at me before tossing her door open. I get out with her. Tate jumped out of one of the cars behind us.

“Woah, woah, what’s going on?” He says running over to us.

“Ask him! He stopped the fvcking car!” she screams before she starts stripping her clothes off and dumping them on the ground to shift.

“No. You won’t listen. I told you why I kept it from you. You want to have it out? Then. fine!” I tell her tugging my shirt off.

“Come on! You’re mad, let’s have it Reika!”

“We haven’t got time for this! My fvcking daughter is out there!”

“And I am not getting back in the car, knowing you want to rip me to pieces!” I yell back at her.

“Fine! I will run there myself.” she says, stripping her tights off. Poor Tate and the others that had got out of the car, all looking to the sky. Not knowing where to look when their Luna was stripping naked on the side of the road, with no care in the world about her nudity.

“Drake, you and the rest head on. We will catch up,” Tate calls to Drake who was standing on the door trim of his truck trying to figure out what’s going on. He nods before using his fingers and whistling. The other four SUV’s followed him toward the pound, just leaving my car and Tate standing on the road.

Tate pulls a packet of smoke from his pocket. “Don’t even ask. Just sort this sh!t out.” he says, lighting it.

Looking over at Reika she was naked but appeared to be arguing with her wolf. I step closer, her head snapping in my direction.

“So what’s it going to be Reika?” I ask her, her eyes glazing over and fur growing on her arms before stopping and I could feel her frustration. Was Amanda refusing to let her shift?

She reaches down, snatching her shirt off the ground.

“Get in the fvcking car, and take me to my daughter!” she growls at me while tugging her shirt on.

“No. Not till you understand”

“I do fvcking understand! You didn’t tell me because you’re a fvcking as*sh0le! She is my daughter Ryker! Mine! Not fvcking yours! You don’t get to decide sh!t for her! Not when it involves her life!” she screams at me. She tugs her pants while hopping on one foot. If she wasn’t so angry I would have found it funny watching her try and put them on.

“This is exactly why I didn’t tell you. Look how worked up you are?”

“Because you fvcking kept it from me! Always hiding everything from me! She is fvcking mine, not yours!”

“No, but you are! You are mine Reika and you think I wasn’t trying to protect you? Like you want to protect her?”

“She is my daughter! It’s fvcking different!” she snaps fur growing on her arms as she tries to shift.

“Let me fvcking shift Amanda! we are wasting time!” she snaps at her wolf but Amanda refuses and she looks at me.

“Get in the car Ryker! So help me god, I will fvcking hurt you!” she growls her eyes blazing and her fangs protrude.

“Kids, seriously! Can this wait? Times a wastin here,,” Tate says.

“I can’t drive wondering if she is going to attack me and force us into a ditch,” I tell him.

“Fine! I will drive, you two get in the back. Tyson, in the front,” Tate says slinging orders before hopping in the driver’s seat.

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