Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 80


“Scissor, paper, rock ya for the front seat,” I tell Tyson as we watch them argue on the side of the road.

Tate jumps in the driver’s seat, “Tyson, front, now!” he commands and I groan, Tyson smirking that he gets to ride up front.

Tate lit another cigarette. “Since when do you smoke?” I ask him, leaning forward in my seat.

“Since this shit show. Seriously, I don’t know how you live with them two,” he says looking out the car window.

“They aren’t always like that,” Tyson tells him and I nod in agreement.

“Ah! Ryker, just get in the fvcking car! Before she beats your ass.” Tate mutters before drawing back on his smoke.

“Does my sister know you smoke?” I ask him.

“Nope. Drake does. One word to her, and I will feed you your own liver,” he says looking over at me in the backseat. I roll my eyes at him. “Bloody Alpha’s” I mutter.

“You are one,” he retorts. Why did we have to get stuck with the grumpy brother-in-law? Drake was way cooler.

“Fvck this sh!t!,” Tate says starting the engine before leaning across Tyson. Tyson coughing and spluttering as smoke goes in his face.

“Ryker bro, get in the fvcking car! I don’t care if you gotta drag her. Just get in! Or I am leaving!” he yells to my brother.

“Pretty sure Reika is wanting to go. It’s Ryker that won’t get in,” I tell him.

Reika walks toward the car, Ryker tries grabbing her arms when she swings at him. Tate whistles low as we watch Ryker’s head snap to the side.

“She got him, good! That would have hurt,” Tate says, a smile lighting up his face and I see Tyson smirk.

“Get in the fvcking car Ryker!” she screams trying to step around him when he gets in the way of her again. This is ridiculous.

“Is he trying to get his ass kicked? I don’t understand,” Tyson says watching out the window.

“I am not sitting in the back with them,” I tell them, about to climb over the seat when both doors suddenly open and they get in. Tate floored it before I could climb over, knocking me back. I fold my arms across my chest squished in between them, while they scream at each other.

“Shit! Glad I didn’t paper, scissors, rock ya for the seat. Would have sucked, if I lost,” Tyson mind links and I kick the back of his chair.

Reika’s so angry white fur was growing up her arms, her canines protruding right next to my face. I lean away from her and she seems to notice me trapped between them.

“Sorry Ace,” she says, and it always amazed me how she never got our names mixed up, even mum did occasionally.

“Just don’t shift, while beside me please,” I tell her.

“Amanda won’t let me!” she says, sounding annoyed.

“Probably pregnant,” Tyson mind links me.

“She can’t be. She would be way too early to tell” I mind link back.

“Her wolf would know, as soon as she conceived. It makes sense. They were going at like rabbits! For a hybrid baby, a week is like a month,” Tyson says.

“How do you know?”

“Been reading about it from the books in the library”

“You been reading about babies”

“Yep! For when I find my mate. And for when we take over lily’s pack”

“You were being serious about that? I thought you were joking. I don’t want to be an Alpha.”

“How can you not want to be an Alpha?” Tyson retorts through the link. I roll my eyes, who wants all that stress, I think cutting the link.

Ryker taps Tate’s shoulder also giving up on their lovers quarrel.

Tate hands him his smokes, and Ryker pulls one out, lighting it and winding the window down.

“Give her one. Fvck give her three! Might calm her down.” Tate says and I glare at him. Ryker offers her one but I push his hand away. “She doesn’t want one,” I tell him just in case Tyson is right.

“What’s it do?” She asks curiously.

“Nothing. Makes you cough your ring up. Just cuddle me, that will calm you,” I tell her leaning on her. She drapes her arm over me, rubbing my bald head. Man, I can’t wait for my hair to grow back! I am as bald as a baby.

“Just in case” I mindlink Tyson.

“Once we get there, make sure we stay with her,” Tyson says and I nod to him as he looks over the backseat at me.

“What are you two talking about?” Tate asks, looking at me in the mirror.

“Nothing bro. Just arguing over seating on the way home,” Tyson answers.

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