Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 86

Avery took the lead heading out of the building, relief flooded me that we found them. Hundreds of hybrid mutation eyes watching us. Fear being the main thing we saw in their eyes. Fear of the unknown.

“What now?” Reika asks, looking at the children all sitting in groups surrounded by our people.

“We take them home,” Avery says, placing her hand on Reika’s shoulder. The gravity of what we had done truly sank in. Freedom is something these kids have never known, and now, they are free. Free to live and grow, the way they should have been able to.

Tyson and Ace lead Reika and Lucy over to the car, while everyone sorts out the kids into groups. Walking around, I was nearly knocked over by a little girl with brown hair, she was around 7 years old, as she ran directly into my path. I went to grab her, thinking she was running off as Elias chased after her, only to see run into the arms of Melana who scooped her up. Crushing her to her. I grab Elias’ arm and shake my head. Melana nods to me and I go around checking everyone.

Avery and Aamon went around counting how many children were rescued. All in all there were 211 children. The sad reality was, that we only rescued half that many women. So there were bound to be plenty of orphans. Now, we just had the hard task of finding who belongs who.

“I have buses on the way to bring them to Avalon City. They will be safe there,” Avery says,

“We lost 8,” Tate says, coming over to me. I nod at his words. Despite their loss, we rescued 211, 8 for that many wasn’t bad at all. Though now Tate had the hard job of alerting their families, as all of them were from his pack.

We loaded all the kids on buses. Avery would take care of them, and send any that couldn’t be placed to the packs for new homes. Looking around, I see Tyson and Ace leaning on the car talking with Reika. Lucy sitting on the boot watching everything going on around her as she yawned sleepily. Making my way over to them, thankfully both boys had managed to rustle up pants.

“I put Danika in the boot,” Ace says, pulling a face. Tyson grabs Lucy off the boot, Reika pushing off the boot reaching for her.

“I’m not taking her away. Just putting her in the car,” Tyson tells her, and she nods watching him place her in the car before coming back over to us.

“Well that’s the last bus,” Aamon says, coming over as I pull Reika to me. She tucks her face into my neck, inhaling my scent. Her tense body relaxes and Aamon chuckles as she sniffs me.

“If you two are going to k!ss again, can you go somewhere else? It nearly made me puke,” Ace says and Reika pulls away and looks at me funny. I shake my head at his words.

“Can’t say it was the worst k!ss of my life. Definitely not the most pleasant,” Aamon chuckles.

“Wait! Who k!ssed who?” Tyson asks looking at Aamon.

“Ryker and Aamon were sharing a moment when they misted into the cell. And we caught them with locked l!ps,” Ace says before shivering in disgust.

“Think I got pash rash. Felt him slip in the tongue too,” Aamon says, making me smack him.

“Fvck off! You k!ssed me!”

“And you liked it! I heard you moan for me.” Aamon says.

“Wait! Why were you k!ssing Aamon?” Reika asks.

“I wasn’t! He needed energy. And unfortunately for me, I was all there was. Can we just pretend it didn’t happen?”

“Fine by me!” Ace says, side eyeing me.

“No. I think I will reminisce on that moment. Was so, sensual, and erotic,” Aamon says. I go to kick him only for him to mist behind me.

“Missed me, lover!” he says.

“Aamon!” I warned him.

“Just playing. No need to get your knickers in a knot. I know you want me! It’s only natural for you to have feelings for me after such a moment,” I rolled my eyes at him just in time for Avery to come over.

“You ready? I want to get back so we can find them somewhere to stay,” Avery asks Aamon. He nods before taking her hand.

“I will be in contact soon. We might need to send some your way,” Avery tells me and I nod. I see the place starting to clear, cars leaving and Ace and Tyson hop in the car. Tate and Drake both say goodbye to Aamon before hopping in their car. Avery walks over and gives Reika a hug. Squeezing her tight and Reika hugs her back before letting her go.

Avery comes over and gives me a quick hug before pulling back.

“Take care of your mate and new daughter. I will be in touch,” she says, rubbing my arms just as Aamon wraps an arm around her getting ready to mist out of here. She lets me go, her eyes sparkling and burning emerald green as she smiles at Reika.

“Oh! And congratulations!” she says.

“For what?” I ask and she nods to Reika.

“On your son,” she says before they both misted back home. Reika was just staring at the space Avery was before looking up at me.

“She is aware Lucy is a girl, right?” She asks and I chuckle, pulling her to me before placing my hand on her stomach. “Our son,” I tell her and she looks at my hand before placing hers over it.

“We are having a son? You impregnated me?” She says, and I can’t help the laugh that leaves my l!ps.

“You truly have a way with words,” I tell her.

“And yes. She means you’re pregnant,” I k!ss her head before resting my chin on her head. Her arms going around my waist when Tyson opens the car door sticking his head out and looking at us.

“Can we go? I am starving!” he says before shutting the door and I sigh letting her go. We walk over to the car and Reika goes to open the back door to hop in with Lucy. Hopping in my seat I see Lucy is fast asleep leaning against Ace, who was asleep with his head on the window. Reika opens the passenger side door climbing in the front, also seeing them asleep.

“She is fine,” I tell her as she looks over at Lucy asleep. Tyson pulls a shirt from his bag tossing it over her arms to keep Lucy warm.

“We won’t let anything happen to her Reika. She is safe in the car,” Tyson tells her yawning. She nods, turning back to the front and I start up the car and we all head home. Tate and Drake honk their horn as they turn off in the opposite direction of us, heading home too.

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