Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 89

Lucy peeked her face over it, giggling and I locked eyes with Tyson and Ace.

“It was Lucy’s idea!” They both say pointing to her.

“Liar! You said we were going to blame it on Ace! It was your idea!” Lucy says, smacking Tyson’s hand away, and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“So it was Tyson?” I ask her and she nods while Tyson looks ready to soil himself.

Tyson darts off toward the kitchen. Just the place I am headed anyway. I hear my bedroom door slam and know Reika is losing her sh!t up stairs about Lucy going to school.

‘She’s probably up there clawing our pillow in a fit of rage. Glad you have to deal with her’ Brax tells me.

‘You better not ditch me, like last time!’

‘FVck that! She lets Amanda out, you on your own.’ Brax tells me, bloody wolf scared of some one who barely reaches our chest.

‘She may be small but she is vicious. I’m not getting involved once the claws come out.’ I roll my eyes at him and head for the kitchen.

“Tyson just come here, stop being a chicken,” I tell him, dropping the bags on the counter.

“No way!” I heard him call out. Bloody idiot, just gave himself away. Walking over to the pantry, I opened it. And he was cowering in the bottom of it, holding the broom like it would save him.

“It was all Ace’s idea, I swear on his Xbox not mine,” he says. I rip the broom away from him and he squeals trying to find an escape.

“Please, pretty please with a cherry on top don’t kill me” he begs and I laugh at petrified face, he tries to run between my legs but I close them around his head.

“And not the hair, it just grew back” he squeals as I reach down and grab him. I toss him over my shoulder while he thrashes trying to escape, damn he was getting heavy.

“Lucy baby come with me, I need your help,” I tell her, marching up the steps. Tyson screaming and thrashing on my shoulder.

“Lucy don’t help him, help me,” Tyson begs and she giggles, skipping up the steps ahead of me and waiting on the landing.

“Traitor, I am not having a tea party with you now,” Tyson tells her. I walk toward the bathroom and Tyson grips the door frame and I have to pry his fingers off before turning him upside down. As soon as I walk toward the toilet he starts screaming the noise is high pitched and makes my ears ring

“Take the hair, take the hair, no it has skiddies” he screams, his hands clinging to the toilet bowl trying to stop his head from going in. I dunk his head in it.

“Lucy be a dear and flush the toilet for daddy”

“Lucy don’t do it, don’t listen to him you love me more,” Tyson screams before his words are cut off by her flushing the toilet.

She giggles, and I let him go. He falls awkwardly to the floor stuck between the toilet and the wall. Ace laughs from the doorway and he gives Lucy a high five on her way out.

Tyson was dry retching in the toilet bowl. Serve him right the little sh!t.

” If it makes you feel any better, that skid mark was mine,” Ace tells him and Tyson growls at him before throwing up. I scoop Lucy up, giving her a cuddle. “Guess what?”

“What?” She asks.

“You get to go to school tomorrow,” I tell her. Her little eyes light up.

“Really, mum said yes”

“No, but I did, I will deal with your mother,” I tell her, k!ssing her cheek. She wraps her tiny arms around my neck.

“She is really going,” Ace asks me through the mindlink and I nod.

“Yes, I wouldn’t have said she is if she wasn’t”


“Not happy but she is enrolled and going”

“We can pick her up and drop her off, we can just walk to school from hers,” Ace says.

“You sure?” I ask him.

“Yep,” he says, holding his arms out wanting to take her, the boys for the most part had settled right down, and the bond they share with Lucy was quite strange, they are almost drawn to her. I dread when they find their mates because I don’t think Lucy will like not having their constant attention.

“Can you watch her for me, I have something to take care of” he nods and I head for the basement.

“Tea party?” She asks him as we walk downstairs..

“Ah okay, but we are having the strawberry cookies, I hate chocolate ones,” Ace tells her as they walk off toward the kitchen.

I lock the basement door behind me before walking into the cell. Danika’s skull sat beside him on the steel table.

“Did you sleep well?” I ask him. He groans, his eyes fluttering open.

“Please kill me,” he begs.

“Well today is your lucky day, because death I shall grant,” I tell him, smacking his chest before pulling on some gloves.

“Want to share one last k!ss with your beloved wife” I ask, picking up her skull and clanging her teeth together. He starts sobbing. “Please just kill me, are you really that fvcked in the head to keep me alive. There is nothing left to cut off. I have no fvcking legs or arms you’re a twisted prick”

“I can go if you want, we can do this tomorrow, damn maybe next week I can schedule you in,” I tell him, about to take off the gloves.

“No, no please” I turned back to him.

“I will miss our chats, it was knowing you we have shared some good times,” I tell him looking down at him, he was just a torso and head now, amazing what a werewolf body can endure. Honestly I was amazed at what he has been able to endure and survive, amazed at myself for not becoming bored and killing him.

“But luckily for you, I have a hormonal pregnant mate upstairs who wants you dead, so you know the saying, happy wife happy life,” I tell him before putting my hand through his chest, he chokes gurgling on his blood before I pull his heart from his chest, the life draining out of him before turning grey. I sigh now, what would I do with my spare time?

‘You could always go cook those squash and beg for forgiveness, I don’t want to die in my sleep’ Brax tells me and I roll my eyes at him.

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