Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 9

“Pups,” My mate says rushing toward them. I j**k her back by the chain and she falls on her a*s at my feet.

“Stay away from them,” I tell her, pulling her into the living room away from them. I shove her on the couch and she looks at her hands.

“I don’t think she wants to hurt them,” Brax tells me.

“Not a chance I am willing to take,” I retorted and he nodded, pressing forward to look at her.

Turning, I walk into the kitchen. Lana glares at me and is still pissed off at me.

“Where are the scissors,” I ask her and she grabs them from the drawer before shoving them at me. I grip her wrist and yank her to me.

“If you have something to say Lana spit it out, I am over your attitude,” I tell her. She looks at my mate sitting in the living room.

“She needs to eat,” Lana says, pulling her arm away and glaring at me. I walk back into the living room, my mate’s eyes darted to the scissors in my hand and she goes to get up. She looks around frantically before trying to dart past me and I grip her hair pulling her back. She cries out while clutching her hands in her hair.

I sit on the couch forcing her to step back or risk me ripping her hair out.

“Stay still,” I tell her. I move my hand down to the center of her back before grabbing her hair and cutting it off to the center of her back.

“Who the h**l lets their hair get that long?” I told her holding up her hair I just chopped off, which was as long as my arm and that was only half of it. She pats her hair before looking at what’s in my hand.

“You know you could have asked to cut it, you didn’t have to be so rough Ryker,” Lana comments from the kitchen.

“Well she isn’t exactly compliant Lana,”. Lana walks over to her and my mate steps back away from her, I j**k her down beside me making her sit, ignoring Lana’s glare. I hand Lana her hair.

“Could make a wig, it’s that long,” Lana muses before putting it in the bin.

“Pick a name, I am not calling you 46, what does that even mean?” I ask turning to look at her. Her eyes glaze over and I know she is communicating with her wolf.

“My wolf says we need to leave, we have to find the Hybrid Queen or they will make us come home,” she says.

“You make no sense, you are safe here,” I tell her and she looks at me.

“Safe?” She says.

“Yes, no place is safer than by my side, now you need to tell me which pack you are from, where your human friends are, tell me what I need to know and I may let you live. You don’t, things will end badly for you,” I tell her.

“I don’t have a pack, Alpha said our place is with him.”

“If you have an alpha you are part of a pack,” I deadpan, how does she not know how the hierarchy works. She shakes her head.

“No pack just family.”

“A pack is a family, so you have Alpha bl00d?” I ask her which would explain why she can resist my commands partially. Though she would be the first Alpha that has.

“No, I have my Alpha’s genes.”

“Okay, who is your Alpha then?” I ask her.

“Alpha is Alpha,” She states.

“No his real name,” I ask becoming annoyed, was she retarded, not the full quid.

Lana walks out handing her some toast placing the plate on her lap, she stares at it before picking a piece up. I watch as she sniffs it before placing it down and staring at it. I look at

Lana shrugs and is also confused by her weird actions.

“Okay let’s try easier questions while you eat,” I tell her, pointing to the plate. Lana walks out handing me some peanut bu*tter toast. My mate watches as I tear off the piece before doing the same. Only she makes a face before spitting it out onto the plate and pulls a face as she tries to remove the taste from her tongue.

“You don’t like toast?”

“Toast dry,” She answers simply.

“What do you know? Do you know what mates are? Yet you don’t have a pack?” I ask.

“Mates are bad, they k**l the mates,” she says.

“K**l the mates?”

“Yes they k**l you too,” she says, and I growl at her threat making her jump.

“Your Alpha kills the mates?” I ask her and she shakes her head.

“No the others do, Alpha has been gone a long time now, Alpha was nice I miss my Alpha.”

“Do you know where you lived then?”

She shakes her head fiddling with the toast but not eating it. Tate comes out and sits across from her, on the armchair.

“What do you know then?”

” I know they will be looking for me,” she says.

“And why is that”

“To see if I completed my task”

“What happens if you don’t complete your task?”

“I d*e,” She says just as Lana comes out sipping on a bl00d bag. My mate’s eyes follow her.

“You hybrid too?” She asks.

“Too? You can’t tell the difference by our scents?” I ask her and her head wh!ps to the side.

“You smell like me, she smells different she smells like them”


“Her mates,” she says. Lana did smell like them because they marked her and she fed off them but I haven’t marked her so I didn’t understand why she thinks I smell like her.

Lana stares at her curiously moving closer, before holding the bag out to her. My mates sniffed it.

“That’s human bl00d, yuck,” she says. But I saw her eyes flicker oddly watching Lana, her eyes calculating when she suddenly lunged at her.

Lana screams and I watch horrified as my mate bites into her neck before Lana shoves her off. A menacing growl escapes her when Tate rushes forward punching my mate and knocking her out. Everything happened so quickly that I was too shocked by what happened to react quickly enough.

“What the f**k Ryker. I want her gone,” Tate yells glaring down at my mate.

Lana cuffs her neck with her hand stemming the bleeding, the bl00d bag she was drinking from spilled onto the carpet staining it red.

“She bit me,” Lana says, shocked as she clutched her neck. Looking over my shoulder I see my mate start to get up off the ground.

Moving toward my mate I grip her arm, ripping her to her feet. She cowers and I could see the swelling from Tate’s hit healing.

Dragging her outside, Lana frantically chases after me despite just being attacked by her.

“Ryker what are you doing, please stop, she is your mate?” She screams clutching onto my arm.

Grabbing the broken chain I wrap it around her neck and Drake rushes over with a padlock locking it in place, the chain much too short for her to be able to yank on it.

She kicks and screams trying to get free of the restraints, Lana screaming at me and Drake and Tate screaming at Lana. Everything becomes overwhelming and I snap, my anger bubbling over when my mate kicks me in the stomach. I punch her, my fist connecting with her face, and Lana gasps behind me, making me look at her. Lana’s hands went over her mouth and I could see tears in her eyes at what I had just done, but I didn’t care.

She needs to know she can’t attack my family and Lana needs to realize not all mates are equal, this thing isn’t mate material and I will be da*mned if I let her hurt anyone else.

Brax howls in my head at her crumpled form lying at our feet while I just glare at her. How dare she attack my sister.

“Make sure she doesn’t get off that f*****g chain,” I told Drake and he nodded. Walking to my car I hop in and speed off, needing to blow off steam before I actually do k**l her. My patience was running thin. And it was becoming more obvious I was going to have to k**l this one too.

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