Alpha King’s Mate Chapter 90

Reika POV

2 months later

I awoke from my day nap on the lounge, my lower back was killing and overall I just felt uncomfortable.

‘Come on, get a swing up’ Amanda tells me as I swing my legs trying to get enough momentum to get up, rolling doesn’t work. I got stuck on the floor for an hour last time, stupid nerve pinching in my as*s.

“You right big momma,” Tyson asks and I growl at him.

“Get over here and help me get my as*s off the couch please”

“Where is Lucy?” I ask as he walks over to me.

“With Ace playing video games,” he says, holding his hands out to me. I clutch them making sure to maneuver my skirt so I don’t tread on it.

“Ready,” Tyson asks and I nod.

“1..2…3,” he says before heaving me to my feet just as I feel my feet get wet.

Tyson jumps back, “aw man you just peed on me,” he says, shaking head before he shivers, grossed out.

“Why am I always the one that gets covered in bodily fluids?” he Huff’s.

‘I don’t think that was pee’ Amanda tells me and I look down at the puddle on the floor. Ryker was at the Alpha’s meeting, he had been staying home but couldn’t escape this one meeting. I hope it’s just pee.

“I will get the mop,” Tyson says, wandering off.

I try to walk back to the stairs to go change my clothes. Tyson, walking towards me, stops and groans.

“No, stay still you’re leaving a trail like bloody snail, I am not following you around with a mop, do I look like a janitor?” He asks.

“You look like someone who is about to get smacked,” I warn him.

“Geez bloody hormonal woman, go on then” he mutters, mopping everything up.

I start climbing the stairs having to stop halfway up when pain washes across my abdomen, so sharp it takes my breath away as I clutch the railing.

‘yep baby is on its way’ Amanda says suddenly pacing in my head.

‘What no, Ryker isn’t here’ I breathe, gritting my teeth.

‘our son doesn’t know that’ she says.

More pain ripples through me and I scream being brought to my knees.

“Reika,” Ace says, looking over from the top of the landing.

“Sh*t Reika, Tyson get a hold of Ryker” he yells before racing down to me.

“Come on let’s get you downstairs,” Ace says, grabbing me under the arms and hauling me to my feet.

“Mummy?” Lucy says.

“She is fine, Luce. She is ok,” Ace says, looking up at her. Ace starts walking me down the stairs.

“Ryker is on his way,” Tyson says rushing up the stairs toward us when I drop, contractions starting again. I land backwards on Ace clutching his legs.

“Just breathe Reika,” Tyson says, looking at his phone.

Ace holds his hand out while I breath through the pain only for it to get worse. I grab his hand and squeeze his leg.

“Breathe Reika, breathe through it,” Ace says. I start panting and Tyson raises an eyebrow at me trapped on the floor. “What are you doing?” I ask when the pain subsides, letting me catch my breath.

“YouTube seeing how to deliver a baby, doc is a few hours away best be prepared just in case,” Tyson says.

I glare at him before feeling another come on. “Damn they are close,” Tyson says and I grip Ace clenching my teeth when Ace makes a strangled noise behind me.

“That’s not my hand” he chokes out, the noise leaving him sounding quite pained.

“Just breathe Ace” I scream through gritted teeth.

“My nuts,” he squeaks, he sounded like a mouse.

Ace slapping my hand squealing. The contraction leaves Lucy frightened and she comes down the stairs.

“We need to get her up, before I lose the other nut,” Ace says.

“Sorry” I gasped seeing where my hand grabbed him as I writhed in pain.

“Ryker is 30ks out,” Tyson says, gripping my hands to pull me up.

“Nope, nope, I’m not moving” I snap as another contraction ripples through me. I hear Tyson trying to soothe Lucy who was watching frightened but I was in too much pain to console her.

“Argh I need to push” I grit out through clench teeth, as the sudden urge to go to the toilet rolls over me making me grunt.

“You need to check her,” Ace says.

“Check her for what, I am not looking down there,” Tyson says looking disgusted.

“Tyson bloody look,” Ace demands. Tyson shoves my skirt up over my knees.

“Ah she has no underwear on,” Tyson shrieks, jumping back.

“But can you see anything,” Ace asks w hen I suddenly feel the urge to push again.

“What am I looking for? I am not a midwife,” Tyson says, looking between my legs and rubbing his chin as I push.

“I see, I see” he suddenly goes pale before passing out.

“Oh for frig sake,” Ace says frustrated.

The urge dies down and I can catch my breath. “Reika, try to sit up, Lucy grab some pillows for her back,” Ace says and Lucy runs off before returning with some cushions. I was drenched in sweat, my clothes sticking to me. Ace jams the cushions behind my back when the front door bursts open.

I look up m0aning in pain to see Jacob rush in. “Oh fvck, what do we do,. What do we do?” Jacob panics.

“Language, what is wrong with you?”

“I can see her vag!na” Jacob says and I roll my eyes at him.

“Lucy, grab some towels,” Ace says, climbing out from behind me before moving in front between my legs.

“You know what you’re doing right?” Jacob asks him.

“Can’t be that hard just gotta catch right?”

“I feel another contraction coming on” I breathe out, my entire body clenching as I need to push again.

“Oh my god you catch,” Ace says, stepping away.

‘one of them better catch or I’m putting my claws in someone’s as*s’ Amanda says making me laugh.

‘don’t make me laugh, it hurts’ I tell her.

“You catch,” Jacob says, pushing him back.

“You’re older,” Ace says just as I push again.

“There’s no coming back from that” I hear Jacob say, making me growl at him as I push down with a loud groan.

“I think I see, hair. I see hair,” Ace says excitedly before I see his eyes roll in the back of his head and he goes down like Tyson. Jacob shrieks, pulling him away.

‘2 idiots down 1 to go’ Amanda mutters.

“See this is why I am gay” Jacob mutters to himself.

“You can do this”

“Are you telling me or yourself?” I scream before another contraction comes on, making me want to push again.

Lucy comes down with towels. “Can you see anything” I breathe panting.

“Not looking, just catching,” Jacob says when Lucy pushes him away.

“Let me look,” she says.

“I can see the top of his head mum, keep pushing,” she says, her little eyes staring between my legs and I take a deep breath and push.

Her eyes lighting up while I turn purple faced with pushing, yet nothing happens but a burning sensation.

“Don’t stop,” she says but I shake my head, ” I can’t , I can’t,” I tell her trying to catch my breath. I wipe my hands on the steps, sweat running off me everywhere.

The urge and contractions coming back just as the door opens again but I am already pushing, my eyes clenched tight as I press my chin to my che3st.

“Keep going, keep going” Lucy squeals. Her voice was rising higher. When Ryker’s scent wafts to me. And I take a deep breath before pushing again.

“That’s it” I hear Ryker’s voice before I feel burning pain before I feel his head slide out and I gasp su*cking in much needed air and as I catch my breath.

Opening my eyes, I see Ryker and he leans over pecking my l!ps, his hand between my legs, holding his head.

Lucy between my legs still.

“Wanna catch your brother,” Ryker asks, looking down at her and she nods excitedly.

Ryker sits back and I feel another contraction coming on.

“Hands here Lucy,” Ryker tells her just as I push, I feel his shoulders slip out before he floods out in a rush, Ryker and Lucy catching him and I sigh with relief. Ryker wipes him with a towel and I look down before hearing his cry ring out loudly through the house. The sound of new life.

Lucy had him cradle in her lap, her little hands under his body while Ryker had his small head in his hand while he wiped him with the towel.

“You did it mum” she sobs and Ryker k!sses her head.

“Here, I will wrap him up,” Ryker says, taking him from her and using the towel to wrap him in. He places him on my ch3st and Lucy comes over looking down at her new brother adoringly as she holds his fingers. Ryker k!sses my l!ps also looking down at our new addition in our arms.

“Welcome to the world Rayan,” Ryker whispers.

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