Alpha King’s Mate: Epilogue

Lucy POV

Getting out of the car, my mother was going to kill me. After nearly 5 years and only coming home on holiday breaks I had finally pushed too many buttons and they kicked me out of school.

My father sent Jacob to get me from Avalon City, a lot of us mutations had trouble fitting in with Pack wolves so Avery and Aamon opened up a boarding school for us, most of us were more comfortable around our own kind, yet I couldn’t even see it out, another thing I failed at. I only had three more months and I would be 18 and finished with school. She was going to kill me especially after all the begging and pleading it took for her to let me go, only for me to fail.

“Best get it over with Lucy, the longer you hold out the worse it will get” Jacob tells me before shutting my door and pushing me toward the front door. I looked up at the packhouse which is also my home, yet the thought of facing her had me wanting to run. I see the front door open and chicken out. “Nope, catch you later Jacob” I shrieked before taking off.

“You gotta come home sometime Lucy can’t run from me forever” I hear my mother yell to me as I dart off.

“Just let her go Jacob, I will deal with her when she gets home” I heard my mother call to Jacob as he tried to catch me.

Yep, I am not coming home, I thought to myself. Breaking through the tree line, I head to my safe place, my home away from home. Tyson and Ace, they are always on my side and I may just play on that a little. It took me twenty minutes before I hit the border of their pack as I raced through the forest.

Crossing over it, three wolves jump out blocking me, always watching the borders there is no sneaking in around here. I am yet to successfully sneak onto the territory. Ace and Tyson had the place locked down like fort Knox.

One of the wolves shifts back the grey one with a white ear and I look up and recognize him instantly as one of their Beta’s. Tyson and Ace have two being there are two Alpha’s of this pack.

“Lucy, your back,” Chris says, a little shocked. Obviously my father hadn’t told anyone about my return, probably in case mum murdered me, good thinking dad! Chris was taller than me, then again most were, thanks to mum for the short genes! When mum got hit with the short stick the fates must have thought it funny to whack me with the whole damn tree, I think to myself. Chris covers himself with his hand and I raise an eyebrow at him. His long dark hair falling loosely down his back.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, where is Tyson and Ace?” I ask him.

“Packhouse” I go to step around them when Chris steps in my way blocking me. I look up at the huge burly man and fold my arms across my chest and he smirks. “Always up to mischief, it is going to get you in trouble one day,” He smirks.

“Ha me? I’m not trouble but if you don’t move Chris trouble may find you,” I tease.

“Maybe a phone call would be good first Lucy, they didn’t realize you would be back,” he says crossing his arms across his chest while my eyes dart down. He quickly realizes his mistake before dropping his hands to cover himself again and I chuckle at him as his face heats. He was around Tyson and Ace’s age but I could tell I was making him uncomfortable.

“Since when do I need to call ahead, move Chris,” I tell him and he sighs motioning to the other two to get out of my way. They followed me to the packhouse.

“I know where they live, you don’t need to follow me Chris”

“I know just making sure you don’t go off anywhere else, we’ve been having issues with Alpha Jamie,” he says, and I turn around to face him.

“Alpha Jamie, since when is that anything new?” He shrugs and I look back up at the Pack house before turning to tell him to go only to find him gone already with the other two Wolves. I walk up the porch steps before hearing a moaning sound.

Looking out at the driveway, I see Melana red Suzuki swift and roll my eyes. I knew it shouldn’t irk me but it does. Melana has been on and off with Ace for years now, I used to be friends with her but I couldn’t stand the woman now.

She is Josey’s sister, who was my friend still but Melana was also 5 years older than me and the same age as Ace and Tyson. Jumping off the porch, I walk around the side of the house stopping at Ace’s window. His curtain was wide open and I could see the bitch jumping up and down on him like he was a pogo stick. I duck down when she looks toward the window. Covering my mouth as I snickered. Walking out back, I go to the shed looking around, my eyes lighting up when I see brake fluid on the shelf.

Grabbing it, I also find some white paint and grab that too. Fine she won’t leave, I will make her. I think to myself as I walk back to the front yard. I tip the brake fluid on her car, squirting it on her paint knowing it will destroy it and eat the paint away. I toss the bottle before grabbing the tin of white paint and walk up the porch steps while undoing the lid with my claws. The front door suddenly opens and I hide the tin behind my back. Tyson stopped in his tracks when he saw me. A look of confusion crossing his gorgeous face

“Lucy?” He seems shocked but damn does he smell good. They have always smelt nice but his scent was mouth watering good, and so much stronger then I remembered. I hadn’t seen them since last Christmas so it had been a good 8 months, but damn he looked better than ever.

“You’re back,” he says before I hear Melana moan loudly and the sound really gets on my nerves making me growl. Tyson looks over his shoulder at the door before turning back to me.

“Lucy, are you going to answer me,” Tyson asks before reaching for me. I step back and his eyes dart to my arm behind my back.

“Hand it over, what have you got?” He scolds.

“Nothing” I lie when he jerks me toward him with my shirt.

“Lucy! Why do you have paint?”

“Decorating” I snorted trying to hide my laugh when he looked over my shoulder.

“What have you done?”

“Nothing yet,” I tell him. Damn he smells good, I step closer inhaling his scent and he stiffens, his entire body goes tense, what is up with him?

“You smell different,” I tell him when suddenly Melana moans out again, the sound sounded more like a war cry and she was about to go into battle. Yet for some reason I wanted to claw the bitches eyes from her skull and feed them to her. I shove past him and into the house, Tyson hot on my heels, he grabs my arm just as I reach Ace’s bedroom door, sparks rush over my skin and he jerks his hand away when I gasp. Looking at me oddly and I see his eyes flicker to that of Tyrant, his wolf.

I was about to ask if he was alright when Melana just had to cry out again and I tossed the door open, getting a good grip on the tin and chucking the paint over her, also covering Ace in the process. She shrieks.

“What the fvck,” Ace booms and I dart off shoving the paint tin in Tyson’s hands laughing as I take off. Bloody bitch. I think to myself as I dart out of the pack house.

I hear Ace snap at Tyson. “What the fvck bro,” Tyson doesn’t answer and I rush out the back to the shed.

Sitting in the shed, I hide behind one the cars, and snicker when I hear Melana cussing Ace and Tyson out before she gets in her car, dust and dirt spraying everywhere as she tears out of the driveway.

“Lucy, come here now,” I hear Ace yell out to me and I press myself against his car, refusing to come out when I hear footsteps approaching the shed. I hear them both walk around the car and quickly crawl to the other side only to see bare feet stop next to my face. I jump back scrambling backwards on my hands when I look up and see Ace, covered in white paint, coating his muscled chest and abs wearing a pair of shorts, his v-line slipping beneath the waistband, I shake my head realizing I was checking him out before I shrink under his pissed off glare and start moving backwards. My hands hit something and I feel shoes under my hands making me look up and see Tyson now behind me.

“Explain yourself,” Ace says, drawing my attention back to him. He folds his arms across his chest making him even more imposing though I knew they would never hurt me, I suddenly felt guilty before I slapped that feeling away. FVck Melana!

“She was all over you,” I spit at him and he raised an eyebrow at me, his eyes darting to Tyson behind me.

“And that bothers you why?” He asks. I thought about what he said, yet couldn’t explain why it ticked me off, but I suddenly didn’t want her near him.

“I don’t know,” I answer lamely and he crouches down in front of me.

“You don’t know? so you just tossed paint on her because you don’t know?” He asks.

“I also put brake fluid on her car,” I announce and he growls before looking up at Tyson.

Ace sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Why are you home, you don’t finish for a few more months,” Ace asks.

“No reason just stopping by,” I lied.

“What did you do, Lucy,” Tyson asks, making me look up at him where I was practically sitting on his feet.

“I may or may not have blown up the science lab.”

“You may or may not have, exactly how does that work,” Tyson asks.

“Innocent till proven guilty,” I tell him.

“So you will be found guilty, I take it,” Ace asks and I look back at him.

“You always assume the worst of me,” I tell him.

“So you didn’t do it then?” He asks and I press my l!ps in a line to try to hide my smile.

“Well I didn’t say that,” I tell him and he shakes his head laughing softly. “Of course you did it,” He mutters.

“What can I say I was taught by the best,” I tell him and he smirks.

“Not even we blew up a science class, come on we should take you home,” Ace says standing up. I shake my head, nope not going, mum was out for blood and mine in particular, the bill was huge.

“Lucy up now,” Tyson says, nudging me with my foot. I roll my eyes, getting to my feet before trying to run and escape. Ace’s arms wrapping around my waist jerking me back as I shoved past him.

“Not so fast trouble, you are going home,” Ace says, his breath fanning my face and I lean into him, gosh he smells just as good as Tyson, did they start wearing different cologne, it was mouth watering. Sparks rushing across my abdomen where his arms lay and I shiver at the sensation.

“Does your mother know you are here,” Ace asks, walking us out of the shed while I try to escape his arms.

“Probably I have nowhere else to go,” I tell him before dropping my weight and going limp, sliding out of his grip. I crawl off trying to get to my feet. Only to be yanked upright and tossed over his shoulder.

“Lucy, you need to go home and we need to speak to my brother and your mother, we weren’t expecting you back this early,” Ace says.

“Wait, you’re dobbing on me, I confessed under the confidence you wouldn’t tell her, I was guilty,” I tell him, smacking his back before sinking my teeth into his side.

“Argh, fvck Lucy you cannibal,” He shrieks before his hand slams down on my ass, I squirm rubbing my butt.

“That fvcking hurt,” I shriek, my ass felt like it was branded.

“So did you biting me,” He growls and I hear Tyson laugh, making me look up and see him following behind us.

“We aren’t dobbing on you, but it is about time we spoke to her about something, believe me what we have to say to her will make her forget about anything you did at school,” Ace says.

“Doubt it, mum already got the damage bill,” I tell him and Tyson sighs. “Lucy! How much was it.”

“A little over 20k,” I tell him and he pinches the bridge of his nose before letting out a breath.

“Fine, I will take care of it, but you need to behave when you go back.”

“Can’t, they expelled me,” Ace growls his arm across my thighs tightening.

“Wait, what do you need to speak to mum about?” I ask curiously.

“Nothing you need to worry about right now, you’ll figure it out I am sure,” Tyson says.

Ace walks up the steps of the porch before walking inside and dumping me on the lounge.

“Stay, and try not to break anything, or blow it up,” Ace says, wandering off and into the bathroom.

“I will get you a shirt now that yours is covered in paint,” Tyson says, also walking down the hall. I get up wandering around looking at the photos on the wall. Most were family photos when I stopped noticing a wall that was just of me growing up with them. We had always been close, but now things felt different, they felt different.

“Here,” Tyson says, coming back into the room and handing me one of his shirts. I pull mine off tossing at him before pulling his shirt on. I sniffed it and it smelt like him.

“Geez Lucy you don’t just strip off,” Tyson growls looking away.

“What, it’s no different than seeing me in a bikini,” I tell him, not understanding his issue. He shakes his head.

“Did you guys change cologne?” I ask him, sniffing his shirt and he looks at me.

“We smell different to you?” He asks and I nod.

“Yeah your scent is heaps stronger, you also zapped me earlier,” I tell him remembering the weird sensation that rushed over my skin when he touched me. He says nothing but appears to be thinking about something.

Ace comes out fully dressed a few minutes later after showering.

“Come on, you need to face her sooner or later, better with us with you,” Ace says, gripping my elbow and pulling me toward the door.

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