Alphas Possession Chapter 11

I made sure to keep my distance until the day ended and was quick to leave the moment Rhen came out and told me I could, though I knew something was going on with them because when Rhen returned with Leon I heard Thane cursing him out about something he was caught doing. So I was relieved to get out of there, all the t*stosterone-filled anger was starting to affect my baser instincts.

Once out of the building and away from threatening auras filled with their Alpha dominance, I felt myself relax. Not even I had realized how badly they affected me until I was away from them. Yet now what? | still had no place to stay, no money, and my belly rumbled.

Digging through my bag, I pulled out some change and walked to the nearest payphone. I called Brian na dreading the call already. I hadn‘t spoken to her since I left that night after my run–in with the four Alphas who just so happened to be my bosses. The phone almost rings out when she answers.

“Hello?” She asks warily.

“Hey, Bree. It‘s me, Zara,” I hear her sigh..

“Ah, I thought it was a debt collector or telemarketer,” chuckles.

“Nope, just me, I um.. do you think Tal will let me work behind the bar tonight? I could kinda use some cash,” I admit.

“Sure, yes, I will let him know. Head over, and I will find you a uniform,” she says, and I let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, something was going right for me. We bid our goodbyes, and I quickly hung up before rushing to the other side of town to a more seedy part. I come in the back entrance and escape out the back to find the teeny skin–tight little uniform hanging up, waiting for me. Rushing to the staff bathrooms, I change quickly, making sure my mask is secure.

Tal greets me as I enter the bar and nods to me; I feel a little awkward around him now I knew he was related to one of my bosses, yet I got to work. Luckily, the chef I liked was on tonight, and he snuck me some dinner before I handled the 7 PM rush.

Yet I hardly made any tips a measly $7, and the night was quiet since it was a weekday. But once it was nearing 730 PM, I knew I had to leave soon If I wanted to find somewhere to crash. I briefly thought of asking Tal if I could sleep here, but dismissed it since this place ran 24/7, and I didn‘t want to find myself in a vulnerable position by sleeping in one of the VIP Booths.

I was getting ready to clock off and shower in the amenities here when Tal whistled from the landing above. He nodded toward the entrance, and my heart stalled in my chest when I turned and saw Leon waltz on in. I quickly rush toward the back staff area when I hear my name called.

*Z!” Leon called out, and I cringed. F**k! If he finds out who I truly am, I am so screwed. I beeline for the rear doors when Tal suddenly steps into my path, having rushed down the steps.

“He spent most of the day here hoping you would be in?” Tal whispers, and I glance over my shoulder to see Leon chatting with Brianna. It made me wonder if that is what Thane and he argued about earlier.

“You didn‘t tell him who I was, did you?” I whispered.

“Of course not. If I had known you would be directly working for them, I would have taken the beating instead of sending you in there with them, but Leon… he is….”

“Hybrid!” I offer, and Tal sighs.

“He is my cousin. He has an addictive personality.” It was making me wonder how big Leon‘s family is.

“What‘s that got to do with me?” I all but shrieked.

“Blood addiction or blood craze, and you are an Omega.” Tal states like that were supposed to make any sense to me.


“You‘re the forbidden fruit. Thane has one rule with him, no Omegas. It caused quite a stir when Rhen hunted him down earlier and found him here, looking for you,” a shocked gasp leaves me.

“Wait, he waited here all day wanting to feed on me?”

“Yes, so maybe use that to your advantage, Z. You need the money, and tonight was a slow night for you,” he says, and I chew my lip when he grips my wrist dropping $50 in my hand. $57 WOW.

“Did you call him and let him know I was in?” I asked.

“I don‘t remember,” Tal says, feigning innocence. I shake my head, knowing he did. Yet why would he do that? I fold my arms across my chest and pin him with my glare.

“Look, I owe Thane money. Leon said if I let him know when you were in next, he would pay a chunk of the debt,” So that is why he was eager for me to stick around past my normal leaving times.

“You sold me?” I ask incredulously.

“It‘s just blood, virgin Omega blood! It‘s addictive to hybrid, and once he fed on you the other night, he has bombarded me with messages since, but I know he will pay you well to let him.”

“To let him feed on me!” I hissed at him. Tal shrugs, and waves to Leon over my head and I cringe when I feel him coming up behind me.


“Z! Advantage use it,” he says and I swallowed when I felt arms wrap around my waist. Thank god he didn‘t scent me before I had to respray myself with descenter at work.

“Omega,” Leon purred burying his face in my neck, my heart beat erratically, thumping against my ribs painfully. Turning in his arms I push him off me. He chuckles.

“I’ll give you a hundred dollars, just to let me bite you,” Leon says waving it in front of my face, I raise an eyebrow at him and fold my arms.

“Two hundred?” he offers.

“Three! And I am not f**king you,” I snap at him. This felt so degrading, but at three hundred I could book two days in that shitty motel down near work, and buy some food and phone credit while I hunted for an extra job. One thing was clear, I needed options. I can‘t live off fresh air and sunshine, plus I needed more cans of descenter. I just prayed I wouldn‘t run out of suppressants, because those were expensive, nearly $700 for a month‘s supply, and I was running dangerously low, already having to double up and tomorrow I would be going to triple the pills because two did hardly anything today at work, so 3 pills a day morning and night won‘t last me long,

“Deal,” he says, gripping my wrist and ripping me into the closest booth.

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