Alphas Possession Chapter 14: Raidon POV

“Where is Leon?” Thane asks when I sit down and place my plate on the massive hardwood table. God, he has not calmed down since we left work. Not even given a chance to greet him, he’s already up and running a whole interrogation at the dinner table.

I shrug even though I feel I might know where he is. Alright, I’m pretty sure I know where he is, but I don’t want to rat on him. “Where is Rhen?” I ask, trying to distract Thane from the issue with Leon.

We usually eat dinner together every night. No matter how busy each of us is, dinner together is a must. Dinner time is compulsory, so once I look around and see no one but the two of us, I frown. It’s surprising to see the table so unusually empty.

Is Leon really that stupid to skip the one thing Thane always ensures we do every night together? I glance at Thane, who sits across from me and drums his fingers on the edge of his whiskey glass. The muscles in his jaw tense, and if I don’t come up with a way to distract him, the dinner might turn into a disaster even before it begins. I could feel his festering anger, though looking at him. He was a picture of calm beside the tight set of his jaw

Thane clears his throat and focuses on the glass as he explains, “Rhen should be back soon. He called me earlier while I was cooking dinner. He went to pick up some files for me on the new girl.”

Yet, as I stare at him, Thane doesn’t move to eat, and I know he won’t. He won’t until Rhen and Leon arrive. As big and intimidating as Thane is, there are a few things he values and holds close to his heart. One of them is dinner. For outsiders, that might seem silly, but I understand why he’s so adamant about this tradition- it’s the only time of the day we can sit down, talk, and spend quality time together.

He tips the glass to his lips and swallows some caramel-coloured liquid. By the looks of it, I’m almost sure that Thane will kill Leon if he arrives late or misses the dinner.

Thane chewed him out good in the office earlier today. He had a reason, though-Leon tried to lie to his face. Technically, Leon lied, but Thane saw right through his bullshit act. Leon refused to tell Thane where he went, and I’m glad that Thane refused to command us around unless we disobey him outright, which Leon had done.

Yet Thane wouldn’t embarrass Leon at our place of work like that. We had to remain a united front, but Leon is so in for it when he gets home. That much I know, without a doubt.

“Where do you think Leon went today?” Thane suddenly asks and pulls me from my tumultuous thoughts.

I turn my attention to him to see Thane watching me over the rim of his glass. His eyes nearly burn my skin, and the gaze digs deep enough for him to see my soul, pull it out of me, and toss it wherever he wants.

I gulp loudly. Thane maybe my mate, but that doesn’t make him any less terrifying in my eyes. Not that he would ever hurt us, but sometimes, his words are enough to inflict pain worse than anything physical.

It’s the words that bring the most pain and damage to the relationship. We’re still fortunate; not all mates are as understanding in certain aspects as Thane is. Any other dominant man would have dragged Leon in front of us and humiliated him for lying to him.

With those thoughts in mind, I open my mouth, glance at Thane, and instantly snap it shut. This doesn’t seem like the best moment for me to speak up, so perhaps it’s better that I avoid the question. At least for now.

However, my hesitation is not missed by Thane. “Choose your words wisely, Raidon. You know I detest liars, and Leon is in enough trouble when he returns. So, unless you want to be punished along with him, I suggest you speak truthfully,” Thane warns me in a low, threatening tone.

I sure as shit don’t want to be Leon when he gets home.

The thing is that all of us are alphas. We are destined to clash, but Thane is the most prominent of us. So, he’s the one we chose to lead us, and with that came power none of us could withstand once we submitted to Thane.

“May I answer a little later?” I ask as I lean back in my chair. Instead of answering with words, Thane nods-just one tense, sharp nod.

But then the silence draws on, and he decides to speak. “You may if you promise the answer will be truthful. I understand that you don’t want to betray Leon, Raidon. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that I’m asking only because I already know the

answer already.” Thane states; I just nod my head in return. There isn’t anything I could say at this point.

“What do you think of Zara? That Omega.” Thane suddenly asks, bringing up the much-needed change of the topic.

“She is quiet. Why?” I answer the question, though that is true. Or at least for now.

I can tell she has a defiant streak, and I’m so curious – no, even eager – to see the moment she snaps.

An angry Omega is so entertaining. Like an angry beaver swinging around the tiny tree, it just bit off. I internally chuckle at the mental image of her pitching a fit at our feet. I could picture how Thane would drag her over his lap to put her back in her place.

Blinking, I shake my head to get rid of the mental images built up by my mind.

“Good. So I assume you’re not rattled by the Omega, then?” Thane asks and raises an eyebrow in question. However, his question makes me wonder if perhaps he is.

We haven’t had an Omega work for us in years. Thane can’t stand to be in their presence, though I know Leila has some answering to do.

Zara is the only Omega in the building that works for us, and we have our reasons for that, reasons she plainly ignored by hiring her.

“Not really,” I answer with a shrug, a little too excited to see where this conversation might bring us.

Thane isn’t a person who discusses anything and everything just for the sake of discussion. He always has a reason for why he brings up specific topics, and the Omega seems so irrelevant to our current conversation that I can’t help but wonder why Thane mentioned her in the first place.

“Good, in that case, you can help me make her quit or just find a good reason to fire her,” he announces and brings the glass back to his lips.

“Wait, you want to fire her?” I ask, a little too shocked for my own good. The office really needed a secretary, and none of us were good at keeping up with the place the way she had on the first day.

I know Thane can be cruel to the employees. Shit, I’ve lost track of the countless times we had to cover up the deaths of employees when Thane let his temper get the best of him, but I worry he might go too far this time simply because she was an Omega.

His request is to make her quit or find a reason to fire her, but what if I can’t do that? What if Zara turns out to be more challenging than Thane thinks, can take any humiliation, and still keep working with a straight face like a true professional?

Or what if she’s so good at what she does that there won’t be an actual reason to fire her? It’s not like I can pull that reason out of my ass. I’m not a magician.

Thane chuckles and shakes his head as if I amuse him. “They always break. She will be no different.”

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