Alphas Possession Chapter 15: Raidon POV

Thane lets out a breath and places the glass back on the table. “Rhen is on board; I already spoke to him. Leon, though, I don’t trust him with this job. You know how he gets whenever he’s around Omegas,” he explains.

I nod at his observations, fully aware of the truth behind his words. We all know why Leon went back to that strip club-he was looking for that Omega.

As the door to the dining hall opens, I sigh in relief the moment I get a whiff of Leon’s and Rhen’s scents. However, I can’t say that I ever missed the smell of Leon’s fear mixed with his arousal.

Leon knows precisely what is coming his way, and the moment I catch his scent upon his arrival, Thane is already getting out of his seat.

Rhen walked in first, and Leon was right behind him, nervously glancing around Rhen as if he could use him as a shield. As soon as Leon spots me, a cheeky grin spreads across his lips. I do my best to stifle a chuckle when I hear Thane slide his chair across the floor and tuck it back in place by the table.

The sound of his action doesn’t go unnoticed by Leon. His eyes widen in horror. Just as I thought, Yep, he knows exactly what is coming his way now. He shouldn’t have lied to Thane’s face. Maybe then, we wouldn’t end up in this mess together. But what did | expect? We always end up pulled into Leon’s dramas even if we have nothing to do with it.

Leon is our youngest mate and a cheeky little shit who loves pressing Thane’s buttons and testing his patience. I swear, sometimes it looks like Leon enjoys Thane’s punishments more than he fears them.

My eyes follow Rhen as he quickly abandons Leon and steps to the side right as Leon shrieks. He darts back through the living room and heads towards the stairs.

“That’s right, Leon, now you want to f**king run from me, huh?” Thane yells after Leon while he casually stalks after his prey. He forces his hands down his pockets and meanders up the stairs, looking like the most relaxed guy I’ve ever seen.

Thane could easily be mistaken as someone who’s just mindlessly striding around the place, not an Alpha leader who’s about to discipline the f**k out of someone.

Rhen lets out a heavy breath and shakes his head as we listen to Thane hunt down Leon. The commotion going on upstairs was loud, but as usual, we ignored the sounds. It’s not like this is our first time witnessing something like this happen under the roof of this madhouse.

“I suppose I shall reheat dinner; it has to be cold by now,” Rhen groans, and I get up from my seat to help him when we hear Leon squeal, from what I suppose has to be Thane finding him wherever he was hiding.

“Where did you find him?” I ask Rhen as I follow him out to the kitchen with a baking tray in my hands. Rhen opens the oven door and pulls out the first run as I slide the tray inside.

“Where do you think I found him?” Rhen answers as if it were obvious, and it was; I just kind of hoped I was wrong.

I sigh and lean against the counter. I cringe the moment I hear the thunderous smack of Thane disciplining Leon. Rhen stands aside and grits his teeth.

“That sounded painful. However, knowing Leon as well as we do, he’s probably wriggling his ass and begging for more,” Rhen says right when we hear another sound of a slap echoing off the walls. Damn, that one had to be painful. Thane’s getting down with hardcore discipline tonight. Leon pressed his buttons today.

“But Thane is pretty pissed, so we shouldn’t act surprised,” I say while we listen to Thane go to town on Leon’s ass.

“I think I will try to speak to Thane later. Maybe he will allow it if one of us goes with him,” Rhen says, looking everywhere but at me.

Either way, we need to figure out something, or this will become a daily thing, and I have no idea how long any of us could roll with it and how much Leon’s ass could take if this became an everyday thing.

There is a reason we refused to allow Leon to feed on Omegas. Their blood is intoxicating to vampires, even the most powerful ones. It’s sweet and addictive. I don’t want to see Leon again in rehab for his addiction.

Leon wouldn’t have an issue like this if only our Omega didn’t decide to escape. Leon would have a permanent source of blood, yet, without her, we can’t monitor him. Above that, it’s nearly impossible to stop Leon from killing Omegas-he had done it in the past and would do it again. Leon is not heartless or a psycho; it’s his addiction. He does not know when to stop, and it is already too late when he realises he should.

After about twenty minutes, Leon falls quiet upstairs, and Rhen grabs the tray from the oven, knowing they will be down soon. I take the rest of the plates and set them on the dinner table.

Rhen portions the food on our plates just as I take my seat, and Leon comes downstairs, buck naked and pale as a ghost. I suppose he didn’t enjoy Thane’s punishment this time. Thane’s punishment wasn’t over because he allowed Leon his clothes and I chewed my lip nervously as I quickly assessed Leon double, checking he was okay.

Evidence of how brutal Thane was is left clear across Leon’s reddened ass cheeks. Leon stops beside the table and stares, which is unusual for him. Not a word left his lips, and I went to reach out to him when I heard footsteps and stopped myself. A moment later, Thane enters the dining room, tugging off his tie as he walks closer in a blaze of fury.

“Sit!” Thane snarls at Leon, who whimpers and instantly complies.

I don’t blame him, though. The dark cherry colour of his ass looks painful, and I can tell that Thane didn’t just take to him with his belt but also used his hand.

I watch as Leon shifts in his seat and hisses in pain while Rhen sucks his lips into his mouth, trying his hardest to stifle his muffled laughter.

Rhen carefully sets the food in front of Leon when Thane grabs it, adds more onto his plate, and sets it down, tossing a napkin over Leon’s lap.

“Eat!” Thane orders him, sounding all sorts of pissed off and challenging him to disobey him. Thane was looking for a fight, and Leon recognized that, so doesn’t push him; Leon knew he would be on the losing end of any fight if it escalated.

Rhen takes his seat beside me, and we both try to ignore the sounds that escape Leon. We can tell he is pretty uncomfortable, but Rhen and I know better than to comfort him. Not until Thane gives us approval, and after seeing his mood today, I sure as shit won’t risk it and get my ass spanked by Thane.

When Leon finally brings a forkful of food to his lips, Thane turns his gaze towards us but focuses on Rhen. “So, did you find her files?” He asks, but Rhen keeps his gaze down, staring at his plate, stuffing his mouth, and shaking his head. ;!

As silence creates a heavy tension in the dining room, Rhen gulps down his food and speaks up. “Nope,” he says, popping the Pat at the end.

Thane growls, knowing damn well Leila didn’t bother to do any background checks on the new secretary. I knew the woman good enough. So I was confident that Leila probably just saw Omega on her resume, did some stupid sniff test to ensure she wasn’t lying about that part and hired her on the spot.

For the last year, Leila has been doing everything in her power to force us to accept another Omega. She needed to stop trying to force it on Thane. It won’t end well. And by the angered look on Thane’s face, Leila would be his first victim tomorrow.

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