Alphas Possession Chapter 19

A low, angered row of curse words leaves me as I realize what this important delivery is. A f**king load of dry cleaning! Is Thane for real right now? I had to stay behind after the work hours to pick up his dry cleaning and bring it to his house? That man has to be delusional because there is no other excuse I can think of to explain his unreasonable requests and the insane lack of brain cells. The van even had a sign on it stating it delivers city-wide! No reason he couldn’t get it delivered to his damn house.

I stomped to the back of the van, boiling in anger, barely holding myself together. The small woman jumps as she turns around and faces me. I didn’t mean to startle her, but I’m too pissed off to care. I assume she was scared because I was panting like a heifer from dashing back and forth across the road.

Once the woman piles up Thane’s clothes, I sign the paperwork for his stupid dry cleaning and watch as the woman drives away while I’m stuck in the shitty situation of my darn life.

Well, not quite the shittiest of them all, but I’m very damn close to a mental breakdown. Which Thane would be delighted to see because it would rid him of me and probably land me in the loony bin because of his antics.

I glance down at my phone to notice I have twenty minutes left until the stupid dry cleaning has to arrive in Thane’s packhouse, and as I head for the bus stop, the only thing I can do is gape at the bus that drives past me before I reach the massive sign with a bus drawing on it. F**k! Of course, the bus had to be early! Not only am I so incredibly dead now, but I’m also about to be jobless. It has to be my luck; it just has to be!” :

Glancing at my phone, I see l had twenty minutes to get to the packhouse, and I head for the bus stop. I barely got to the front of the building when I was watching the bus drive past me. While chasing after the thing, I waved frantically in an effort to get it to stop.

However, the bus driver either ignored my waving arms and screaming or didn’t see me. I was on seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I would never make it in time, and I needed this job. I didn’t put up with their f**king bullshit to get fired because of a f**king dry cleaning service being bloody late!

I rummage in my bag when I notice the man from the smoke shop getting in his car, having finished locking all the roller shutters in place and securing the building. Walking over to him, I stop beside his flashy silver car.

“Excuse me, do you know where the taxi stand is?” lask him, knowing I would have to use my last twenty-five dollars to get to the packhouse on time. As he looked over at me, he scratched the back of his neck. He wasn’t bad looking, but it was clear he was as sleazy as most vamps.

“Down near the subway,” he answers, and I groan, stomping my foot in annoyance. Great! That was a ten-minute walk alone. “Where are you headed?” He asks, and I rummage through my bag and hand him the paper with the address.

“I am headed that way. How much money you got?” he asked while pulling on a leather jacket, and I rolled my eyes. No one could do a good deed around here. He just said he was headed that way!

I pull my scrunched-up money from the bottom of my bag. “That’s it?” he asks, flicking his dark hair from his red eyes and licking plump his lips. His fangs protrude slightly from his upper lip, glinting under the street lights, and I fought the urge to take a step back from him.

“Do I look rich to you? Yes, that is all I got,” I snap, annoyed and about to snatch my money back. He glances me up and down and purses his lips before sniffing the air. “Ah, definitely not, buddy. You are not feeding on me,” I tell him before he suggests such a thing.

“Depends how badly you want to get to Mr Keller’s place,” he taunts. My face falls. Of course, this asshole knew my boss.

“I will make you a deal. Let me take one little bite, and “I hold up a hand, stopping him.

“No freaking way. I know Omega blood is addictive,” I tell him with a wave of my hand. He lets out a breath, eyeing me.

“And I am not f**king you either. Just give me my money back,” I tell him trying to snatch it back, but he pulls it away.

“Then give me something else,” He purrs, l!cking his lips.

“And I am not sucking your dick. Just give me my damn money. F**k, all you men are the same!” I growl at him.

“Fine, fine, show me your tits, and I won’t tell him you just had his master key cut in my store, and I will drop you off to his place,” he says slyly. I feel all the blood leave my body at his words. He knew what the key was? He laughs while I felt on the verge of throwing up. I glance at my phone and curse. I didn’t really have a choice if I was late; Thane said he would fire me, and this asshole now knows he has me.

“Fine, but I have to be there in twelve minutes. Think you can manage that?” | ask. He whistles and rocks back on his heels and sighs.

“Yeah, I can get you there in time. We have a deal?” he asks, his eyes sparkling mischievously, and I nervously glance around. Man, anyone would think the man had never seen a pair of breasts before with how eager he was. Yet the street was pretty empty.

“Hurry, hurry. Or we won’t get there in time.” the vampire says. I grit my teeth and put the dry cleaning on the hood of his car. Closing my eyes, I cringe. It’s just skin. I remind myself that I need my job. I lift my shirt, wishing the ground would swallow me whole. He huffs before he grabs one, and I growl when I hear the click of his phone camera, and I rip my shirt down and growl at him. “You best not have taken a photo,” I snarl at him, knowing he did. He qu8ickoly pockets his phone.

“Need something to have a wank to later, so thanks,” he purrs, and I glare at him.

The man laughs and rolls his eyes. “Come then, what’s your name, anyway?” I contemplated lying, but it was clear he knew my bosses. How? I didn’t know, but if I lied, he might snitch on me about the key.

“Zara and yours?” I asked, slightly nervous about getting in the car with a vampire, but what choice did I have? He seemed friendly enough, if not a little sleazy. Besides, if I went missing, there were plenty of cameras to witness me get in his car.

“Vadum,” he answers, climbing in as I do. I clip my seat belt while holding the dry cleaning on my lap. He drove me to the packhouse, and I gripped the leather seats the entire way and cringed on every corner we slid around. Yet he got me there with two minutes to spare. “Thanks,” I tell him, shutting the door before he revved it and took off down the street.

The packhouse was a fancy, over-the-top mansion just on the outskirts of the city. I learned from Vadum that the Kellers not only owned the business where I worked but the entire damn main strip. So that explained how Vadum knew them. He rented the store off them. Looking around after Vadum dropped me at the white iron gates out the front. I walk over to the intercom.! pressed the button and waited for one of them to answer. Hoping it wouldn’t take too long because it was getting cold, and I knew it was supposed to show tonight. I also did not feel like making the trek back and being caught in a damn snowstorm

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