Alphas Possession Chapter 20: Thane POV

“I am guessing she wasn’t there again?” I asked Raidon as he walked in, finally getting home. All week, Raidon had taken Leon to the str!p club looking for the Omega. I f**king knew this would become an issue from the first night he fed on her.

“Yep, we waited until we spotted the manager. She didn’t know who we were talking about, so she must be the new night fill manager to fill in for Bree. I hadn’t seen her before,” Raidon answers as Leon shoves past him. I tried to grab him, but he slapped my hands away.

Leon stormed past and went down to our den, no doubt looking through the blood bags, though he wouldn’t find what he was looking for. Most of them were either our blood or donated blood from the blood banks, which do not stock Omega blood, given it is so addictive to vampires.

However, I could probably source some by making a few calls, though it was f**king pricey, which was half the reason we searched for an Omega, not wanting to chuck him into rehab in the first place. Though another stint looked to be on the cards at this rate. Great, the media would have a f**king field day, just what we needed.

Tal was no help since he was out of town. And Bree was unreachable with him since both were out of the country visiting Tal’s parents.

Leon refused to feed on us, and I was on the verge of ordering him to. He was ravenous, and I had to keep him home from work for the past two days. One sip of Omega blood and he had relapsed entirely.

“Leon, now!” I ordered. I hated ordering them, hated taking their free will, but even Rhen had suggested it on the way home.

“What are we going to do? He can’t keep going on like this?” Raidon asked worriedly. I heard stomping up the steps as he came back from our basement den. The last time I had been down was when we built the Den for Harlow, and I hadn’t been back there since.

I usually sent the others down there. I couldn’t stand seeing what could have been. Our pack would have been complete with Harlow, but she had to go kill my mother and get herself killed in those damn woods. There was no way she would have survived out there. Though we searched and still continue too, holding onto hope, knowing the chances were slim.

It was rogue territory and unsafe even to pack wolves due to the high numbers of rogue in the area. Even if we found her, I probably would have killed her for what she did to my mother. My mother didn’t deserve that. She was so excited when she found out we found an Omega, and so were both my fathers.

Leon comes out of the basement, his clothes all wrinkled and he is a mess. His eyes were bloodshot, showing no white left. His fangs hadn’t retracted in two days, and he was turning crazed. Another reason I couldn’t let him be at work. With Zara there, it was too risky. If he fed on her, she could sue us. Or, worst-case scenario, I had to cover up her death when he overfed on her.

Thinking of her, I curse, remembering the impossible task I gave her; I even rang the dry cleaners to make sure they arrived with only twenty minutes spare, knowing by bus or taxi it would take her at least thirty-five minutes to get here. Well, at least now I had reason to fire her. I smiled at the thought before waving at Leon to come to me where I sat on the sofa.

“You need to feed,” I tell him as he steps closer. Raidon moves behind him, blocking his exit. Rhen slips silently into the living room, taking up the foyer exit. Leon glances around and growls, not liking the way we caged him in, and he almost appears rabid. I knew he didn’t want our blood, but it was better than him starving because he had been craving her all week. He also stopped eating, which wasn’t good and only made him worse.

I hated seeing him like this, hated the feelings of longing and despair through the bond, the starvation he felt. “Come here,” I order, and he tried to fight the command when I growled at him, chucking the total weight of my Alpha command behind it when I heard the intercom button for the front gate. Everyone freezes, and I drop the command, looking at Rhen.

I nod to him, and he wanders to the front door to see who is on the screen. “Who is it?” I call out while watching Leon.

“Ah, it is Zara,” Rhen called back to me, and I went to get up. “F**king impossible,” I curse. There is no way she could get here in time.

“It is definitely her,” Rhen says, poking his head around the corner of the entrance. I glance at my watch and curse. F**k, how did she get here so fast? Yet that second cost me when Leon bolted past me out the door as Rhen hit the button to the gate for it to let her in

“Grab him!” I call to Rhen, only to hear him get knocked over and hear the sound of breaking glass as the vase hits the floor from the hallway stand. Raidon growled, chasing after him, and I gave chase, ripping Rhen to his feet as I passed him. He was on his back on the floor from where Leon had tackled him. But Leon, being a damn hybrid, was way quicker than us, and by the time we reached the door, he was long gone.

“F**k,” I screamed while chasing after him when I heard her voice.

“Leon?” she asked before I heard her blood-curdling scream.

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