Alphas Possession Chapter 21: Zara POV

I stand by the gate, and at this point, the waiting isn’t only getting on my nerves; no, it’s so much worse-I’m literally freezing my ass off from the brewing storm, making the winds have a harsh bite.

The bag with Thane’s dry cleaning hangs folded over my arm, and its weight is slowly getting to me, but thank God, I hear the buzz of the electronic gates. As the gates swing open, I can’t wait any longer, so I quickly slide through the gap and walk up the long driveway towards the house.

It’s actually not a house. It’s a goddamn mansion, a little too fancy for someone like Thane if anyone would ask me, but so be it. As I walk closer, the surrounding lights make the building look like some fairytale fantasy. Too bad the only fantasy that I expect to be greeted by is the angry troll.

I’m about a quarter of the way up when I stop as Leon appears ahead of me. He stands on the concrete path, breathing so heavily that it makes him look like he’s in pain.

“Leon?” I call out to him, a little confused about why he’s outside, not inside the house with the rest of the assholes.

He tilts his head to the side as the moon reflects off his face and reveals his sharp, pointed fangs. I gasp at the view before me. And what’s even worse is that one minute he stands at least twenty metres ahead of me, and the next, he turns into a blur of motion and appears next to me. Leon grabs me so suddenly that I drop my bag and Thane’s dry cleaning.

His fangs pierce my skin and sink into my neck as a feral snarl leaves his lips simultaneously as he attacks me. The scream that leaves my lips is so loud that it could deafen, but I still can vaguely hear someone screaming his name.

My attempts to struggle against him are futile as Leon’s fingers press into the flesh on my arms with so much strength I’m sure he will leave ugly bruises all over my skin. My scream dies out once I feel someone rip Leon off me and send my body sprawling onto the hard concrete driveway.

An unbearable wave of pain shoots throughout my whole body as I land on the concrete, hip first, and roll. With a loud groan, struggle to sit up, more pain shooting through my body with every movement I attempt to make. My elbow is badly grazed, and my neck throbs as if it has a heartbeat of its own.

I look up just as Rhen stalks toward me and Raidon walks over to help subdue Leon, who is currently fighting Thane, screaming at him to let him get to me.

I have never seen a crazed vampire before, let alone this dangerously close to me. Leon is terrifying and acts like an absolute -savage until Thane punches him. I cringe at the thud as I watch Raidon catch Leon before his body hits the concrete.

Fingers aggressively lock around my arm and rip me to my feet. And I turn my head in a daze to face Rhen’s furious expression. He glares at me as if it was my fault that his mate just attacked me out of the blue.

Oh, no, sir, it’s all Leon; I didn’t do a thing to get stuck in this mess. If they need someone to paint as a bad guy, they are welcome to blame Leon, who’s the actual villain in this situation, or even Thane, because that asshole had the brilliant idea of getting me this close to his stupid packhouse.

“Dare to report this to the media, and I will bury you alive! Do you understand me? I won’t risk my mate!” Rhen snaps at me, shaking me. Now it’s absolutely clear that they blame me. But for what? For doing my job and fulfilling their stupid wishes? Wow, this is some twisted way to thank the employee of the month, which I should be, because who else has enough patience to put up with their mess?

“Leave her, Rhen. I will command her to keep quiet, just get her back to the packhouse and clean her up. We can’t chuck her in a taxi like that,” Thane snaps at Rhen.

A menacing growl leaves Rhen as he drags me towards the mansion. My heart thumps painfully in my chest as I glance over my shoulder and watch Thane toss Leon over his shoulder and follow us.

I stumble over my own feet as I try to keep up with Rhen while he all but drags me closer to the massive building. He stops at the mansion’s open door and glares down at me. “No snooping around, and don’t f**king touch anything!” He screams and leads me down a corridor beside a set of double marble stairs.…..

My eyes burn with hot tears that I refuse to let out. My entire body trembles under Rhen’s potent aura as he shoves me into a bathroom and looks at me like I’m a dirty animal. I stumble once he pushes me but manage to catch and steady myself by grabbing onto the edge of the huge clawfoot bathtub.

“Shower and meet us in the living room as soon as you’re done here. I will send Tania in. She will bring you some f**king clothes!” Rhen snarls at me as I swallow down the lump forming in my throat.

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