Alphas Possession Chapter 22

There is nothing I want to hear from those men, and I have no desire to listen to what they have to say. All of them blame me for what happened, and they are angry about my presence as much as they blame me for what happened. It’s not as if I ever asked to be dragged down here or inside their mansion.

Maybe if Thane and his gang of mates weren’t such absolute assholes and didn’t come up with all those stupid tasks for me to do, I would be happy and asleep in the storage closet. In that case, none of this would have happened, and they wouldn’t have to deal with the weight of the situation. And, of course, I wouldn’t be trapped in their mansion, covered in my blood, simply because Leon is too weak to hold himself together and not suck dry every person who walks up their stupid driveway. My life is a mess.

I turn on the shower and slowly slip off my ruined, blood-soaked clothes. Initially, I planned to have a hot shower since that’s as much as I deserve after what Leon did to me, but it’s not enough, so I turned the faucet to boiling. My skin turns red and probably burns some places, but I don’t care because once I step out of the shower, I feel as clean as I haven’t in ages.

By now, the loud arguments have stopped, and every movement I make in the bathroom sounds extra loud. I let out a shaky breath, reach for the clothes and carefully slip them on, doing my best to avoid ripping the fabric. I won’t pay those assholes for clothes I wouldn’t need if it weren’t for their beloved mate. As I glance in the mirror, I almost smile at my reflection because these clothes aren’t too big for me. It’s hard to find something that fits, yet they do like a glove. Which I find quite impressive. For someone of my size, I was not built like most girls of my short height. I had more junk in the trunk and was top-heavy, usually buying stuff that was either too long or a few sizes too big so I could squeeze my assets in. Yet these fit as if they were made for me.

I can’t help but wonder who’s the actual owner of the clothes they leant me because I can’t see the elderly maid wearing skinny-leg jeans and a low-cut top.

I slip on my shoes and then pull the hoodie over my head. Every article of clothing from the woman has a brand name tag, making me wonder if they have a girlfriend. That could explain the clothes and why they were so upset, Leon had fed on me. The rest of them couldn’t possibly allow Leon to feed on anyone but their girlfriend, right?

Oddly enough, those thoughts also make tears prick in the corners of my eyes.

I know that it has to be because of the serum- Thane’s serum and my stupid Omega instincts kicking in. The realisation makes me remember I’m due for my nighttime suppressants.

I grab my bag and rummage through it until I find the bottle, grip it and pull it out. As I open the lid, I tip the bottle up and frown at the six little pills left.

Since I have no other choice but to cut back the dosage, I take two pills. I can’t afford to take more, especially now. Soon, very darn soon, I need to find some time to get back to the strip club and make some money to buy more of those.

Honestly, I hate to think about what I would have to do there for the seven hundred dollars I need for another bottle of pills. Making that money in a strip club by saving up tips would take ages, so I can’t let myself assume it’s possible.

I cup my hand under the running water until my palm fills up and bring it to my lips to swallow down some water with the pills. Once I am finished with that, I stare back at my reflection in the mirror.

My eyes focus on the lady’s clothes that I am wearing. I pick at the hoodie and frown. It should have been me; I was supposed to be their Omega, but all of them hate me for crimes I never committed, for the doings of someone I don’t even know. They’re being so unfair, and it’s pissing me off.

I return my attention back to my bag and pull out my descenter to spray myself, It’s yet another reminder about another thing I am getting dangerously low on, and I don’t want to think about the money I need for another one.

I shove my belongings back into the bag, take a deep breath and move towards the door. My hand lands on the handle before am ready to leave, but I remind myself it’s too late to step back, so I suck in a few deeper breaths, grip the handle and encourage myself to open the bathroom door.

Once I finally do, I stick my head out in the hall and Thane’s loud, angered voice echoes off the hallway walls even before I step out of the bathroom. “I’m in the living room, Omega. Get here, now!” A wave of sharp pain ripples through me at his order. I hate it when Alphas do this to Omegas to show off their power over someone. Yeah, what better way to feed their stupid ego than picking on someone smaller..

But despite that, I have to admit that Thane’s aura truly is magnificent and scary at the same time. It’s so potent that I don’t have to be in front of him to feel the power of his command.

My feet move on their own as I follow my nose towards a massive sitting room. An incredibly large TV sits on the wall above the stunning fireplace. The room has a huge L-shaped couch and a few armchairs scattered around it. The room is twice the size of my old, shitty apartment.

I spot-Thane glaring at me from the armchair by the fireplace. The flames illuminate his face, making Thane look much more dangerous and menacing than he usually appears to be.

He sneers and motions with his fingers for me to come closer. I swallow down the bile that rises up my throat as my feet before register now. I feel the total weight of I lotal weight of ane’s aura crush me down. My knees go out from under me and hit the antly sending a painful ache through them.

I grit my teeth and feel a bead of sweat run down the back of my neck. My entire body trembles like a leaf in the middle of a storm, getting throttled by the violent gusts of wind.” I cry out at the agonising pain of stras the tears I did my best to hold back-brim and spillover. I bare my neck to him, catching the angry look on his face as Thane glares at me. “You will not speak of this to anyone_Not a single f**king word: Do as much as utter one damn word about what happened here tonight, and I will kill you. Do you understand me?”

He roars, and Iyelp as he crushes me further under the pressure of his aura. The pain crushing the air in my lungs and my voice fails me as the amount streams down my cheeks. It does nothing but makes Thane Panicking, I nod my head as the tears stream down my cheeks. It does nothing but makes Thane angrier than he was before. He growls. “Words, Omega!” Thane screams at the top of his lungs.

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