Alpha’s Possession Chapter 25: Leon POV

Warmth covered me, and I knew I was in bed. The heavy weight of the duvet covered me, and Thane’s scent enveloped me when I woke, so I knew we were in his room. We all have our own rooms, yet mostly we tended to sleep in here, not enjoying being apart unless Thane was in one of his moods.

My head was pounding to its own beat as I groaned, sitting up. I rubbed my eyes and yawned sleepily, trying to remember how I got here. The last thing I remember is receiving a scolding from Thane in the living room and the gate alarm sounding. As I yawn, my eyes squint at the lamp that was on beside the bed and my jaw, which felt like it was dislocated.

“You’re fine. Lay back down,” Thane says, and I blink, peering over at him. His aura was potent, and I could tell instantly he was in a bad mood, which meant I was in for yet another scolding when flashbacks of his fist swinging at my face returned. Why was outside?

Thane pats his chest, and I roll my eyes at him. “One!” he counted, and my face was sore enough. I also didn’t want my ass beat, so I quickly laid back down.

“What are you reading?” I ask while stretching out and tugging the blanket up. He doesn’t answer but sets the book down.

“Do you remember what happened?” he asks, sitting up and adjusting the pillow behind him. I licked my lips, that were overly dry when the taste of blood reminded me I fed on Z.

Z!! That was not Z, yet there was no doubt in my mind, it could Zara be Z? That startling clarity smashed me harder than Thane’s fist did. Everything flooding back to me. She was here. So, where was she now? I fed on her; that is why Thane attacked me.

“I am booking you back into the Parksville rehab,” Thanes says, and I sit up, ripped from my pondering thoughts and smashed heavily into reality by his words. No, I can’t go back. They can’t make me go back there.

“Wait, no. I have it under control, Thane. It won’t happen again,” I panic. I was not going back there. I wasn’t leaving my mates. I couldn’t go through with that again. I hated being away from them; it nearly sent me insane last time.

“You attacked Zara, Leon. A member of staff. I had to command her to keep quiet.” Thane snarls.

“No, I will behave. I will be more careful, I-I slipped up; it won’t happen again.”

“Thane is right, Leon. You have become too much of a risk,” Rhen says, and my head turns to find him sitting by the fireplace in the room. Tears burn my eyes.

“And Raidon?” I asked hopefully, yet he wasn’t here and I couldn’t smell his scent as strongly, so it was clear he wasn’t home. Thane growls, and I know Raidon would stick up for me. “He isn’t Alpha. What I say goes, you are going, Leon, whether you like it or not,” Thane says, leaving no room for argument. Yet an argument is what he will get. I am not going back.

“No!” I growl, and Thane’s returning growl was thunderous, and his attack was faster than I could track. Thane’s hand wrapped around my throat, and before I could even register the change in positions, I found myself pinned to the bed beneath him. His towering, muscular body looms over me.

“Thane!” Rhen panics.

“No, he risked everything tonight. He needs to learn,” Thane growls, and tears prick my eyes as I shake my head. His grip wasn’t tight enough to cut off my air but more a show of how easily he could put me in my place if he so chose it.

“Please, I don’t want to go back there,” I beg him, clutching his hand. Thane’s eyes soften. He knows how much that place destroyed me, how much it almost destroyed our bonds.

“It’s for your own good, Leon. I don’t know how else to help you,” he breathes, and I could feel it was killing him as much as it was killing me.

“I’ll be good; I will control it, please, Thane,” I begged him, and he sighed, climbing off me.

“Leon”I moved, climbing onto his lap and straddling his waist. Leaning forward, I kiss him, cutting off whatever words he was about to speak. He may be big and grizzly on the outside, but I know he hated the thought of me leaving just as much as I didn’t want to go. Mates aren’t supposed to be apart.

“I know what you’re doing,” Thane mumbles against my lips that were assaulting his. I hear Rhen chuckle behind us before feeling the bed dip as he climbs on it.

“Is it working?” I purr back at Thane. He growls, the noise turning to a purr as my lips travel down his neck and my fangs graze his mark. I may be blood-crazed, yet I knew how much Thane loved when I fed on him. He loved the high of the bite as much as any feeder did. When my fangs pierced his neck, he groaned, his hand cupping the back of my neck.

“You’re still going,” he growls as I feed on him. His taste was as potent as his scent to me, yet Z. No Zara’s was so sickly sweet it made my fangs ache, and I craved her, yet as I fed on Thane, for some reason the underlying taste reminded me of her sweet, addictive blood, something pure about just as addictive, yet I could explain why.

Tretract my fangs and run my tongue over his neck, licking up the last remnants; I would have to heal him in the morning. Thane wouldn’t go to work with my bites on his neck, even though I loved the sight of them on him. He would never allow anyone to believe he was my feeder. Feeders were seen as addicts, addicted vamps and Hybrid as much as we were addicted to their blood.

It occurred to me then that maybe I did have a source after all because one thing I did know; I was now the only thing preventing Zara from being fired. If Thane knew she was working at Tal’s, he would fire her on the spot.

Now I just had to convince Thane not to send me away. “One more chance, please. If I slip up, I will sign myself back in.” I tell him. Thane growls and looks over my shoulder at Rhen. Rhen shuffles closer, wrapping his arms around my waist and tugging me off Thane just as Raidon walks in. The sigh of his relief was loud when his eyes met mine.

“Zara?” I asked him, since no one had mentioned her.

“You gave her a scare, but I think she will keep quiet. She is okay, Leon. You didn’t kill her.”

“She better, or I will f**king end her,” Thane growls, tearing my attention back to him.

“You drop her home?” Rhen asks him, and Raidon nods, falling heavily beside us on the bed. Thane’s bed reminded me of the one in the den. It was easily the size of two super kings. It needed to be to fit us all in.

By the looks of it, Thane wanted us all close tonight because Raidon started stripping his clothes off before climbing under the sheets. He pats his chest, and I wait for Thane, knowing he had the last say on whether I was sleeping in here with them or if he would use it as punishment.

Thane sighs and nods to Raidon, who smiles wickedly as he beams with excitement. I knew all day he had been waiting to get his hands on me. He loved that I was the smallest; it drove me nuts because I was just as fast or faster, yet still, their aura would always outweigh mine, seeing as they were pure-blooded werewolves while I was the mutt of the lot, but I also loved their affections.

“One chance, Leon, one!” Thane says as I slip under the sheets with Raidon, who was already tugging at his boxer briefs.

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