Alphas Possession Chapter 26: Zara POV

I set my alarm extra early, knowing the loading docks opened half an hour earlier than the main doors, and I needed to sneak out and come in through the main doors, so no one noticed I was living in the loading docks.

Yet as I quickly got changed, I heard the huge roller doors opening and promptly rushed to spray on my descenter. After popping two of my pills, I cringed, realizing that there were only two pills left in the bottle, and that meant I would have to skip tonight’s if I wanted any left for tomorrow. It occurred to me briefly that if I got off early enough, I would still be able to go to the club tonight. Although, I had tried ringing Bree last night, and she didn’t pick up the phone.

Spraying myself in extra spray, I hoped it concealed my scent enough; I was going into panic mode. Thane said if I went into heat, he would fire me, and at this rate, I was going to be risking it because once my pills run out; I am all but screwed.

They were the only thing preventing my heat. It was one of my greatest fears going into heat. I had heard horror stories of how desperately helpless Omegas were and in pain without mates to ease it.

I quickly hide all my belongings, jamming them right in the corner and pushing the shelf back as I climb out of my hidey-hole. Leaving my heels off, I go to the door and pry it open a little, peering out the gap, but I see no one and can’t hear anyone around.

I opened it a little more and stuck my head, ensuring the coast was clear before dashing the roller doors. I rush out and once far enough away from the loading entrance.

As I place my hand on the wall, I slip my heels on before straightening out my blazer and using my hands to smooth down my blouse. Despite my best efforts, a few loose strands of hair still come free after I tie my hair back up into a messing bun, but I don’t bother to fix it since I don’t want to be caught out up the side alley.

As a result, I speed up the side alley and rush to the front doors as fast as I can. I know security will be opening the main doors any minute. On reaching the top of the steps. I am greeted by the security guard who checks my ID, and I make my way to the elevators across the other side of the foyer.

As soon as I had reached the top floor, I started the usual routine of cleaning up and turning everything on. Once I finished, I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix the haystack that was messily sitting on top of my head. As a last-minute decision, I decided to go with a more descenter, giving myself an extra spray. My anxiousness about running out of my suppressants made me sweat; what comes with sweat is damn pheromones.

When I am finished, I make my way to the small kitchenette and start making their morning coffees when I hear the elevator doors open before hearing all their voices. Despite having a slight worry that I might run into Thane after last night, I calmly continued working on my task of fixing their coffees.

Nevertheless, as his oppressive aura filled the tight space behind me as he approached, I felt like the air in my lungs became squeezed out of me as he came up behind me. “Get your damn neck covered up,” he growls at me, and my brows furrow in confusion as I stare at him. Almost instinctively, I touch my fingertips to it, and I feel the tiny puncture marks that Leon left behind last night. A gasp escapes me. I was frantically trying to escape the loading docks and more worried about brushing my teeth; I forgot to put makeup on.

“Did anyone see you?” Thane growls, making me cringe.

“Chill, I will heal her, Thane,” Leon reassured him, walking up beside me, and I felt my stomach tighten as I swallowed. Yet Thane ignored his words, more focused on the image it set.

“Answer me, Zara. Did anyone see you? The last bl00dy thing I need is to explain why my damn secretary has bite marks on her neck,” Thane bellows, and I whimper as his aura crushes me.

“Only the security guard!” I cried out, clutching the small sink with both hands as I answered. F**king pr!ck. Adding insult to injury, he has also scolded me today, as if last night wasn’t bad enough.

“Thane!” Leon growls at him as my eyes fill with tears. Don’t cry, don’t cry, I thought to myself. It stung me that he cared more for the image that it presented than whether I actually was okay after last night. Stung painfully that I meant so little to him-his aura dropped, releasing me from the pressure it built up, making the hair on the back of my neck pr!ckle.

“F**king clean yourself up,” he says before storming off. I turn, watching him go when I notice Rhen glaring after him Raidon stood in the hall, and for a second, I thought I saw his eyes soften when he went to say something before abruptly closing his mouth and walking off to his own office.

Rhen, however, reaches out for his coffee and takes it, thanking me before he turns to leave as well. My stomach sank, and I readied myself for whatever excuse of Leon’s behavior he was going to give me. Instead, he watched me as I made my coffee, my belly growling hungrily and my face heated, knowing he could hear it.

Leon leans against the counter, watching me. “Did you forget to eat breakfast?” he asks.

“Yeah, I was in a rush,” I lied, turning to sip my coffee and head back to my desk. However, as I turn toward the door, Leon’s hand grips my elbow and pulls me to a stop. I swallow the mouthful of hot liquid wondering what he wanted.

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