Alphas Possession Chapter 27

“I skipped breakfast too,” he tells me, reaching up to tuck a stray hair behind my ear. I notice the sharp points of his fangs pushing past his upper lip, and he runs his tongue across his lips.

“Good to know,” I tell him, about to turn away again when I stop because he speaks.

“However, you might be able to help me with that, Z,” he purrs, and I freeze in my tracks. “Pardon,” I gasp when the heat of his chest presses against my back. My eyes dart to the hallway, wondering if the others heard what he called me.

“I know you work for Tal,” Leon purrs, and I swallow as his nose runs up the side of my neck and inhales deeply.

“But I am willing to keep your little secret. If you keep mine, see, I need a feeder, or Thane is going to send me away. Now, if you want to keep your job, you will play along, Zara, or I will tell Thane exactly the kind of whore you are. He doesn’t take too kindly to being deceived,” Leon purrs.

I grit my teeth and turn to glare at him. “No, I’m not going to be your damn feeder,” I growl at him, and the redness in his eyes grows brighter as I glare at him.

“Fine then, I will tell Thane he has a stripper working for him,” Leon says, walking toward the door. My breath lodged in my throat at his words. I needed this job, needed the money if I ever wanted to get my shitty apartment back from Martha. I grip his arm.

“Wait, please, Leon,” I tell him. Leon stops and turns, looking at me. He smirks, knowing full well he had me.

“Please, I need this job,”

“I know, and I need a feeder. It’s a win-win situation, so what will it be?” Leon asks me and my eyes turn glassy. “I haven’t got all day Zara, or should I call you Z! Because that will be the only place you will ever get a job in this city if Thane finds out.”

“You’re a f**king asshole. You know that.”

“And you’re a skank, one that is willing to do anything for the right price, spraying yourself up in that pheromone shit appearing all innocent to pull in men; you are in no position to judge me, so choose Zara,” Leon says, and I gape at him. He was calling me a skank. He should be able to tell I was a virgin. Then again, the pheromones that Tal pumped through that places air-conditioning, it’s not surprising that he thought I was just that. Leon goes to turn and walk out, heading toward Thane’s office, and I set my mug down on the counter.

“Fine,” I whisper, knowing he heard me with extra-sensitive hearing. Leon smiles, wandering over to me before gripping my wrist and sticking his head out the kitchenette door. My brows furrow when he suddenly yanks me down the hall to the bathroom and shoves me inside, kicking the door shut behind him. I took a step back from him, but he still had a hold of my wrist.

Leon growls, his aura spilling out and making me freeze, and steps closer, pressing me against the cold porcelain sink basin. He dips his face, and tears burn my eyes when he growls before sinking his teeth into my neck. Panic sets in, knowing if he chooses not to stop but having fed on me last night, he seemed to have more control. My system is flooded with endorphins, and the pain dissipates as quickly as it comes. His tongue lapped at my neck, and I felt a little lightheaded when he pulled away. He wipes his lips with his thumb before sucking on it and then pecks my lips.

“See, it wasn’t so bad,” he purrs, yet I felt used. Disgusted that I was now reduced to a feeder to keep my job. Leon then bites his wrist, offering it to me, and I grab it wanting the holes on my neck to close as if they did. It would be like it never happened. Leon chuckles, mistaking my eagerness for addiction when I shove him back, feeling the holes on my neck close. He growls when I try to push past him. He got what he wanted as if last night wasn’t bad enough. I sure as shit didn’t want to get caught in here with him.

Yet my quick escapes seemed to anger him when I am shoved back to the basin as he steps closer, caging me against it. “Just remember I am the only thing preventing you from getting fired,” he growls at me, and I bite the inside of my cheek and quickly nod. I felt degraded and humiliated, it is one thing for mates to feed on each other, yet they had no idea I was technically theirs from Thane’s serum, so Leon treating me like a damn whore only made the humiliation hurt worse.

He steps aside, allowing me to pass, but speaks as I push open the door. “And Zara, if I find out you went back to Tal’s I will tell Thane you no longer work there. I will not risk giving my mates some disease because you want to whore yourself out,” Leon snaps. My stomach sinks. What else was I supposed to do for cash for the next two and a half weeks?

“If either of us has any disease, it’s the leech in front of me,” I growl, pushing out the doors and going to my desk. Though the more I walked, the more vertigo took over. How much did he take? He only fed on me for a few minutes. I stop by the kitchenette and retrieve my lukewarm coffee, needing the sugar, before falling heavily into my chair. Only when I do, do I look up to see Raidon peering at the bathroom door before looking at me. Leon walks out a couple of seconds later. Also spotting Raidon, he stops, and Leon looks at me or more, glares at me before storming past Raidon when he opens his door and nods for Leon to get in his office.

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