Alphas Possession Chapter 28: Raidon POV

I knew Leon was taking too long. He knew we had a meeting, and something told me he was up to something, so I waited in the hall only to see him emerge from the bathroom moments after Zara rushed out of there. “Are you f**king nuts?” I growl at Leon as he steps into my office. I shut the door, turning on him while he strolls into the room.

“Calm down. We have come to an arrangement that benefits both of us,” Leon says, turning to look at me.

“How does you feeding on her benefit her? If Thane finds out, he will kill you both!” I tell him angrily. This was asking for trouble, and lately, Leon had been a beacon for trouble, and I did not want to get caught up in this with him.

“He’s not going to find out because you aren’t going to tell him,” Leon says, falling into the armchair next to my desk. I raise an eyebrow at him and fold my arms across my chest. Leon shrugs, and I glare at him when he leans forward, bracing his arms on his knees. He clearly did not care for the position he was putting me in right now. And the prick knew I would rat him out to Thane because I hated seeing him punished.

“I can’t go back there, Raidon. Thane threatened to send me back to Parksville Rehab, and he is one with the stupid Omega rule. If he would just take another Omega, this wouldn’t be an issue,” Leon growls while shaking his head.

“Leon, you can’t just feed on an employee. What if she becomes addicted to it and withdraws? The what?” I asked him. Leon sighs, he knew I was right, yet I could feel his struggle and fear of being sent away, and I hated the thought of him leaving just as much as he did.

“We’ll be careful,” Leon says, chewing his lip nervously.

“You’ll be careful? Leon, she looked on the verge of damn tears when she walked out. What if she tells someone?” I ask him.

“She won’t unless she wants to get fired,” Leon says, so sure of himself.

“What do you mean, what have you got over her? Spill, or I am marching next door and telling Thane?” I growl at him.

Leon sighs and leans back in his chair. Leon looked at the wall above my head, and I had a funny feeling I wouldn’t like what he was about to tell me from the disgust that flitted briefly through the bond from him. His eyes move back to mine, and he groans, scratching the back of his neck.

“Zara is Z. I knew as soon as I came back to my senses, knew I had tasted her essence before,” Leon states.

“Z?” I ask, confused, wondering what he was talking about. Surely he didn’t mean….

“The girl from the strip club, from Tal’s, the new girl we met,” Leon says with a shrug.

“What? You’re feeding off a f**king whore?” I snarl, knowing the risks that could have, not just to Leon but all of us.

“Her blood is clean, I can taste it, and I told her not to work there anymore,” Leon defends himself. “F**k Leon if Thane finds out about this,” I groan, knowing exactly his reaction if he finds out. And now I am going to be caught up in it with him. Leon gets up and comes over to me.

“He won’t,” he growls, nipping at my neck. I sigh, cupping the back of his neck and gripping his hair. “But if he does?” I ask.

“He won’t, and then he won’t send me away. Please, Raidon, I have it under control. This will work, and he will be none the wiser,” Leon purrs, yet still, I worry, not so much for Leon but for Zara in case he loses control. I press my lips in a line.

“Fine, but you feed on her in my office where I can keep an eye on you both. If you kill her, you not only lose your source, but Thane will find out, and we will have to cover up another Omega death. You know the media doesn’t take Omega deaths lightly; we will be crucified. They are so bloody rare these days,” I tell him, though the thought of anything happening to the little Omega sickened me. We had natural instinct to protect them, savor and covet them. If only Thane would give into those instincts, he may treat her better.

I hated the way he treated her, yet I understood. Understood how Omegas ultimately had control once mated and marked, we were helpless to their demands which also made them dangerous. They may never overrule alphas, but they had an advantage and knew how to play it when needed because we were a slave to their pheromones as they were to our command.

“Deal?” I ask him, and he purrs, stepping closer, smiling deviously.

“Deal,” he growls when I give into him. Leon pecks my lips and nips at my chin before he grabs my crotch, squeezing my cock through my slacks. He pushes me up against the wall; I close my eyes for a moment, knowing the sex goes hand in hand with his bloodlust, yet I would be the one to reap the benefits of it. He wanted me. He needed me, and I wasn’t about to tell him no.

I wanted him just as badly. Leon didn’t care that we were at work, that our mates were in the room next door, or that someone could catch us at any second. Nothing mattered to him more than getting his lips around my cock, and I found his passion contagious. I was getting swept up in it too.

His fingers fumbled with my belt, his bloodlust gone and now replaced with desire, as he desperately sought to remove my pants.

“Raidon,” he whined, and I could never refuse him. His voice was low and quiet. There was a need in it, though, and I knew I was the object of that need.

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