Alphas Possession Chapter 29

He grabbed my hand and tugged me over to my desk, pushing me against it before k!ssing me, his tongue slipping into my mouth as he tugged at my shirt. “Leon, we aren’t at home. I am not stripping off,” I growl, reminding him we were at work, biting his l!ps. Yet his hands still roamed, uncaring for my words as he k!ssed me with a hunger that matched his bloodlust.

The way that his tongue moved in my mouth, messy and passionate but also so skillful, made my c**k twitch in my slacks. It was already hard, very hard, and I could feel pre-c*m leaking out the tip of my c*ck. The way that his hands moved over me and his tongue tangled against mine promised pleasure, and his whole body was trembling with the need to give it to me.

Falling to his knees, he looked up at me with a smile. I could see how excited he was, rubbing his hand over the bulge in my pants. The friction made me shudder slightly. It was so hard that I felt more sensitive than usual.

Seeing him on his knees before me made my c**k twitch, and I didn’t think I would last very long once he started.

With trembling fingers, he unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zip down, his fingers moving inside, and he pulled out my c**k. Leon smiles when he finds his prize.

“See, some secrets are worth keeping, aren’t they?” Leon purrs.

I looked down at him as he took my c**k in his hand, stroking it up and down. I shook my head a little in response to his question, but I really didn’t think I would be able to speak. My whole body was tense and ready for the incredible release that I knew was only moments away.

As he looked over my co**k, rubbing his nose along it before swiping his tongue across my shaft, I could hear Thane and Rhen next door arguing, and I knew we didn’t have long before both of us would be called in.

I bit my lip, wondering how long it would take for them to stop arguing and realize what we were doing in here.

No doubt they would feel it through the bond. What if Zara walked on in? Would she be disgusted by catching us, or would she watch and enjoy the show? Would she want to join us? She was Omega, so I knew she would. What would happen if we got caught by her? My heart pounded as I thought about it.

My attention was brought right back to the moment when Leon took the head of my c**k in his mouth and sucked hard on it. I shuddered, letting out a groan that I prayed couldn’t be heard outside.

As he started to suck on the head, making my eyes roll as my pleasure overwhelmed me, I stopped caring about the people around us and the chances of getting caught. There was only one thing that mattered at that moment, and that was his warmth, mouth around my c**k.

After sucking hard on my c*ck, he really showed off his skills. Slowly, he pushed my c**k to the back of his throat. Inch by inch, he took more and more of my length. Looking up at me, he maintained eye contact as he took me as deep as he could. He hardly gagged at all, not even when he took me so deep that his nose was pressed into my pubic hair.

I watched him, shuddering with the pleasure that it was bringing me but also incredibly impressed with his skill. I always was. When he started to move his head back and forth, I saw him roll his eyes with pleasure.

He was clearly enjoying himself, getting pleasure just from my c**k stretching out his l!ps and being pushed down his eager throat.

His enthusiasm was evident from the manic movements of his head and the hand on my hip as he urged me to thrust into his mouth. He kept sucking as I pushed my c**k to the back of his throat. Repeatedly. Back and forth. He seemed to want more and more. To take it deeper, to do it harder.

I felt my knees become weak as my pleasure built higher and higher. I reached out and gripped my desk.

Leon sucked harder, his tongue tracing my shaft, and I thrust my c**k to the back of his throat until I found myself close to my orgasm.

Looking down, I felt his fangs graze my aroused flesh as he drew blood. The sight of him enjoying my c**k just as much as I was enjoying him sucking. It made it sweeter. It made my orgasm more powerful.

Gripping his hair, I shuddered and started to c*m. He had worked hard for his mouthful, and I was giving it to him. Grunting hard, I thrust my c**k to the back of his throat and shot my load into his mouth. Rolling my eyes, I pushed back and forth three more times and made sure that I gave him every drop of my c*m. When I pulled out, just to be sure, I wiped the tip on his outstretched tongue.

Leon swallows it down before twirling his tongue around the tip and releasing it with a pop. He smiles deviously up at me as I tuck myself when Rhen clears his throat.

“I swear the pair of you are asking to be punished by Thane. Now hurry, Leila is on her way up, and I would prefer to prevent her death if possible,” Rhen tells me, and I sigh. My good mood was now depleted, knowing I had to save Leon’s sister from being murdered by hiring our Omega secretary without doing a background check on her first.

Following Rhen out, I zip up my pants and look to the foyer. Leon also looks at Zara, and I notice how she is profusely sweating and looking sickly pale. She fans herself with a piece of paper, making Rhen growl when her sweet, addictive Omega scent wafts to us.

“How much did you take from her?” I mind linking Leon, who I could feel his worry bleed into me.

“Not much, I swear. F**k. Why does she look so pale?” Leon asks when Thane bellows from the office.

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