Alphas Possession Chapter 30: Thane POV

I was not an idiot, I knew what Raidon and Leon were doing in that room while the rest of us were god damn working. Now they were all standing in the damn corridor. “Now!” I call to my mates as they loiter in the office hallway.

They rush inside and I turn my attention back to Leila, who sat across from me. She knew she f**ked up, and she glanced nervously at my mates as they entered. They would not help her. One thing we were all in agreement on was that she f**ked up. Rhen waits for them to enter before closing the door behind them.

“Where are Zara’s files?” I ask Leila, and she blanches and stutters over an answer.

“Don’t lie to me,” I warn her, and she pinches the bridge of her nose and exhales. When she looks up, Rhen moves toward her, sitting on the edge of my desk though I know he did that deliberately so I wouldn’t reach over and strangle the bloody woman.

“I have her resume and her ID,” Leila offers nervously, and a growl escapes me. I hold my hand out for it, and she quickly rummages through her folders with shaky hands spilling some on the floor in her haste to retrieve them. She produces the few documents she finds and hands them to me, and I quickly glance at them, having seen these already because Raidon and Rhen gave the same bloody things to me the other day.

“Did you check her references?” I ask, knowing she bloody couldn’t have because the owner of her previous work was dead. Leila bites her lip, and I growl at her for her carelessness. Rhen plucks the papers from my fingertips, reading them over again and sighing.

“Not that you can since that place burned down months ago,” he mutters, just as annoyed as me. He understood the risk Leila had put us in.

“Did you verify her ID or did you just do a sniff test to ensure she was an Omega, an Omega you are trying to force on us?” | snapped at her. Leila flinches and cowers away from my rage while Leon drops his gaze to the floor. I knew he was close to his sister, and seeing his sister cower away from me. I knew it bothered him. Yet he wouldn’t say a thing to me in her presence. He knew better than that.

I growl, looking down at her photocopied ID, and press my lips in a line. Even the photocopied piece of paper gave away her ID was an obvious fake, and her social security number was three numbers too short.

“Well, you really did it this time, Leila,” I tell her as I sit back in my chair and curse.

“What do you want to do?” Raidon asks.

“First, I suppose we need to verify who she is with her landlord. Other than that, we have no idea who she is or where she came from, and the chances are if she gave us this ID, she probably gave the same one to her landlord. It’s an obvious fake,”

“Why would an Omega have a fake ID? She could have a pack looking after her instead of working and hiding under descenter and suppressants,” Rhen says thoughtfully. It baffled me also.

“Maybe she is running from her pack. You know how dodgy some of those facilities are,” Leon offers, and I try to think of a plausible reason for her to be hiding her identity.

“She could be a spy?” Raidon says. I growl at the mere thought, though it was unlikely.

“With a shitty fake ID like that, doubtful,” I tell him, and he scratches his chin.

“You and Rhen are tasked with finding out this week,” I tell them before stopping. I snarl at what I am about to suggest, but we needed answers, and at the moment, she was a security risk.

“Maybe try to speak with her and see what you can find out,” I say bitterly, not wanting her near my mates. I wasn’t stupid. I knew they craved an Omega within our pack, someone to complete us, but I just can’t after Harlow.

“Then what?” Leon asks, and I narrow my eyes at him. He almost seemed panicked at not knowing what would happen with her. Yet I had no idea because we did not know her true identity. I still wanted her gone, yet I was curious as to what a little Omega was hiding and why. It made no sense because if she gave herself to the right pack, she could have a life of luxury yet preferred to work.

“We can decide that once we figure out who she is. Until then, just watch what you say around her. For all we know, she could be paparazzi looking for the next story to sell,” Rhen says, dropping her documents on the desk in front of me.

“Or she could just be an Omega who doesn’t want to fit into the stereotypical Omega role,” Leon offers.

“Either way, we will find out, but until then, just keep an eye on her,” I tell them before my gaze turns to Leila. She was fiddling with her fingers and remaining quiet.

“You’re on probation; I mean it, Leila. One more slip up, and you are fired, and for good this time, Leila. I don’t care if you’re Leon’s sister,” I tell her, and she gets up and bares her neck to me before rushing from my office.

“You know she means well. She just wants nieces and nephews since she can’t have kids.” Leon defends his sister, and I growl at him.

“That’s not her choice to make for us,” I tell him, and he sighs.

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