Alphas Possession Chapter 31: Zara POV

I watch as Leila runs frantically from Thane’s office, yet I feel lethargic and had since Leon fed on me; I just wanted to crawl into my makeshift den and sleep it off. Yet as Thane and the others stepped out of the office, I forced myself upright and randomly startling, clicking on the keyboard in an effort to look busy. Rhen talks to Thane briefly before Thane goes back to his office. Leon follows Raidon to the elevator, and they wait for Rhen, who joins them moments later. Once they leave, however, Thane comes out, heading toward the Kitchenette. He glances over at me and grows, shaking his head.

“Omega!” Thane snaps at me, and I force my legs to move as I swivel in my seat. Thane heads back to his office, and I quickly follow, stopping at his door, knowing better than to enter.

“Come here,” he says, clicking the mouse on his laptop. I wipe a hand across my forehead, and Thane looks up at me.

“Omega, now,” I bite my lip, wondering if it was a trick. He said I could never enter his office, yet he was calling me in. Yet when! felt the command wash over me, my feet moved, and I stopped beside his desk.

“Are you wearing f**king descenter?’ he snarls at me. I sniffed myself, and my scent was potent from how clammy I was.

“Sorry,” He growls.

“Bring it with you next time,” he snaps, clicking on the mouse angrily.

I see him trying to get into the filing app I added to all their computers with the electronic files. “You may need to clear the cache. Sometimes it glitches,” I tell him, grabbing the mouse, and he instantly leans away from me. He watches me fiddle with his laptop when I notice it also had updates needing doing.

“Do you mind?” I ask him, pointing to the screen, and he waves me to continue. He rolls his seat over for me, and I crouch behind his desk, fiddling with it when it shuts off, and he growls.

“You f**king broke it,”

“No, I am updating it and de-fragging it. How the heck do you work in a tech company and not know how to use a damn laptop?” | ask him before clamping my lips together at how rude I came off.

“lown a tech company. This is more Rhen’s thing, not mine. I prefer hands on works, not this tech shit,”

“Then why own it?” I ask curiously.

“It was my father’s and profitable. Honestly, Rhen handles most tech crap. I just handle the business dealings,” he tells me. The computer turns back on after reloading, and I stand up, typing in some codes.

“You’re good with computers.” Thane asks, watching me click away and type in different codes.

“Yes and no, I know enough to keep myself out of trouble with them,” I answer honestly when I notice him shift uncomfortably. I glance at him to see him cross his legs, realizing my scent was overwhelming him. He reaches for his phone before dialing a number while I get the electronic filing system to open up.

“Can someone buy some bloody descenter and send it up, please,” He asks, and I hear Leon answer on the other end.

“Yep, I will bring it up. Her scent getting to you?” Leon chuckles, and Thane growls, hanging up. I pretend not to hear and point to the screen.

“Good, can you show me how to work the damn thing?” he asks, and I sigh.

“What file are you looking for?”

“Mr Bowman’s Obsidian pack. I have a meeting with him next week, and I need to go over our previous contracts,” he says, scrubbing a hand down his face. I swallow, recognizing the name of my sister’s killer.

“Omega!” I shake myself.

“Sorry, Alp-Sorry, sir” I quickly correct myself.

My hands shake as I type in Mr Bowman, yet nothing comes up, so I type Obsidian pack and multiple files show.

“You seem nervous, your scent,” Thane sniffs the air, and even I could smell the scent of my fear filling the small room.

“You have heard of Obsidian pack?” he asks.

“Everyone has. They haven’t got an excellent reputation with Omegas,” I tell him.

“Well, you don’t have to worry. He won’t be near you,” Thane says, shocking me. Yet I did have to worry because Mr Bowman met my twin, and if he has a good memory would easily recognize me.

“You may go,” he says, dismissing me. I quickly rush out, and my heart beats painfully as I try not to have a panic attack. I stagger back to my desk when the elevator doors open up. Leon steps out and walks over to me. He hands me a canister of descenter before plopping a juice bottle and subway roll on the desk in front of me.

“Eat. You look on the verge of passing out,”

“It’s not my break yet,”

“I said eat, and Thane won’t care. You look like shit, and for God’s sake, put on the descenter. I could smell you the moment I stepped out of the elevator,” Leon says, walking off toward Thane’s office..

I sprayed myself in descenter, relieved I had an extra can because mine was getting low. However, I only ate half my subway roll, saving the other half for dinner since I couldn’t go back to Tal’s, and no doubt Tal would tell Leon if I did. Yet how I was going to survive another two weeks of this, I did not know.

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