Alphas Possession Chapter 32: Three Days Later

Every day Leon fed on me, and I had only been taking half a suppressant, and I was officially out of suppressants now and descenter, having just sprayed the last of it on. I was antsy and withdrawing big time. My heart, I could feel, would come on soon if I didn’t get my hands on some suppressants. I shake the last remnants from the can Leon gave me the other day as I snuck from the storage room in the loading docks and to the front of the building. Passing security, the guard grips my arm, and I jump as he inhales deeply. I ripped my arm from his grip and glared at him.

“Girlie, you have a death wish going to work smelling like that,” he purrs, but he was only a Beta male, and my scent didn’t affect him as much, yet the fact it was, made me gulp, knowing I was about to step into the office with four brooding alphas. I rush to the elevator and jab the button to my floor. When I reach the top, I open up the window and blast the Air conditioning before spraying the air freshener all over me in an effort to mask my scent some more.

Yet the moment they stepped out of the elevator, I gripped my desk to remain in my seat. Their Alpha scent called to me, and their powerful auras made my knees weak. Lust slithered its way through me and I knew what estrus was but didn’t realize how powerful it got-especially having never gone through it before.

Luckily, though, they seemed distracted, and the air freshener made them cough and sputter.

“F**k open the damn window,” Rhen chokes on the lavender and citrus spray. It was bad. I sprayed enough that even my eyes burned, yet I couldn’t move. Knowing if I did, would drop to my knees before them. I wrangle myself under control when they walk off into the room, down by the end of the hall.

For most of the morning, they were in a Skype meeting, which offered little reprieve when I started to feel ridiculously uncomfortable and hot. Sneaking down the hall, I rush to the bathroom, needing to wet my face and cool down. Was it because of the serum and Thane’s proximity that was making it worse? It came on so fast that I was panting by the time I got a whiff of his scent that lingered in the hall.

I freeze in the spot when the door opens and Thane and Rhen step into the hall. They freeze, and I clutch my stomach.

“You did not just come to work during f**king estrus,” Thane roared angrily, and I whimpered, my knees going out from under me as he smashed with his aura.

Thane stalks toward me, and Rhen races to catch him by the arm when he reaches for my hair. His growl was thunderous. “One f**king rule, Omega, one, and you couldn’t f**king obey it,” Thane bellowed. Tears pricked my eyes, and a yelp left me when Rhen slammed Thane against the wall when he tried to grab me again.

Raidon and Leon rush out, and I hear them gasp at the sight of me before Raidon shoves Leon into the closest office, holding the door closed when he growls, beating on it.

“You send my mates into a rut. I will f**king kill you,” Thane sneers at me.

“Get her f**king suppressants,” Thane snaps and shoves Rhen. Rhen moves toward my handbag, and I whimper.

“I’m out!” I cry out, and Rhen stops.

“Excuse me, why wouldn’t you get more?” Thane demands.

“Because a script is $700. Money that I don’t have!” | growl back. Only it turns to a whimper when he hits me with his aura.

“Thane, you’re hurting her,” Raidon says, his voice almost sounding pained. Yet Thane was livid.

“I’ll take her to get some more. Just calm down. Everyone needs to calm down,” Rhen says, gripping my arms, yet the moment he touches me, a whiny moan leaves me, and he lets me go, making me fall against the ground.

“F**k!” Rhen growls, and I look up to see his eyes bleed black. Thane storms off enraged. “Call Leila to bring up some descenter and take her to get her the suppressants,” Raidon says while I writhe on the floor in agony.

Yet Thane walking off caused pain to ripple through every cell, as if he outright rejected me. I try to stifle the whimper that leaves me, yet it is pointless. Everyone remained frozen in place until Leila arrived, dousing me in so much descenter it burned my hypersensitive skin, and I choked on the fumes. Yet the tension lessened in Raidon and Rhen when my scent was muted. Leon, however, was smashing on the door Raidon was holding closed, wanting to be let out.

Rhen reaches down, gripping my arm tightly and yanking me to my feet, he shoves me toward the elevator, and I stagger, barely catching myself with my hand on the wall. He jabs.the button on the elevator while I try to breathe through the pain coursing through me. When the doors open, he shoves me inside, and I move to the back of the elevator. His body was tense, and he growled as he remained as far away as the small space would allow.

“There is a pharmacy two minutes away. Have you got a script?” I shake my head. Usually, I had others get the scripts for me. Rhen growls, but I couldn’t exactly tell him my ID was fake, now could I?

“Great, Zara. You put me in a f**king horrid position right now,” he snarls as if I had any control over my body.

When the doors open, Rhen grabs my arm, pulling me through the foyer quickly and outside into the fresh air. The cool breeze only gives brief relief as he hauls me down the main street toward the pharmacy.

Yet when I felt my toes curl and my pupils dilated, I knew I was in serious trouble. My hands clutched Rhen’s shirt when he stiffened and stopped. His nostrils flare as he picks up my scent before his eyes dart around nervously, and he curses, ripping off his jacket in the hopes it would hide my scent as he tucks me beside him, draping it over me. My fingers sneak into his untucked shirt, and I moan at the small contact his skin gave me as slick dampened my thighs and ruined my pants. As if this isn’t embarrassing enough. Rhen growls but grips my hand, shoving it inside his shirt to try to let it lessen the effects of my heat.

Growls and auras suddenly fill the air supercharging it and making me hyper aware of the heat raging through me. Goosebumps rose on my entire body at the charged air and, despite my best efforts, not to react to their calling, it affected me. A promise to end my pain despite rationally not wanting them near. Rhen curses when we hear other alphas picking up my scent; and he shoves me down a small laneway between two stores, shoving me behind a dumpster.

“I swear if Thane punishes me for this, you’ll cop it,” he snarls at me while I wonder what he meant. He starts yanking at my pants, and my eyes widen in horror. No! “Stop!” I grit out.

“I’m trying to help you unless you want every f**king alpha hunting you down,” Rhen snarls when panic sets in at the thought of losing my virginity next to a smelly dumpster.

Rhen rips at the button on my pants, trying to undo them when my hand moves. The sound echoed as my hand connected with his face. My palm stung as his head whipped to the side, and he stopped. The growl that left him was menacing as he turned his face back to look at me while I glared at him only to whimper at the murderous look he was giving me, shocked that I just slapped him, slapped my boss! And not just any boss, but a f**king alpha!

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