Alphas Possession Chapter 33

Rhen snarled and slammed his hands against my chest, knocking me into the brick wall behind me. His fingers lock around my throat when I watch in horror as his canines extend from his bottom and top lips. He snarls, pressing his face closer while I smash my fists against his chest and shoulders, trying to shove his weight off. Me slapping him challenged him, and I could tell he wanted me to submit as he fought for control over instinct and humanity.

Something I was beginning to see they didn’t really have much of. Howls ring out loudly in the distance as my heat-ravaged body flooded the air were pheromones. Fear coiled and writhed inside me, and his Alpha dominance was only fueling it higher and making me potent, my own body wanting to give in to the demands of the Alpha holding me in the hopes of easing the discomfort. Luckily, however, I wasn’t in the full-blown heat yet, so I had some mind left for control over my baser instincts to submit to him.

Igasped, choking as his fingers dug in, his aura obliterating my self-preservation and what resistance I had left. “I was trying to f**king help you,” he growled, inches off my face, looking more like a monster than a man.

What he didn’t understand from the amount of descenter I was drowning in was that sickly sweet underlying scent of my virginity. I sure as shit didn’t plan on losing next to a stinking Dumpster where the homeless slept where I had slept before; I know how much spit and god knows what else is on this ground. Rhen shoves me, letting me go, and my legs buckle, and I catch myself on the bin. My fingers were gripping it feebly as I fought to remain standing under the intensity of his aura. He growls, glaring down at me.

“I wasn’t rejecting you or challenging you,” I breathe out, trying to catch my breath. I’m not stupid. I know Omegas need alphas just as much as they need us for their heirs.

“F**king looked it,” he snarled as I caught my breath.

“I tried, and you’re too far gone. You don’t want my help. You’re on your own. Good luck fighting them off,” Rhen snaps, turning away from me.

Panic courses through me at his words. Would he really abandon me here, leave me for whoever may stumble across me? I could feel them getting closer, and the air felt hotter, thicker as I breathed the pheromones they projected back at me as they sought out the source of my pheromones. Rhen takes a step away, and fear had me moving, and I clutch his shirt.

“Don’t leave me,” I stammered, and he stopped prying my hand from his button-down shirt. He growls, walking off when I hear a thud further up the laneway, and my heart hammered in my chest as I twisted my head, spotting fluorescent eyes gleaming back at me before hearing another thud. Another Alpha wolf jumped off the balcony above the shop and onto the dumpster below.

Rhen shakes his head, about to walk off and leave me to fend for myself, and I cringe, knowing I had no way of this without him.

“I’m a virgin,” I murmur, and he stops. He turns, looking back at me. “I wasn’t rejecting you. I just don’t want to lose my virginity against a dumpster,” I tell him before whimpering as another Alpha aura reaches me from the way we came in. I was effectively blocked off, and now I was prey.

“Bullshit!” Rhen snarls, and tears burn my eyes and spill over when the two alphas in their wolf forms start fighting each other over who would get me.

“I swear, Rhen, you can’t leave me here,” I tell him, jumping when they smash into the dumpster I was cowering behind. Rhen snarls, stalking toward me, and I shriek, thinking he was going to attack me, when he grabs the front of my blouse, jerking me closer. He buries his face in my neck and snarls.

“I can smell your heat and descenter,” he snaps. “I’m not lying,” I squealed when he went to shove me away. I clutch his shirt in panic as the other Alpha joins the fray. Yet how Rhen was able to hold himself together so close to me was shocking, maybe because he has a pack, and packs generally share.

Rhen curses before jamming his hand inside my pants, and I squeal as he forces his finger inside me, which turns into a moan as tingles spread across my flesh. He jerks his hand back, making me look at him, and I wonder if he felt them too. He must have because he had shaken himself before he gave me a strange look while staring at his fingers.

“How did you do that? Only mates-” he shakes his head before mortifying me, and I feel all the blood rush to my face when he jams the finger he shoved inside me in his mouth. Gross! Though he didn’t seem to think so.

Despite this, the effect was instantaneous, with his pupils dilating, removing all color, and his nostrils flaring. The lewd groan that left him made my knees weak as slick drenched my thighs at his reaction when he was suddenly ripped away from me and thrown across the pavement.

My scream was deafening when the wolf shifted back to the man, a very naked man. His savage look made me cower as he sucked in a deep breath, his chest rising and falling heavily with his harsh breaths, his canines protruded, and his eyes reflected my terrified face back at me as I stared at the onyx gleam, they turned. I tried to press behind the dumpster when one of the other wolves attacked him.

Rhen, I saw him shake himself while I backed up further, cornered in the tight spot I was trapped in. The brown wolf lunges at me when Rhen attacks it, tackling the man, who instantly shifted and started ripping into him, fur and blood sprayed everywhere, coating the concrete, and I heard the other two wolves stop their fighting before circling around Rhen, whose aura outweighed all of theirs easily. The wolf Rhen attacked shifted back as the other two circled him when the man spoke.

“Help me take this f**ker out, and I will share her,” the Alpha says, and Rhen snarls at him when his eyes flick to me before glazing over, and I could tell he was mind linking before the color returned.

“Stay down. Help is coming,” Rhen said when all three of them lunged at him, and I screamed, dropping to the ground as they fought.

Blood drenched me, and I saw one wolf drop, yet my pheromones were only growing stronger and more stalked into the laneway, joining in the fight to take down Rhen. A loud snapping crack made me look up to find Rhen circled. Another wolf stepped in where the other had fallen. His neck looked broken, and I could tell Rhen was too injured to shift.

Rhen, also noticing this, looks at me. “Run!” he says, and I take off, only to feel teeth wrap around my ankle as one of the alphas pounced on me. My hands and face hit the ground painfully. I clench my eyes shut, feeling its fur brush my back before it was replaced with skin. Fighting broke out louder than ever behind me while I was trapped under the brooding male who shredded my shirt and ripped at the back of my pants. Fight or flight kicks in, and I thrash to escape him, trying to roll over only for him to flip me back onto my stomach when he presses his knees onto the backs of my thighs.

I swallowed, knowing I was about to witness Rhen get killed and myself get raped, when a thunderous growl rang out loudly, echoing off the brick walls and sending a chill straight up my spine. I looked to the end of the laneway to see a giant black wolf with a grey patch over his half his face step into the laneway. Every hair on my body rises as I sense his aura like a tidal wave.

It was clear this mammoth of a wolf was from an alpha pack; he oozed Alpha of alpha male dominance. Just the sheer size of his paws on the ground were bigger than my head. This why alpha packs were so feared; Alpha packs were more dangerous. They trump all. Though many alphas can’t live under another, it takes control and the others to submit to one.

Something most refuse to do, yet those who manage to and come to terms with being able to live with each other had an advantage because the Alpha of alphas grew substantially bigger than their brethren and was more potent, deadly, and impossibly powerful.

I watch as the monster snaps its jaws at and growls menacingly. The man above me freezes when the beast snarls, charging straight at us. I had no doubt the monster would win, and I just prayed he didn’t kill Rhen. Yet sparks brushed across my exposed back where the Alpha had torn my clothes to shreds, and I gasped before I was drenched.

The scent made me heave as the warm liquid coated me as the Alpha tore into the man’s neck before flinging him off me. I shook beneath the beast making sure to breathe through my mouth and not inhale his scent as it stood over top of me, too scared to move when it bent down and sniffed my face before sneezing from the descenter. It shakes his head, and I was paralyzed by fear when I heard the other wolves whimper, and I turned my gaze back to the fight, praying Rhen was alright.

Three more wolves jumped down from the rooftops and balconies that overlooked the laneway. I sucked in a breath when I saw Rhen get to his feet. He was coated in blood. Yet he walked over to the Alpha above me, and my eyes widened in horror when the beast moved, stepping over me and I rolled on my back and clutched his fur.

“Don’t hurt him,” I shrieked in panic when I got a whiff of his scent. Thane!

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