Alphas Possession Chapter 34: Thane POV

The mind-link opened abruptly when Rhen mind linked me. Raidon was trying to calm Leon down, who was crazed with bloodlust and the rut.

“I need your help. We are trapped,” Rhen says.

“Excuse me,” I ask him.

“She went into heat. I f**king need you here now!”

“F**k, just leave her ass there. It’s what Omegas are for,” I tell him, f**k she would probably even enjoy it.

“Thane! I am not leaving her. Get here now!” the mind link cut off abruptly. Nope, this is what she gets for not telling us she needed suppressants. Raidon glanced at me where he held the door; I knew he heard Rhen too.

“Thane!” he spits at me through gritted teeth. “She is our secretary and an Omega,”

“Not my problem,” I snapped at him, where I leaned against her desk. I looked down at her neat handwriting on the notepad and chewed my lip as guilt filled me.

“Rhen won’t abandon her to fend for herself. And what about him?” Raidon snarls at me, taking one hand off the door. I stand because I do not feel like fighting Leon right now, and if he lets go of that door, Leon will come running out.

“Think Thane, she is tiny, and in a city full of f**king alphas, not one, but hundreds live here,” Raidon says when a wave of possessiveness washes through me at the mention of other alphas touching her.

| shake my head, yet her pheromones still lingered here, though not strong, thanks to me spraying air freshener everywhere. However, her sweet scent made my mouth water, and my cock was still painfully hard in my pants. Glancing at Raidon, so was his. | swallowed, wondering if she was okay or if the estrus had overridden her senses.

Yet when Rhen’s fear coursed through me, I knew it wasn’t for himself but for her. Rhen feared nothing and loved a good fight, but if he was scared that meant, he was struggling to keep her safe.

I curse under my breath and shake my head, tugging my blazer off and tossing it on the desk while unbuttoning my damn shirt. “Get Leila up here to contain her damn brother and grab the f**king car. You can drop her home,” I tell him before my palms hit the fire escape doors. The lock smashed off as it hit the wall to the stairwell, and I started running to get to them.

The moment I burst out the doors, I shifted and I thought I would have to follow the bond to their location when one whiff of the air lured me directly to them. I raced through the street to the laneway, and passersby stood at the end of the laneway staring horrified down it.

This was prime entertainment to them; not much like this ever happened in the city. Sure you heard the horror stories from of night yet in broad daylight? Most Omegas were careful not to be caught out in public in this state, and she was like a shining beacon of lust and sin.

Stepping into the laneway, people scatter to get away from me; my eyes go to Rhen, who was drenched in blood as he tried to keep three alphas from her. Another two were dead on the ground when I saw her run only to be pounced on by a brown and white wolf. The wolf shifts, ripping the back of her shirt open and snapping her bra while she thrashed beneath him. Though the fact she was fighting all was odd, she should be rabid with heat, wanting the Alpha’s knot not fighting him.

My brows furrow in confusion, and I suck in a breath, knowing once I get close enough, I would be as rabid as them, and I needed to hold myself together, knowing that was the only thing holding Rhen back. Pack wolves wouldn’t mate their chosen without the Alpha’s approval. It dampens the effects of heated wolves because they need approval. Yet these alphas were lone alphas bound by no pack and no one.

Zara screams, rolling over as she tries to shove him off. Only he grabbed her hips, and she was flipped back onto her belly as he ripped at her pants. And that sight snapped me out of my confusion.

A savage growl left me, my mind screaming she wasn’t his touch, and I wanted to kill him and kill him I did when my teeth lacerated through his throat, and I shook my head, his head and neck going limp as my jaws wrapped around his throat and I chomped down again before flinging him away.

Zara froze beneath me, and I sniffed her, making sure the blood that coated her wasn’t hers yet. I get a whiff of alpha blood and descenter, making my nose wrinkle and I sneeze when Rhen mind links me.

“A little help,” he growls, and I rear forward on the next one, my teeth slicing through his shoulder. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to move away from her where she was frozen with fear beneath my hind legs. Rhen kicks another off when I hear more start coming, and I glance down at her.

“Get her out of here, Raidon should be here any minute with the car,” I mind link, and he walks over to me, runs his fingers through my fur while I step over her. What shocked me more was when Zara fisted my fur on my belly. “Don’t hurt him,” she panicked. We had given her hell for weeks and she would beg for him? Shaking my head, I look at Rhen. They would not touch her or mine. I growl before launching myself at them while Rhen escapes with her.

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