Alphas Possession Chapter 35: Rhen POV

Zara was almost limp in my arms when I scooped up just as I heard Raidon’s car skid to a stop at the end of the alleyway, and I raced toward it, leaving Thane behind as he kept the other alphas at bay, holding them off so I could escape with her. Raidon jumps out of the car and races to open the rear door, but I thrust her at him.

Forcing her into his arms because having been around here so long; I was now fighting the war inside my head of taking her. Thane would kill me. It is a disrespect to disobey your Alpha, and though I could feel his strange instinct to protect her, he still hadn’t said the word which by werewolf law gave him permission to punish us as he saw fit.

Thane wouldn’t kill us, and his aura and rule held us back. Yet we were still alphas floating in the scent of a heat-ravaged omega.

Raidon gasps when the heat of her body touches him. “You take her,” he says while trying to force me to take her, but I hold my hands up; backing away from her, and he growls, his pupils blowing out massively as he gets a whiff of her sultry scent before holding his breath.

“Fine,” he snarls, sliding across the backseat with her, and I slam the door rushing to the driver’s side. I climbed in and blasted the AC, hoping to rid her scent some, yet we couldn’t wind the windows down without alerting the entire city to our location.

“Where are we taking her?” Raidon growls when Zara moans her estrus, forcing her into the next stage, and she is becoming rabid with her need to mate us. “F**k! This isn’t good, little Omega. Are you trying to get me killed?” Raidon purred, his chest rumbling with his calling as he tried to settle her, but instead, she attacked him, her l!ps mauling his neck as she bit him and su-cked on his flesh. I speed up, Raidon’s arousal flooding into me.

“Taking her home, which way?” I ask Raidon, and he mo-ans lewdly.

“Raidon! Focus,” I snarl at him.

“Bit f**king hard right now when she is grinding her p**sy all over me,” he snaps back, and I glance in the mirror at him. Her claws had slipped out and shredded his shirt. A savage mo-an escapes her as she begins licking his chest, and I force my eyes away from her, trying to blink through the haze she was putting us under. I swallowed, breathing through my mouth, when Raidon growled.

“So soft and warm,” he murmurs, and I glance in the mirror to see him rubbing and squeezing her.

“Raidon, focus! The damn address,” he shakes his head.

“Right, yeah, we can’t take her there,” he says, and I slow down.

“Ah, where else are we going to take her?” I growl at him. He shrugs, and Zara grinds herself against his crotch before k!ssing him.. Raidon groans, turning his face away, and her l!ps go to his neck. She bites him, yet unless she marked Thane first, her mark would never stick, though Thane would be livid seeing them on him. He was a possessive beast.

“No idea, but I have seen her apartment building, and no way that place is secure. She would be hunted down in minutes,” he gasps, and I peer at him again, watching as he grips her h!ps, trying to hold her still. His canines slip out as he fights for control.

“Man, I don’t give a f**k where you take her, but figure it out fast before I bury my damn co*k in her,” Zara whines tugging at his pants, trying to undress him as her instincts took over, making me wonder how she survived previous heats or was this her first?

I tried to think where she would be safe, yet nowhere came to mind, not while she was in full-blown heat the way she was. Cursing, I rip the handbrake up and turn the steering wheel sharply, spinning the car around and jumping the median strip. Raidon slides into the door and grunts as he clutches the back of my seat, and she slides into the footwell behind me.

“So, where are we taking her?” Raidon asks. I glance at him in the mirror.

“Home,” I tell him, and he nods before gaping at me.

“Are you f**king nuts? Thane will kill us,” Raidon gasps as fear smashed him and the bond, clarity momentarily returning as fear for our Alpha sets in. Yet where else could I take her that she would be safe in this state?

“Have you got a better idea, because if you do let me know?” I snap at him. He mutters something and curses before hissing.

“Ah, ah, you don’t bite,” he says, and I hear Zara growl, making my eyes flick to the mirror.

“Raidon!” I scold

“Hey, she wants to suck it I won’t stop her unless she bites it again,” Raidon declares, and I glare at him in the mirror, glancing over my shoulder quickly. She had slid off the seat and was between his legs.

“Raidon stop her,” I grit out.

Why, I can’t f**k her, but Thane never said anything about her su-cking me off,” He says, and I grit my teeth.

Taste her slick as**hole,” I spit at him.


“She’s a f**king v!rgin!” I tell him.

“Bullshit, you’re just saying that,” Raidon scoffs, and I growl at him.

*Taste her slick. I tell him and his eyes widen as he looks down at her. I smirk at him, watching him in the mirror..

Whoops, no girlie, my mistake, that is not a lollipop,” he purrs, grabbing her and seating her back on his lap. “Or a pogo stick, so let me get that out of the way,” Zara growls at him, fighting him as he tries to tuck his co*k away

“Damn, and she has such plump l!ps Raidon pouts.

I’m surprised you were able to stop,” I tell him.

“Mouth breathing and Thane’s burning anger is a quick way to give you a limp d**ck Raidon tells me, and I chuckle, pulling up to the gates because he was right about that. I pull the visor down, and the fob falls on my lap. I hit the button to open the gates.

“Paper scissor rock ya for who takes the blame for bringing her here?” I ask him.

“Ah, ah, he already gonna skin me alive for the marks she left on me. This was your idea. My as* ain’t getting branded for it, Raidon says

“Where is Leon when you need him?” I mutter.

“Since when do you blame Leon?” Raidon asks.

“Since I was going to f**k her in the alley to abate her heat some, I know Thane felt that! And damn, would I pay for it.

“Well, that explains why he was being a pr!ck before he saved your as** I nod, knowing I am in for it. Yet how could he leave her defenseless? Surely he isn’t that heartless

*I will suck your dick, I offer Raidon.

“Nope, not worth it. Nothing will get me to agree to tell Thane this was my idea, Raidon tells me as I pull up out the front.

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